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I just want to point out that Greenwald's "bombshell" revelations have resulted in barely a blip on the American psyche. And once again he has fallen silent in reporting new revelations. I know some are going to say "it's because he's doing real journalism". It just doesn't add up to me though. He's had the Snowden docs for over a year. Supposedly they were extremely well organized. Yet Greenwald hasn't released any major revelations in quite a while now (the names of a few Arabs notwithstanding).

Edit: I just wanted to add that the "names of a few Arabs" comment is not to downplay the rights of Arabs. They absolutely should have their privacy protected just like everyone else. My point (which I've stated in previous posts) is that the average American probably saw those names and felt like "those sound like the kind of names that the NSA should be spying on" (again this is not my own view but my impression of what I think the average asleep American will think) As a result, it didn't have a big impact

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I can't get onboard with those acting like "Snowden/Greenwald is a conspiracy."

I'm a skeptic. But I won't go along INVENTING conspiracies.

It has pushed Germany

to get closer to Russia and BRICS. Seemingly. Which would be another reason the USG would want to try playing the MH17 situation up on Russia.

Not much has come of it here though, as you said. No arrests have come of it here. Clapper gets to lie to congress with out any repercussions.

I am not sure what to think anymore either. I thought it was a great thing initially, but where has it taken the American individual as a whole? Nowhere really, it seems.

I'm with you on this one, Kevin.

I've asked other DP members this one simple question regarding Snowden/Greenwald:

Why isn't anyone going to jail over these revelations?

The reason why I don't wait "on the edge of my seat" for new Snowden material is because I know nothing will come of it nor will more Americans "wake up."

Which begs the question:

"Why does the media cover anything Greenwald/Snowden has to say unless it was on purpose?"

I honestly don't know what to think of Snowden and Greenwald. I truly hope some justice comes out from this information, but I have a hunch that nothing will.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

The media

has never really "covered" anything regarding these revelations. All of the "coverage" has either been a smear campaign against Greenwald/Snowden or distraction as to whether they are heroes or traitors. There have been no substantive discussions in the media about what they actually disclosed.

The rule of law does not apply to the banker and political oligarchs so the lack of anyone going to jail should come as no surprise -- especially when fellow government mafia member, Eric Holder, is the Attorney General.

Unfortunately, I am somewhat pessimistic of Americans as well. I think if Obama got on the teleprompter today and said, "The government spies on everyone without warrant and collects, monitors, and records every communication and financial transaction in the world" than 95% of Americans would not bat an eye. Of course it doesn't help that over half the population is now dependent on government to survive (dependence = slavery).

On a positive note, more and more Americans are "waking up" and I think we might start to see localized revolutions.

New revelations?

What parts of the data is he withholding at this point? Snowden isn't known to have any more. New "revelations" at this point are coming from ANALYSIS of this data and Greenwald is only one recipient of this data. Greenwald's role in this historic affair is very nearly complete: he reported on it, he got it into the MSM and therefore "the American people".

It's what WE do with it is the question. And of course others. Internationally. So much for our vaunted technology economy. Governments and corporations world wide are getting rid of USA derived IT infrastructure. And in this case the Chinese are just Russian to fill the gap. Yuk yuk.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Yes new revelations

Greenwald crowed many times about how much there was to cover and that he'd only covered 1% of what was in there. Yet what have we gotten in the past bunch of months? Not much.

Civil suit?

Maybe some of these technology companies can sue their selves for loss of compensation. They are all co-conspirators.

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