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How much do you pay for insurance?

I had a talk with my friend in the US tonight. We got on the topic of health insurance. He's an entrepreneur, like myself, and he said he pays 25K for health insurance for himself, wife, and 2 kids.

I almost shat myself!

I said, "Twenty five with three zeros behind the comma?" He said, "Yup."

I told him, "I was just complaining to my wife the other day that our international insurance is due and I hate giving 6K to this company for no reason." Obviously you can imagine his reaction to $6000.00 per annum.

Funny thing is, I can use my insurance in any country but the USA.

He told me that the ACA has just made things even more ridiculous now, too.

So, my question, where's the revolution??????????????????????????

I remember my grandmother telling me that in her day, Presidents were afraid of two things... Communism and housewives!

WTH happened to our county? Are folks that poor, dumb, deaf and blind now?

(I'm being sincere here. I left the US in '95 as a single man, now I'm married and still out... but don't think I can afford to come back now!)


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My Downward Insurance Spiral

For as long as I've been working, almost 20 years at this point, my average premiums have been around $100 per month. Coverage was adequate, a $500 deductible and fairly typical coverage to what everyone else who paid for it had. In 2012, I was pretty much forced into a $1000 deductible with the same coverage for pretty much the same monthly premium. In 2013, I was then again forced to accept a $2500 deductible for the LOW LOW price of $150 a month. It wasn't until this year that things got really out of control. I was given the option of a $200/month premium with a $6000 deductible (that I would NEVER meet) or a $500/month ($6k/year) no deductible plan.

So, in three years, my benefits doubled in price for 12 times less coverage...or, went up 500 percent for just slightly better coverage. I'm quite grateful my employer opted to contribute to my plan this year, otherwise, I seriously don't know how I could have afforded it. I would have flat out refused to pay $2400 a year for something I could never, ever use...but with my employer's contribution, I am paying basically $230/month for a no-deductible plan. This is how they're eviscerating the middle class, no doubt.

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At this point in my life, loving jesus and sharing his simple message by helping the many poor around me is my insurance. The joy of it though its not for here! Your money will not only heal your spirit, but heal the many walking around searching far and wide . Nike fool!

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$8160 with $15000 deductible

I'm self employed and I used to pay $365 per month with a $5000 deductible for a family of five, non smoker with no blood pressure or cholesterol problems. 3 months after "The Affordable Care Act" passed in 2009 my premium skyrocketed over $800 per month at a time my business was hit by the depression, Oh, sorry the recession. I couldn't afford the premiums and had to cancel my family's insurance. My business slowly improved and I was able to get coverage for $680 per month, but our deductible is now $15,000 per year and then the insurance is a 70/30 plan. I'm so happy for the Affordable Care Act, I don't know how I would be able to care for my family without it. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

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I just calculated mine; it's about the same. Ugh.

As of 2013, the cost of my family-of-four plan was 20K fortunately shared about 1/3 by my employer. The deductibles and co-pays are also high.

Example: I broke my collar bone about four months ago. I don't recommend this injury; the pain and discomfort was incredible, and it's still not completely gone. No surgery was needed just time to heal, but the cost of only routine care was $1,000 out-of-pocket even with insurance.

Staying healthy and taking care of yourself is the best thing that you can do these days.

THIS IS IT! HealthShareLiberty.com

I am the national clearing house for the ultimate 'I am in Control' health program. It includes the Liberty program mentioned in these comments and a whole lot more...Medical Personal Assistant, Teledoc, Mayo Clinic (doctor's access), Price locator for docs, tests, etc.

Email me at jkanter@mympb.com
Or, call me at: (775) 386-2873

This is the finest, most comprehensive health package in the United States. You can use it across State lines and overseas for when you travel!

From one libertarian to all the rest. I set myself free by building this package and know you can be free too!

Yours in Liberty,


Who You Jivin' With That Cosmik Debris?

You could make more money as a butcher...

I know you love Zappa. Frank has a message for you.


I already paid.

Being honorably discharged from the USAF, and with my poverty-level income (my tastes are modest, my debts are zero, I am well, and Sugar & Bud are generous) I am fully covered by the VA (and they tell me to tell the IRS, so I guess I will).

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$199 per month - individual coverage.

$500 annual deductible. After deductible, 100% coverage up to $1,000,000, per incident.

The catch: it isn't insurance. It's a "healthsharing ministry," called Liberty Healthshare. Legally, it's just a group of people who have agreed to help pay each others' medical bills. And it (hopefully) exempts you from the individual mandate of Obamacare.

I've only been a member for a few months, and haven't sent in a claim yet, so I can't vouch for how well it works -- but it sure sounds great.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

Great. But, missing a lot

Liberty is great. I have been a member for a long time. But, it does leave you adrift most of the time. That's why I created a combined product that includes Liberty and a whole lot more. I have a national add on package to the Liberty platform that puts you totally in control. It includes a Medical Personal Assistant that at no charge will track down the best place to buy your meds, the best doc, the cheapest test, etc. Plus, Teledoc, Mayo Clinic, etc. Otherwise, with Liberty by itself you are on your own for everything.

To get all the details. Call me at (775) 386-2873 or email me at jkanter@mympb.com

Yours to a libertarian medical future....Jeff

I heard...

..on Tom Woods' 'cast that the exemption requires one to profess a faith in g.o.d. which presented me with a dilemma until it occured to me that I can honestly claim to believe in the existence of Genuinely Obnoxious Democrats.

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It has been years since I could afford health insurance. I have several medical problems, but I live paycheck to paycheck and simply can't afford the additional cost.

Goose egg. 0

I need to look into it though. Just had a little girl. My wife and I have never needed it and we're young, 26. A year ago I think I looked at Blue Cross/Blue Shield for here in MS when we found out she was pregnant and it was going to be 400 a month for her and the kid with around a 2K, maybe higher can't remember exactly, deductible. I got life insurance though so if I kick the bucket they're good anyway.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

I dont pay anything, my

I dont pay anything, my company pays it all.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

You pay...

..every day you show up.

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Duh. The money needs to come

Duh. The money needs to come from somewhere. The price I pay is that my salary is a little lower than it would be. One of the major things with this though is that this is less taxable money.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.


I cant afford it. My husband is a Vet, under Tricare. At the end of the year, they take his (40%) disability check each month until its all paid

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$3,828 A Month / Family Coverage

I remember in 1993 a 40-year-old couple and 2 children could get a $1,000 deductible coverage for $100 a month in Iowa with Time Insurance Company, America's oldest health insurance company.

Now it's $3,828 a month per family in Romney's Massachusetts!

I would bet your county and city employees are paying about $2,000 a month for family coverage. Excuse me, I mean taxpayers.

In East Longmeadow, MA the city pays 1/2 and their employees pay 1/2.


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$878/month, $10K deductible + co-insure, family of 5

I always buy the cheapest available with the highest deductible.

When I was in Massachusetts (recently moved to SC), the plan my employer used to fund, had I chose to stick with it, would be close to the $25K per year number you listed. Rates went up 17% annually due to RomneyCare.

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I live

In California. I am self-employed at the moment and after the ACA, to retain my current primary care doctor, the cheapest insurance I can buy for myself is $305 straight through Blue Shield with a $6,000 deductible. I had the same before for $165/m with a $5,000 through Blue Sheild. Thank god as a Male, my pregnancy complications will be covered now though.

But it's OK, I apparently have no argument according to everyone I talk to, because I qualify for Medicaid.

So somehow the 2-3 times inflated prices for "free-market" insurance is A OK, because if I have a problem with it, I should just jump to Medicaid. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Thanks for all your answers!

Thanks for all your answers! I feel a bit relieved, in case I ever need to move back that is.

Seems like such a wide range of rates.

I'll let my buddy know he's being ripped off. He's actually Canadian but moved to the US in the 80's... still not an excuse to be so clueless to pay 25K a year.

You know what you could do with that 25K per year if you skipped paying it for two years? Buy a 1bd room condo in Chiang Mai, Thailand and enjoy life like Marc Faber... just saying!

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Chang Mai

I've been to Chang Mai. I took the sleeper train from Bangkok. What a trip, it was like something from a different era. They came through and converted the seats to double deck sleeper bunks, complete with sheets and everything. What a lovely ride that was!

How is Chang Mai doing these days? Ko Samui is completely changed, I hear from when I was there in '98. It was right after the crash, and you could get a bungalow on the beach for $5 per night. $10 if you wanted air conditioning, but I chose to save the money.

Somehow I have a feeling that Marc Faber doesn't live in a $50K condo, though, lol!

Just sayin'.

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I think that train still

I think that train still exists. Chiang Mai is still a sleepy town compared to all the rest, but obviously tourism changes every place.

As for Koh Samui, probably not, but you can take a short boat ride to Koh Phangan or Koh Tao and still pay those prices, I assume. The bungalows are the best, no AC needed, just a big book and a hammock.

You're right about Faber's accommodation, but not his lifestyle, he's your average bar-stool trophy there.


I pay $199/month through Liberty Health Share for their best coverage.
I am now exempt from the "ACA" and technically do not have insurance but I do have health coverage. The plan is better and cheaper than my old Blue Cross Blue Shield crap.

I don't pay for abortions or sex changes either.

You'll have lots of questions so just call them.

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Same here!

Signing up was easy and they are super helpful. I haven't had to use it thankfully but it qualifies for the Obamacare mandate and the "deductible"is only $500' instead of the $7500 it would have been if I'd stuck with the cheapest ACA plan I could find.

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How hard was it to sign up for Liberty Health Share? I am a 27 year old male, very healthy except for frequent Migraines. This sounds great and of course I am attracted by the name.

It was easy

You just got to their enroll page and fill it out. There are a few fees to begin but they aren't bad. So far so good for me.

"To ski powder is to waste it" - Jake Burton

$6K a year

For a watered down "Cadillac" plan that doesn't do half of what liberals claim it does.


For me and one dependent.

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I thought I was paying a lot

$200/mo for myself, and I'm considering cancelling because that's twice as high as what I used to pay for something I have never actually used in my life. I can't believe what you guys are paying. I'd like to think there's a limit as to what people will tolerate before they won't cooperate, but when people are paying more than me and still will tolerate it, let alone ten times more, this makes me think people will be willing to pay every last penny they have for health insurance.

$1,089 per month here

family of four and self employed. It's a BCBS PPO silver plan with $50 copays for doc visit and $10 copays for most meds.

And please, keep your stool sample to yourself! ; )