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Why those going after Justin Amash are the biggest scumbags in the world

Hey Daily Paul - this week we get into the Justin Amash race and what the establishment is doing that they complained we were doing back in 2010. We also cover the Lois Lerner private emails asking the question if Americans have the right to look at her non-government emails?

Obviously, we at Daily Paul know that it's not enhanced interrogation but torture that the U.S. has been doing since 9/11 but we discuss this issue because of how Obama phrases his statement and the probability that torture is still being conducted today.

In this episode of the Rare Report...

Does Lois Lerner's new emails prove that the IRS cannot be politically unbiased?

Obama admits the US tortured after 9/11 you don't say?

Why those going after Justin Amash are the biggest scumbags in the world

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Kurt, did you ask Justin about

the corruption in Michigan health insurance? Did you know that Wayne State University(WSU) is spending $2,401 per month for employee family health insurance to the [[non-profit Blue Cross]] Inc.? In the free and open market a 30-year-old couple and 2 children, in Wayne County, can get the tax-free HSA Bronze plan for $467 a month from Humana.

It's the same at all levels of government, city, county, state and Federal. What amazes me is all these media goofballs reporting on Obamacare and I've NEVER seen one real story, ever. It's crazy.

Oh, if the above family earns $50,000 in (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) (MAGI) the Federal tax credit is $10 more per month than the cost of the premium. This means no cost health insurance for this family.

Of course the media would NEVER consider interviewing a licensed professional insurance salesperson who had a clue. I have looked at the Rare Report Obamacare stories and I thought the stuff was pretty shallow, sorry.

I know, if reporters asked a real question about Obamacare then the politicians would be pressured into boning up a little so they wouldn't look stupid. That probably will not happen.

I can help you. I am the Healthcare Policy Director for the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Florida, Adrian Wyllie. Wyllie's running mate is Greg Roe and he has 30 years of insurance experience. I enrolled America's 1st tax-free HSA, 19 years ago, the centerpiece of Republican healthcare reform.

Also on the Florida Libertarian tax-free HSA Task Force is Lee Benham who enrolled the 1st tax-free MSA in Medicare.

My name is Ron Greiner and can be reached at 727-943-8118