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Latest interview of William Binney (former NSA)

William Binney interviewed by Brian Wilson on August 6, 2014

Click here to open interview in your own media player.
I'll embed a player in here soon. I almost have it figured out. C'mon, be patient with me. I haven't posted anything for a couple years. :D

Got it!!!

I enjoyed listening to the interview and wish to pass it on...Oh no! I'm blind!

You can also find a weekly news recap from Judge Andrew Napolitano at Brian Wilson's Libertas...

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John Robb I'm ashamed of you!

Giving into peer pressure like this. How many times have I told you that this jrd3820 person you're always following around is a bad influence? Next think ya know there'll be all kinds of willy-nilly John Robb past all over the danged internet.

Oh wait, this is good. Never mind what I just said, please carry on.

In all seriousness

...the peer pressure is saved for "DP Originals". I just listened to this today and thought, "Hm, I wonder if anyone else might like to listen to it." For two years I've found stuff like that already posted here. I've never known anyone to post Wilson interviews here though, so I just slapped it up without much thought. I get the same way with Jim Willie interviews, but I post those in comments to Cyril's or GoldenEquity's posts and such, as those folks seem to like them too and I don't have the depth or patience to host and tend an OP featuring a lengthy talk from the Golden Jackass (Willie) as you did with Rogan interviewing Martin.

But if I ever do turn into Smudge junior, look out!
Preview: "Kehrgilaerjgoarfhgidrhgklzshgnzerjgzlerh orieropguvxcm,vgntyajio;rghaeropeaioerertkoa..."

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John Robb is his own person...

Who is in love with me, but that is neither here nor there. I may have asked him to post more often once or twice or so, but he is his own person with great posts just waiting to be shared with the DP world.

This is a great post though, soon he will be wagering anadrome boards for originals with me.

That's not a bad idea

to wager that I have to cough up a DP Original upon your beating me at anadrome. What would you put up on the block though? Hmm... *scratches chin*

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Did you get a private message from me via your email on your DP contact form?

If not, I'll try try again.

What? You'll have to speak louder!

Much construction this summer in Grand Marais! Go ahead though and try again, but keep in mind that I'm often just a little sadistic like that, getting a kick out of watching people try. ;)

I don't hit my email everyday, but I did [for some reason] hit it before hitting my pillow last night. Whether or not I found something from you is a question I'll have to defer to the paragraph above. You are quick and must really like Dylan. I am slow to read but sometimes quick to act upon reading, and if I were you I would check on Monday but wouldn't be shocked with Saturday as Bobbie could very well be no madder than you [and certainly myself :D].

If I said, "Wow, that autoplay in the OP is quite carking!" would I have to reboot my 21 day endeavor?

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A John Robb Post!!!!!

Is it just for me?!?!?! Ok, I haven't read it or listened yet, I just saw your name and was happy to see ya post. I'll listen now.

Of course it's just for you!

...and has too, well, and anybody else who happens by.
I did though, check it with Firefox. You use Firefox, right? Did your default mp3 player successfully embed into the post [sorry again about the autoplay, I'm still working on that]?

It's a good interview. I like to stay up to date with Binney. He was the first guy I ever heard come right out and say, "They're collecting EVERYTHING!" That's the impression I got years ago when I got a glimpse into a local telcom central office. There was a government computer in there tapped directly into the backbone relaying all data to somewhere. I think the biggest potential whistleblower will one day emerge from Cisco.

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Yup I use firefox (mostly)

And it embeds fine. I'm listening right now. Sometimes I wish my Dad would join us at the DailyPaul (he doesn't like the internet though) because this is stuff he has said t me before. He always said NSA was spying and in high gear before 9/11 and planned on continuing even if 9/11 hadn't ever happened, it's just that 9/11 gave the ppl a reason to consent to it.

Your dad's absolutely correct.

I keep up to date with Brian Wilson too. He's an entertaining blowhard but also usually gets around to going as in depth as possible with guests. He's also easy to keep up with as he only interviews one or two others beyond Judge Napolitano every week.

Oh, hi! I didn't see you down here.

Say, I have a question for you. Do you think William Binney looks like Bob Newhart? OK, I guess they don't, for some reason the two are inextricably linked in my mind though. Can you explain that?

I'm kinda warming up to it

First band I ever saw in a bar as a legal bar customer.

Black Flag. I just lied. I lie a lot don't I? Flag headlined. Circle Jerks and Meat Puppets opened. Flag was the third band I ever saw as such.
That guy wasn't singing though. Rollins was.

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I saw Rollins do spoken word once.

I'm going to be honest, I'm not huge into his music, some of it is good, has found me a song or two more to my liking, but sometimes it is a bit too chaotic for me.

I will say this about him though; he is brilliant. I used to watch his show all the time, I listen to him talk when I can, I would love to see/hear him do spoken word again, and I always read his books.

After his show he stood outside and met and shook hands with every single person waiting to see him, he took a min to try to have a genuine connection, he signed everyone's books and this was Nov or Dec maybe...maybe even Jan in the middle of MI with snow and wind chill and negative temperatures. He was very personable.And shorter than I imagined.

There used to be one of these down the street from me

(forgive me now as I slip into the collective in the past tense)
Locally he was known as the "Big Man" but we named him Henry. Legend had it that once upon a time he had an ax (or axe, if you will) cradled in his grasp, but, if so, that was long, long ago, long before we bequeathed him with that moniker.

It wasn't until later, when I actually got to meet the real Henry outside one of his shows, just like you described, that I found out he wasn't 20 feet tall after all.

...I thought has wrote this comment

when I first read it. As such I got to the part with "in the middle of MI" and immediately thought, "My god, has just needs to pick a day, whip over to Jenny's, and take her bowling!" or something. About a half hour later I was at your profile and I saw has's comment headline posted in your profile. I was mighty confused until I clicked on it. Hey, you could take yourself bowling! :D

I saw Rollins speak live a couple times. I never had a Black Flag album either, as a matter of fact I can't think of any hardcore albums I ever had [I like it live sometimes though]. Rollins reminds me of Brian Wilson, an entertaining blowhard. Rollins is a good interviewer too, like Wilson. Both too, have a similar regard for poetry. Funny how on topic Rollins is here.