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'The Corium Has Left the Building' (They Finally Admit It - Day:1244)

NHK Broadcast 08/06/2014

Radioactive Reality
So many others have given up... KUDOS to you Nibiru from the DP!!!!

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The 'return' of the BLOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEY haven't gone ANYWHERE...
except down, down, down.

No Problemo

The news is all about two dud wind storms hitting Hawaii. I myself see affect's of radiation. Hardy no butterflies, no bugs in my garden. I am finding yearly cicadas with deformities in Tennessee . I have been gardening for forty years. Life in nature is being affected. One would just have to look in the obituaries and see the ages of the deceased . Starting to be just as many young people than old people showing up.

Money talks and dogs bark