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Michael Arthur Nystrom (MAN): Introduction

Wow! There are over 500 comments on the new member introduction thread. I can't wait to read it.


Here is my abstracted introduction.

Once, I started something, but I had no idea what was happening at the time. I lit a match, and the whole thing exploded. It was a raging inferno. And then it died down. But then there was a second explosion, as we all hoped would come. It was bigger, but you already knew where it was heading. And after it met its inevitable end, the fire started to burn down slowly again, to the point now where it is barely a flicker. Hardly a glimmer. Merely a red glow in the coals.

It is waiting. It is waiting to explode again and to breathe again.

Will there be fuel? Will there be unity?

Can the Captain steer the Ark?

Is the Ark meant to be steered?

What is the nature of an ark?

It is a vessel to provide safe passage.

It is a place of safety.

It is a sacred container.

Before it became the Ark, this site was based around Ron Paul.

Not for who he was, but for what he did. Not because he ran for president, but because he stood up.

In a sentence, that's why this website was started: Because someone stood up.

Today, it is the Ark of Liberty. It carries the Remnant of the Remnant.

* * *

I was reading about how Steve Jobs developed the Macintosh. He led a team outside of the main structure of the corporation - away from all the bureaucracy and the nay sayers.

I figure that is what Rand Paul is doing. He is going his own way. It can be stifling here, among his father's supporters. There are few opportunities for growth. Here they expect him to not deviate from his father's tracks. But Rand is his own man.

His father's fame has strapped him with certain burdens. But Ron Paul's fame was a blessing and an asset that launched him into the Senate.

If burdens can be turned to advantage, they must be used. If not, they must be jettisoned.

Nothing personal. Just business. Just politics.

* * *

For me, from a strictly utilitarian stance, watching Rand will be entertaining. I've developed a taste for the debates - or rather, for the farce of the debates. In that way, I'm like a hipster. I watch the debates only to mock them, because you have to admit, they are ridiculous. They are set up like the Hunger Games, which is what makes them so entertaining. It is a fight. A joust with words, within impossible confines set by the Corporate Agenda.

"30 seconds to answer."

"No more time, we must take this commercial break."

"We're not going to get to solving the world's problems tonight."

Here's the proof, in what is probably Ron Paul's highest moment of nationwide televised truth telling. And then watch what happens at the 4:00 mark:


It starts with Giuliani, begging for 30 seconds to address what Ron Paul just said. Then Romney starts groveling, too (but for the team): "No, we'll all get 30 seconds!"

Really? Is that all you need? 30 seconds? These men are in a contest to become the single most "powerful" man in the world, yet look at how they grovel.

"Please, Corporate Massa. Just give me 30 seconds, it is all I ask. Just let me. Just give me a chance to be president, and I'll do whatever you say." The talking head turns to McCain. "I'm going to change the subject," he says, and the tension is broken. The audience let's out a sigh of relief, in the form of a chuckle. Good natured folk, they are, the sheeple. Good natured folk.

"I don't think we're going to solve this tonight, gentlemen," the announcer man declares. (And we're certainly not going to try!)

Change subject! Hard right! A question from the North, to the South, about the Confederate flag. The crowd groans.

No one takes control. No one stands up and says, "Hey wait a minute - this is important! We need to talk about this!" The subject has successfully been changed. The Corporate Agenda wins.

* * *

I think Rand understands the Hunger Games nature of the debates. In order to win these Hunger Games, you need broad appeal and physical attractiveness. It was those two traits that earned a different first term Senator a ticket to the White House.

Broad appeal, and physical attractiveness. It got Reagan there as well. Kennedy too. Obama was beyond all that. Not only a rockstar, but with the cache of a professional athlete as well. Broad appeal. You gotta have it to win.

Perry will never be able to overcome "Ooops." Cruz is not serious. Christie is done. (Or is he? Will he be the night of the Living Dead candidate, like Clinton was in 1992?)

Romney was a flawed candidate. He admitted as much himself in the Netflix documentary, Mitt. McCain. How the hell did that happen? Like Dole and Romney, he never had a chance.

What hand will Fortuna deal Rand Paul in 2016? Right now it looks like he's sitting on pocket aces. But we all know, that is hardly a sure thing.

* * *

So for me it's like that line in that Prince Song, Alphabet Street.

If you don't mind, I would like to

* * *

I'm going to start reading the new comments tomorrow. It may take me a few days. I wish I could do this full time. I'll be deactivating accounts that didn't leave an introduction.

* * *

So that's a little about me. I'm looking forward to reading about you tomorrow.

* * *

Once again, welcome. May I please ask of you one simple request:

Please treat fellow Daily Paulers with respect. You are a family, and the Ark is a vessel to provide safe passage for all. Don't make others wrong.

My request is that we do our best to get control of our minds. Understand that there is no "out there." There is only "in here." It is all in your head. The whole world is in your head. It is in everyone's head, but everyone's got a different version! We're all walking around, projecting it, like a hologram. But it doesn't exist. It only exists in our personal holograms of the world, not in reality. And that is fundamentally why we humans always have conflict. Conflict of minds.

So if you can't control your mind and you endanger the safe passage of others, I have no choice but to toss you overboard.

That is my onliine version of the NAP. Summed up: Don't be mean on the Daily Paul. Meanness causes psychological pain and distress. Therefore in the world of information, meanness is a violation. We'll call this the MAN Principle. The Mean Always Not Principle. Or the MANP, for short.

The MANP guarantees safe passage. Safe passage can be accomplished by the concepts expressed in:

  • Peace: Always have a peaceful heart.
  • Gold: Maintain your truth. That is what it means to have a heart of gold. And,
  • Love: Love and kindness are really all that matter.

Only kindness matters in the end. Jewel said that.

Peace Gold Love. Keep these in your heart, and you're guaranteed to live a blessed life.

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Sorry I'm late. ;)

Hey everybody. I'm 17 years old and have been watching this site for quite a while. I'm looking forward to getting to know the other members here, and thanks Michael for all the work you put into this site!


This guy's good!... What's he doin'?

Garan's picture

(buzz-kill, self-deleted)

Ahh. Saying nothing is better than what I had said.
I'll comment on the debate crowd another time.


My name is Ryan, I am almost 22. Thank you for this website; when you gain no value from it, know that others are gaining more than you know. You helped reveal the truth of our system. You have made me stand up. Thank you with all my heart. You helped me understand and grasp something I care deeply about.

In liberty

Very well put Michael..

Being a huge fan of Rons,expected more of the same from Rand...however I will support Rand because he is the closest thing we have..and Ron supports him..I think daily paul plays a big role still in the coming election..support Rand or not...this will become the spot im sure for up to date info and commentary...Michael I understand your position in all of this...I was here in the beginning under another name and kind of lost interest last election..I was here for the original money bombs, the blimp...the total craziness of 2007 2008
The day Ron raised like 6 million in 24 hours..I gave the max and supported him here in phx in many ways..it was an exciting era...and I loved this site..I , myself hope that Rand can capture some of that energy..and I hope Rand gets increasing support here...He is NOT RON PAUL ...but I personally think he would be good for the country and he has my support..thanks Michael

It's in our head

but it's not ALL in our head.

There is a clear reality entirely independent of our thoughts.

Michael Nystrom's picture

For example?

Can you give me an example?


I'm walking across the street when a car I did not see hits and kills me. The car was not a product of my thoughts. It was a reality.

Michael Nystrom's picture

It kills you, but what happens to your perception of reality

after that?

Is consciousness localized to your brain or is it a non-local phenomenon?

If it is localized to your brain, and you die, then your perception of reality ceases to exists. Which is just a different way of saying that it was all in your head, anyway. i.e., head gone, perception of reality gone.

(On the other hand, if consciousness is a non-local phenomenon, that is a whole different can of worms.)

When your consciousness sheds

When your consciousness sheds the earthly bondage, you enter the spirit world,
as all creatures do.



we are all part of a collective consciousness.

Ron Paul is A Man For All Seasons

What do you mean

by "collective consciousness?"

I'm not sure that I am qualified to explain

Try to find some primer on quantum physics (you tube). The concept that everything is made of energy, and we are energy, and in that way we are connected on some level to everything.

Ron Paul is A Man For All Seasons

I look at it this way,,,

consciousness is of God
Your earthly body belongs to Mother Nature.


If consciousness is of god

and we are all part of a collective consciousness, then.....

Ron Paul is A Man For All Seasons

Then I would say,, honor your

Then I would say,, honor your Father and Mother for your existence.
You came from them and you will return to them.


I think I see what you are saying.

For us, it might seem like our perceptions are all that matter. But when we die the world goes on without us. Our apparent loss of perception has no effect on the reality outside our minds.

Because I believe there is an eternal soul in every one of us, I consider that personal consciousness does not end at death. Perhaps that is what you mean by non-localized phenomenon. However, I do not agree with the idea that there is a sort of universal consciousness that we all share from which "reality" springs. If every human disappeared there would still be everything except humans. It's not all about us. It's not all about me.

God is the ultimate consciousness. If He ceased to exist we would all vanish. So it's ALL in His head in a way. He has created us as entities apart from Himself even though we are directly dependent on Him. We can cease to exist because we once never existed, but God is eternal.

but wait.

When you experience the car hitting you, that experience happens inside. You've never experienced anything outside of yourself.


Michael Nystrom's picture


And no one else experiences what the person hit by the car experiences. That experience takes place outside of any bystanders.

Great words Micheal

But, I have to disagree with this part starting with "I think Rand understands the Hunger Games nature of the debates. In order to win these Hunger Games, you need broad appeal and physical attractiveness. It was those two traits that earned a different first term Senator a ticket to the White House."

That's assuming optimistically that elections are still elections of and by the people.

IMHO and based on my past experiences and after being a Delegate for RP in 2012 I am more of a realist and have no more delusions that Presidents are Elected not Selected. You don't get to be the "leader of the free world" unless the powers that be want you to be.

I could site numerous examples with Clinton, McCain, Romney, etc. There isn't enough space here to express it in words as to the things I've seen which prove that point.

I will try to be as respectful as I can be to the members of this family here in the ark, but respect is also earned and I am not as giving of respect to people who disregard the facts of the matter trying to ignore the reality and the severity of the situation we have faced in the past and face even more so now going into the future. Our children's futures depend on us looking at things more realistically.

Thank you Brother for all your hard work and for continuing to provide a place for liberty minded people gather and share ideas. Thank you for opening the membership and allowing me to voice my concerns and thoughts here as well.

But, as with many families there is bound to be conflicts. What holds them together is not taking things so personal and being objective towards others opinions. Regardless of how much it might hurt our egos and beliefs.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to consider an idea, without having to accept it."

Not many are even willing to even accept the reality of a situation before considering the ideas. Few really grasp the true state of affairs we are in.

I come here in peace and have said many times, "We are winning hearts and minds to win the revolution, before they can start their civil war."

My father told me when I was much younger something that I passed along to my children as well. He said:

"Son, I don't care if you like me. I hope you love me. But, it is not my job to make you like me. It is my job to make you a man capable of making rational decisions to insure your well being. In the process of that your not going to like me very much."

Truth always hurts at first.

That has always reminded me that sometimes what you must do to get a point across is going to hurt some feelings. Hopefully, in the end they will thank you for it later and you will have earned their respect.

My mother always told me too that "Doing the right thing is never the easiest, it always the hardest. And that's why not many people are willing to do the right thing."

Couldn't watch it...

when they applauded Guiliani like he was God I shut that garbage off! Ron said everything that needed to be heard.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Michael Nystrom's picture

Then you missed something HUGE!

For God's sake, don't close your eyes because of an emotional response! I thought you were here to learn things, The Pen.

How do you expect to learn anything if you close your eyes because you have an emotional response!

Tune in at 4:00 and watch the groveling. Don't look at the content, look at the process. The process is that the men who would be president have absolutely NO POWER to speak. They are muzzled by what I called "The Corporate Agenda" in my OP.

No doubt people will take issue with that characterization, but it seems clear enough to me.


If that is what you think, you'll forever be stunted in your intellectual growth, and I know you're better than that, The Pen.

What Ron Paul said was what I needed to hear.

It's how I got here in the first place. Giuliani and supporters be damned!

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Thank you, Sir.

Thank you, Sir.

"We didn't start the fire. No, we didn't light it - but we tried to fight it."

egapele's picture

Ted Koppel would be proud of you

This is how I found this place! Bull not bull

At 12, I had already begun to notice the repetition, sensationalism and lack of substance of local broadcast news.
In spite of my growing concerns about the quality of news, there was still Nightline and there was still Ted [Koppel], a news anchor I trusted above all others and who was in my mind beyond reproach.
Maybe this is why Ted Koppel is leaving ABC and Nightline. An interesting fact about his departure is that even though he's been in broadcast media for 42 years, he has made it clear that he is not retiring. I like to think that he is a man of integrity, justice and honor, but is finding it increasingly difficult to express those values in the every tightening noose of broadcast media.

I have thought about the Elian episode of Nightline on the night of the WTO many times over the last several years, and wondered just what happened in the newsroom on that day. "Say it ain't so, Ted" is what I always think.

Maybe one day we'll hear the truth. If Ted is not retiring, maybe we will see what a man of his stature and integrity might do outside the bounds of tightly constricted, corporate news.



Michael Nystrom's picture

Ted dropped the ball.

LOL - what a blast from the past. But from that same article:

4. Elian Gonzalez and The Day I Lost Faith in Television News, 1999

Night was falling as I made my way through the downtown core to the outskirts where the busses were still running. As I walked briskly through the chilly autumn air, I thought about what it all meant, and couldn't wait to hear the take that Nightline would have on it. I imagined the different angles he could talk about - why there were 50,000 people in the streets protesting - it had to be the biggest protest in a US city since - since when? The 60's? And a curfew - when was the last time a curfew had been instituted in an American city? And the meetings themselves - some of them had been shut down because the delegates couldn't move through the streets! What was the take from the inside? These were all burning questions I had about the day and I couldn't wait to hear the answers. There was no doubt in my mind that this would be Nightline's topic. When I arrived at my Dad's house, I told him breathlessly of the day of protests in the streets. The local news was on, and I was dismayed at the portrayal of "Violence in the streets tonight in Seattle?

At 11:30, my dad and I were positioned in front of the TV, waiting expectantly to hear the take that Nightline would have. The program began. The top story was . . . Elian Gonzalez.

Elian Gonzalez?

Surely you remember Elian, the Cuban boy who had been plucked from the sea by the US Coast Guard only to immediately become an international political football.

There is no question that the story of Elian was a tragedy. But was it a bigger story than the WTO protests?


So what was going on?

It must be a mistake.

Are we on the right channel?

This was a human-interest story of the kind shown when there are no big stories to report on. So what was going on? There was clearly a huge story to cover. It felt to me like a news blackout. It felt like I was transported from the 60's straight to George Orwell's 1984.

For the rest of the week, the protests continued in Seattle, and for the rest of the week, Nightline ignored them and focused on the story of Elian. This was my final break with broadcast media. By the end of the week, my faith in Ted, Nightline and TV news had been completely shattered.


Guru Nystrom

That was great writing. Thought provoking.



Liberty Peace and Prosperity Amen

Thank you Mike

Thank you Mike! You are a true friend of the movement and to those who stand up. Thank you for standing up!

You are the MAN of

You are the MAN of peace...who understands fully that, inside, we are all free and that no one can take that from us, but we must first choose to see that simple truth. I've always loved that about you.



If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

To Michael ARTHUR Nystrom:

You are the MAN, and from this day forward, I shall follow the example of one AnCapMercenary, and address you as Michael Arthur Nystrom, because you are our champion. LOL

Seriously good post, and we are fortunate to have you at the helm.