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Mike Benoit's evaluation of Anarchist Larken Rose's Video on the 861 argument

Mike Benoit's evaluation of Larken Rose's Video on the 861 argument

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The 861 Evidence

Mike, you have so mischaracterized Larken Rose and his beliefs that I am compelled to respond.

In the first place, the 861 initiative was not Larken's personal crusade. His quest for the truth—as relates to the verbiage contained in Section 861 of Title 26—would, if correct, have been of immense benefit to every American. Furthermore, the 861 DVD revealed that a number of IRS agents, tax attorneys and CPAs were very much in agreement with Larken's interpretation of Section 861. Moreover, several of the IRS agents who agreed with Larken and sought, but never received, answer(s) from their superiors at the agency, ultimately resigned their commissions in order to lend their support to the 861 initiative.

The question they posed to their superiors was simply this (paraphrasing): Are 26 USC § 861 and the related regulations beginning at 26 CFR § 1.861-8, applicable in determining the taxable income [of Americans] from sources within the United States?

When Larken, at his trial, attempted to show Section 861 to the jury (whom he disparaged for their lack of knowledge as relates to nullification), the judge ruled the evidence inadmissible.

It is obvious, Mike, that you've chosen Larken as a philosophical target. Why I can't begin to imagine. But we'd all be hard pressed to find a more passionate defender of individual liberty than Larken Rose.

Logic dictates that: Wrong action has to lead to wrong results; and right action has to lead to right results. Period. No exceptions.