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Beware of propaganda, Ebola is hard to transmit

Transmission happens by touching bodily fluids of a person who is sick with or has died from Ebola, or from exposure to contaminated objects, such as needles.

The origin of this disease is because in Africa, people touch the bodies of the dead. That is the reason why is a big problem there. Unless you follow that ritual, or unless you work in intensive care you should not fear. Many sensationalist channels are trying to portray the wrong message beware of propaganda.

Here is a quote about the ritual, sounds far fetched but it is true, I have been to Africa before: "They do rituals before they bury the body that involves washing the bodies and even, sometimes, sleeping with them, the dead person." (source:

'Contagion' Screenwriter: Ebola Isn't the Pandemic. Fear Is:

WP: Why is hard to get Ebola in the U.S.:

Here is good information from the World Health Organization:

Here is a nice small infographic that summaries the way that transmition happens:

From the Public health organism (Red Cross) in Africa (it is in French but self explanatory):

The facts (From Time magazine):

Dr. Katz from Yale University: Rabid Opposition to Ebola: Epidemiology meets Hyperbole

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one hundred health workers

Came down with it. Many wearing super protective gear. Yes viruses do mutant. What was yesterday may be different today.

Money talks and dogs bark

Thank you

.... especially to the link that described the burial practices in the area and other cultural issues that medical workers need to deal with. They are very brave people. Actually there have been small outbreaks of ebola for year which were contained. It could get very bad if infected people bolt and spread it all over the place.

Unfortunately the media uses fear to get viewers and sometimes sell whatever propaganda. Better than panic, maybe read the literature and calmly consider what your response ought to be. I like a site called ProMed. At this point, in the US, I am not much concerned about my personal safety. I cry when I think of brave people trying to stop this thing, dying from it.

Ebola is one of the nastiest viruses. There is a reason that the health care workers wear full body protective suits. it has a transmission rate comparable to influenza but it is PRIMARILY spread by contact with fluids. Also the virus can persist in the environment. I saw link below to the pig-monkey study. I have seen another study where there was not spread between monkeys housed in the same room. The virus can be carried in fluid droplets from a sneeze.

I to am not sure why they brought that doctors back to Atlanta. It seems better to make a infectious disease unit far from urban areas. Also I could see some sick F*%k trying to weaponize it. I met the pathologist who first identified West Nile Virus in the US. She had a visit from military people inquiring about her discovery.


We've been misled (as usual)

We've been misled (as usual) by US media coverage of this and so many more diseases. Due to specific cultural behaviors it is far more dangerous in Africa.

It's so difficult getting accurate information on anything.

ChristianAnarchist's picture

Scare tactics... They use

Scare tactics... They use everything to scare you into accepting their "authority". Can you get Ebola? Yes, if you are exposed to it. Will you be exposed to it? Highly unlikely. Do they want you to be so afraid of getting "the plague" that you will give them absolute power to do whatever they want?? Absolutely...

Beware the cult of "government"...

Sonmi 541: "Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths."

absolute power

Look for a mandated "vaccine."

Why is this propaganda?

It's spreading and people are dying. Even people specially trained to handle these victims are catching it so it must not be as hard as you think to transmit.

But the bigger question is why would you try to minimize or underestimate the transmission risk of a deadly disease like Ebola?

There is no harm in being extra careful?

You're right....

need to be cautious. My bet is that it has been weaponized. They already brought the infection into the US. If people start getting sick, they we downplay it as long as they can so it can the have most effect..then you will be begging them for their help, laws, fema camps...whatever. They will have it all ready, well in advance. Consider colloidal silver.

Ebola transmission by

Ebola transmission by aerosols confirmed: virus survives for days outside infected hosts

Learn more:

Apparently, this

isn't the fact, with this (genetically?) mutated strain of Ebola, it can be transmitted airborne. Here's investigative reporters talking to Dr's in the know.

And, here's a report by Jon Rappoport, 'What are US Biowar Researchers doing in the Ebola Zone?'

To be fair..

There have been studies from years ago showing it CAN be transmitted through the air.

Here's the study:

Here's an explanation of it in layman's terms:

what happens if others do contract it

martial law in the quarantine zone?
idk executive orders, and possible shitty containment facilities,
and everyone saying its nothing to worry about, kinda has me wondering, but im just a crazy far right winger

Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC direct quote:

"We do know how to stop Ebola. It's old-fashioned plain and simple public health: find the patients, make sure they get treated, find their contacts, track them, educate people, do infection control in hospitals."

How is this going so far?
Find the patients - Not done
Make sure patients treated - Done
Find their contacts - Not done
Track them - Not done
Educate people - Not done
Infection control in hospitals - Not done

Here's the link for the quote:

Old fashioned plain and simple plan. And they are failing miserably so far.

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Why are they bringing people

Why are they bringing people sick with this disease into the country?
Why are they not putting them into level 4 facilities?
Should we not be concerned?
Should we not be concerned about the myriad of contagious and deadly diseases flooding the borders at the same time we hear from the CDC and people like you that it's just "sensationalist channels trying to portray the wrong message"?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan


always tells the truth


All government tells the

All government tells the "truth".

Call me cynical, but when the gov tells me not to worry

It's all under control, that's usually a bad sign.

Not anything to panic over, yet. But I'll continue to watch foreign news on the matter and read independent reports from various aid agencies such as Doctors Without Borders.

The CDC is possibly the last agency I would trust in regards to communicating real data.

Look for yourself at the pdf you supplied. It looks like it was written by 6 year olds to be read by other 6 year olds. Might as well just made a picture of Alfred E. Neuman in front of the word Ebola with the quip, "what, me worry?"

No statistical data whatsoever. Simplified to the point of being meaningless.

Not sure if a big picture of food with a bar through it could be analyzed in any significant way, except to quantify the extreme low end IQ of the moron who created it.

Hopefully if someone with Ebola coughed on your food, the magic powers of the CDC would somehow remove the threat.

It reminds me of the begining of AIDS

People where even afraid of shaking the hand of somebody with AIDS. Yes, Ebola is a nasty disease yet is hard to transmit. And yes, beware of government but also beware of mass media, when they are at full mode beware. For example all the pro-Israel going on right know. My two cents...

A good way to defend your freedoms:

You should go to Africa and shake hands with some Ebola

victims then and let us know how that turns out.

Perhaps you think it's hard to transmit but it's obviously easy enough that it is killing hundreds of people and even some who are professionally trained on how to handle these diseases.


I don't take anything lightly when it comes to gov't executive orders
AIDS is a lab virus
and now a gov't we don't trust brings into this country a foreign virus that could possibly be exploited and you say there's nothing to worry about just like AIDS


if you can't see past the pro-isreal then you're and idiot anyways
and shouldn't even be in the argument
sorry ED THINKING I don't mean to attack I'm just a little over sensitive about this
but I do agree with your point about being hard to transmit like aids and shakin hands. Butt in the gay community anal sex and shakin hands go
hand in hand

Good thing to keep an eye on though

You don't want your family anywhere near a military quarantine, especially when they are short of resources (which they would be).

Not trying to fearmonger when saying that, it just is what it is.

Imagine Gaza where there is also a deadly disease that kills 6/10 people running rampant, and you have an idea what a military quarantine would look like, every city would become a defacto prison camp.