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The Conspiracy of Caring

[Rough draft. Please make constructive criticism.]


Why do institutions created to protect children often fail so miserably at it? Why do they, in addition to allow or even cover up cases of neglect and abuse, seek to remove children from good homes over spurious allegations?

I came across this really unsettling article. A doctor essentially created a successful career out of falsely alleging abuse and breaking up families to build her reputation as an expert on what is called "medical child abuse" or Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, where medical professionals unilaterally allege the reasons behind a child's injuries or illness is neglect on the part of a parent in order to get medical attention.

As this website notes: "Munchausen by Proxy is not recognized by the American Medical Association or the American Psychiatric Association." That didn't stop courts from breaking up families for it, however, nor stop a doctor from being sought after for her expertise regarding it, including a professorship at a Florida University, where she can presumably train pediatricians to ignore parents and lock them up if they disagree with their doctors.

I noticed that the National Education Association, a lobbying group for the teacher's unions had no information on child abuse by its members, but a helpful article entitled "Defend Yourself" on how teachers could defend themselves against accusations of abuse. Also included, good information for how to report suspected abuse by parents of children.

Institutions are good at protecting their members from allegations of abuse; they are also good at alleging abuse, and making the allegations stick.

In the Cash for Kids scandal judges took payouts from a prison builder to sentence kids to juvenile detention for small infractions. One of the judges tried to make a political career on "getting tough" on juvenile offenders. These judges were convicted and sentenced to prison, but the offenders clearly did not think there was anything wrong in what they were doing, nor contemplated they'd ever account for their actions.

Why should they have? Institutions always close ranks around those inside against those outside, even if those inside are the abusers and those outside are the ones protecting children.

When you face accusations of abuse as an individual by a teacher, doctor or social worker, a judge assumes the purpose of the allegation is to protect a child, even when there is clear evidence that these people have ulterior motives for making the allegations. Our only defense is to investigate and expose these motives, for once their spurious allegations are accepted, there is no way to contest any draconian measure leveled against us to make us prove our worthiness to be left alone in the reasonable enjoyment of our homes and families.

To make your way in this world now, you have to have dirt on the other guys, because you can be guaranteed he's collecting dirt about you. In this spirit, I've decided to start investigating Child Protective Services in my area and around the state before my child is taken for some petty disagreement with a school administrator, law enforcement or nosy neighbor.

Annotated Bibliography

A CPS investigator who herself was forced to give up her foster parent certification due to child abuse.

A personal story about a woman who boy was taken from her in San Francisco over hysteria surrounding her large dogs.

A very recent story about a Sacramento foreign national couple whose baby was taken from them because they refused the advice of their doctor and asked for a second opinion

A couple of court cases affirming that parents do indeed have the same constitutional rights when CPS alleges abuse as anybody else, including the right to see the evidence against them and the right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures.

On the other side, one story of CPS' placement of children in an abusive household.

A woman discussing her personal story of her suspicions of retaliation by the San Francisco Unified School District by charging neglect for telling her children to wait outside to meet her. (Unstated in the article, but per my own experience, the school in question has no parking lot available to parents, lack of street parking and, of course, rigorous enforcement of traffic and parking violations.)

About the Child Abuse registry in California, and how tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of names are placed their over spurious allegations unsupported by any documentation, and how judicial review was nonexistent in some cases and even ignored by state officials in other cases.

About a child taken from a homeless family.

Report about a widely used custody evaluator for the City of San Diego caught faking his credentials and sued. (Unfortunately, not in this article, although there is clear and convincing evidence that he was a fraud, no wrongdoing by the same court that sometimes employed him was found and, as per California court rules, the family suing him was required to pay the fraudster's legal bills.)


There is a clear and convincing pattern here, of taking the child first and asking questions later. Although parents are slowly but surely being restored their essential rights (Yay?) you may still have to inform law enforcement, school administrators and social services of these changes at your peril and expense. These officials, including the sudden experts they employ to back up their spurious claims, are what are important to courts--you and your family, and your choices concerning your family, is to be tolerated, at best.

What's more, when children enter social services, they are likely, in addition to being ripped from their natural homes, to be abused and neglected by those with whom they are placed. That is, even when the family is restored, the child or children can never similarly be restored. If social services purports to know what is best for your child, should they not at least have to prove that they are capable of protecting your child from anything other than you?

Serious conflicts of interest and lack of oversight permeate child protective services. Under the guise of "protecting children" and with the support of militarized law enforcement, almost any abuse of power and fraud by the state against families can be done and any consequences successfully avoided--the most important being termination of a rogue employee and criminal sanctions against their behavior. Wealth being given from taxpayers to individuals who can not be made whole simply by money is the poorest of substitutes.

Families are living in fear, fear of a petty grievance or even misunderstanding leading to the destruction of everything they have worked to achieve over life. Those that aren't in fear soon will be.

We have ourselves, somewhat to blame. Whenever we ask the government to do something to protect children, we are inventing a public sector job to spy on our parenting, and thus a vested interest in "protecting children" even when no wrongdoing exists. We dare not call it kidnapping, but that's precisely what it is, when somebody takes your child for no or bad reasons.

People have a hard time believing that the government or child protective services means harm. That's because they don't. It's a conspiracy of caring. In their myopia to justify their position and lavish public funding (but hidden even to themselves behind caring for children), every action is justified a priori, and then later by the courts. When wrongdoing is discovered, it never results in substantive consequences for the parties involved, therefore the most important change never happens--a change in mentality.

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The answer is both simple and complex

The simple answer as to why they fail is people. Oddly enough it is also the complex answer.

Let us move away from organizations who are there to help children and move to a more general organization that is supposed to help people instead. This gives us a broader view and an easier target to nail down. Let us take police for an example. I promise I'll relate back to the question.

Now, many people here lash out at police for various reasons. Some lash out for good reasons, some for bad reasons, and some reasons lie on that thin line between good and bad. Yet rarely do we ever get into a discussion on how a person gets that far.

Why does a cop turn bad? First, let us eliminate the kid that was pulling wings off of a fly and stealing your lunch money. Bad in equals bad out. Instead, let us turn to the majority of police who dreamed as a kid of stopping the bad guy and saving the day. We all knew, or know, kids like that. So, what changed in the mind of that child as he/she grew up? Where did that idealism go and what replaced it?

These children did not grow up and go into policing with the ideals that they should beat their prisoners, that they should shoot people's pets, or that they should falsify evidence. They grew up wanting to be the good guy. Wanting to be the hero. They want to save the day. I would also wager that they got all the way up to the academy with the same thought; protect and serve.

So, what in the academy changed them? Is it that every single cop ever is just so weak willed that not one of them has the gumption to resist the indoctrination into an asshole? Are the only people drawn to policing so pathetic that they can't stand up for what is right? I find this impossible to believe. The indoctrination of peer pressure on top of their training cannot be the sole cause of this epidemic. So, what is?

And so we come back to the question at hand. I find it impossible to believe that every CPS worker ever went into the job interview with the sole purpose of screwing over innocent families. I can't buy that even a simple majority of doctors are out there to poison us and rip our families apart. We simply don't have that number of psychopaths in the country. So, what changed in their mind so that they ignore the evidence at hand and make such bad decisions?

Is it their ego? In some cases it clearly is but not in all of them. We only really hear the accounts from two emotionally charged sides of the issue but I guarantee that even if you sift through both sides you won't get the whole truth. Do they think they are morally superior? Again, some cases yes they do but most people are not. Think about how easily people shy away from confrontation; it just isn't how people are.

The problem, I think, lies in the little details we miss. Paper instead of people. You just need that one person with an ego to keep the tragedy alive. You just need one person who thinks their morals are superior to ensure that a family is destroyed and child is ripped from a loving family and placed into danger. It isn't that the majority of people think they know what is best for you or your family but that they follow the leader. At this point it becomes paper work and the tragedy is easy to perpetrate. It will then run the gambit of people without scruples because they are the ones who clawed their way into seats of power.

The child is now a source of income at CPS. Your arrest is now a source of pride at the police station. Your tragedy is now a victory for the perpetrator because they "stopped" you. These institutions fail because we are not all leaders and are too afraid to stand up. We don't want to be ridiculed or fired so we say nothing and allow the issue to move to the hands of the truel evil people in charge. And once there it is all over because we all know how hard these people will fight to keep from losing even the smallest amount of power.

Great piece man

Where you and I differ though would be that I do believe the government and child protective services is there to cause harm. Some working in there may believe they are caring and justify their actions but make no mistake the goal is to kill and destroy. It's no secret the government HATES the family and is doing anything it can to destroy it.

I have a friend who is

I have a friend who is battling CPS right now over false charges of abuse. It has been a nightmare. Due to her situation and because she asked if I would take her child if they took her away, I read many similar articles as what you have posted. It's scary to hear and see the things being done. It's like the NSA... people think if you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to worry about; but that line of thinking is so wrong when you're dealing with powerful manipulators who can instantly turn your world upside down with no actual proof of anything.

True, but it's even worse

True, but it's even worse than that. A cottage industry has sprung up to tell family courts what they want to hear--namely, that doctors, teachers, social workers and other officials never overreact or do or say anything they shouldn't have. The wronger they are the harder they fight.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, and urge her to fight dirty; being discovered acting like monsters is the only thing they seem to be afraid of.

Actually the situation is even worse than that

My neighbor is a mental health 'professional' and I recently found out that health insurance companies will not provide insurance coverage payments to the mental health professional unless a mental disorder is diagnosed. They literally will not get paid without diagnosing patients with a mental disorder. This is built into the very structure of the billing and record keeping of the entire mental health establishment.

When you read the code here in Cali one can see the ultimate dirty Nazi control freakness right in the welfare and institution code where the code claims that director of mental health facilities can remove all rights from patients and perform force drugging and even forced psychosurgeries on patients, that includes lobotomies, that is soley on the determination of the director alone all without access to any court. When one looks at the history of this there is one facility that performed more than 4000 'ice pick lobotomies' as a "cure for homosexuality" all the way up into the 1970s.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

"The wronger they are the harder they fight."

Yep. Just like when I had to fight the department of defense school system. The principal and his "preponderance of evidence" was pure bs. I went through the first hearing thinking surely they would see how wrong they were after we talked to them. Ha ha. Was I ever wrong. He was out for blood, regardless of the truth. I fought dirty from then on... and kept a detailed record of everything he did wrong, lied about, etc. It was a huge list. My final appeal was 20 pages long, not including the pages of evidence I referenced. But by documenting everything, proving my son's case with actual evidence, and then filling a complaint with the IG... we finally won. My friends' CPS case has been very similar. They must all pull their strategy plans from the same playbook.

"Despotism for Dummies" I

"Despotism for Dummies" I think.

This is the type of thread that should not lightly be allowed to

fall off the page. Anti-statist, pro parent bump!

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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