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Peter Schiff announces his radio show will end in August

Peter Schiff announced today he will be ending his radio show effective at the end of August. After 4 years of being a non-stop advocate for liberty and transparency in government, Schiff admitted today the country just wasn't ready for his show. Unfortunately, none of the larger radio markets would pickup his program.

He will instead do a podcast, like what Tom Woods is now doing, and continue to write and do video blogs.

I am pretty sad about this. I really enjoyed listening to his show every morning. He focused a lot more on ideas and concepts rather than attacking people like the neocon talk show hosts did. And what's worse in my opinion, he won't be on the air when this bubble finally bursts, which I know would have been very satisfying for Peter and all his fans.

What do y'all think? Is this a step back for the movement?

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Thankfully we still have Free Talk Live

This is really sad news. It is hard to make it in talk radio. A bunch of liberty shows have been tried but ended up shutting down. Thankfully, we still have Free Talk Live. It has been there for us for years and it is 7 nights a week, live. If anyone isn't already listening to Free Talk Live and wants to replace their Peter Schiff radio time, check it out. http://www.freetalklive.com/

Live Free or Die!

Good thing is

How I see it - radio is old anyway

It's the old generation's pride that keeps it alive.

With spotify, beats, iTunes & podcasts - why use radio?

You can't count your ratings, you can't advertise products by direct link etc etc etc

i love peter, but

for me personally, he doesn't have the type of personality that draws people. To be honest, and I mean this with all do respect, I find Peter Schiff boring, all though I agree with everything he says. imho

Peter is one of those guys looking for better.

I wish him luck moving forward.

Free includes debt-free!

Kind of sucks. Maybe he

Kind of sucks.

Maybe he should have used the Kremlin to fund his radio show lol


That sucks. That is where I get my financial news everyday... Sad day.

Isn't it funny

The cable financial shows never have him on any more, hmmm I wonder why.

Glad to see Peter is leaving Legacy media

I know that Ben Swann is also working on a podcast as well.

Most radio listeners are stuck in the left/right paradigm, and do not want to hear challenges to the "3x5 card of approved opinions"(to use Tom Woods' phrase).

While it is the end of one era, a new era of even more liberty-based podcasts is coming.

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It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

I'll miss those 10am shows.

I don't think it's a step backward for the movement however. No one calls or listens to Peter Schiff by accident. I mean, years ago when radio was very popular, one might surf the waves (air waves) the way people channel hop TV, and you could accidentally hit a talk show station that was interesting. I doubt people do that today, so those that listen to Schiff are seekers of truth in economics and politics and are already awake for the most part.
For myself, I will view his videos like I used to before his show started; after all, I gotta get my steady diet of Peter Schiff. I love that guy.

That sucks

I've been a member since 2011 and listened to his show more than any other radio program in my life. I do see how it isn't popular for the masses though, as it stays away from political bickering and infotainment and mainly talks about economics and markets. He's also very confrontational to his guests, I skip almost every guest interview he does as they are awkward to listen to.

No train to Stockholm.

I agree. Peter was a great

I agree. Peter was a great articulator of ideas but a terrible interviewer. Tom Woods is excellent at interviewing though.

My heart is aching...

because Jason Lewis has quit his radio show also. He decided to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, so he is no longer going to feed the beast with tax dollars.

Minnesota Mary

Is Terrestrial Radio

Dying a slow death? Will AM and FM radio stations survive a few years of wifi being standard in cars?

Is Peter just going to where the audiences are all going to be in a few years anyways by going to a podcast format now?

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I am in the family business

I am in the family business which is the owner of a local radio station. I hope that radio will survive technology as long as you give people things to listen to they can't get elsewhere. The internet is great, people like to read, but people also want to multitask. We provide local news and weather and whatnots and I hope that will keep us relevant. I was proud we had Peter Schiff on our AM station. I don't think there is anything else out there that can replace him right now.

Peter Schiff was always a

Peter Schiff was always a tool. He was smart and he was right. But he was an asshole. The liberty movement can do much better.

That Sucks!

I love the Peter Schiff radio show, listen to it anytime I have a chance! He's another great American for speaking the truth even if/when it is not appreciated by all.

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I am really fucking depressed about it. He kept me informed on the important information about the markets. Damn this sucks.


Very disappointing news

Loved Peter's show and listened every day without fail. Sad to hear that a voice for liberty (one of the few) is going away.

Yes, it is sad to see Peter

Yes, it is sad to see Peter go :( We still have Free Talk Live, which is not only more pro-liberty, but provides more content.

Live Free or Die!

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This is sad news.

Peter is great to listen to on the radio. On economic issues, there is no one better.