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Sony Studio Executive DeVon Franklin Produces Films of Faith

August 4, 2014 by Britt Hysen

The Color Purple. Rocky. Star Wars. These are some of the most inspirational films to have come out of Hollywood, and the spark that ignited 36-year-old DeVon Franklin’s passion for entertainment as a child. A former Sony Pictures Studio executive and well-known motivational speaker, DeVon is branching out and launching his own production company to produce films that not only inspire but also wake people up to their purpose in life. MiLLENNiAL caught up with him at UniciCasa in Culver City to discuss what he has up his sleeve now that he is spearheading Franklin Entertainment.

Going from studio executive to producer can be risky for some. But with a first-look long term producing deal with Sony Studios, DeVon is embarking on his own entrepreneurial aspirations confident that his films will sell. “It’s about finding great content with mass appeal that still has an uplifting quality about it,” he says. Staying true to himself, he anticipates making films that offer commercial value while motivating audiences to have faith in their dreams.

Taking the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Growing up in Oakland, DeVon was the middle child of three boys. After the loss of his father at the early age of nine, DeVon turned to Hollywood as an emotional comforter. Over the years he developed a love for film and attended the University of Southern California in order to get closer to the business. Throughout all four years, DeVon interned for Will Smith’s management company – Overbrook Entertainment.

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Will Hollywood let him survive?

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