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You Won’t Believe What’s In A Sex Ed Book For 9th Graders In San Francisco

A school in the San Francisco area decided to use a book written for college freshman for it’s 9th graders. Parents are not at all happy about some of the content in the book, but it doesn’t sound like the school plans to replace it with something less objectionable.

More than a 1,000 people have signed an online petition protesting the use of a controversial health education book in the Fremont Unified School District’s 9th-grade curriculum.

The book, titled “Your Health Today” is almost 400 pages long and among the subject includes information on bondage, orgasms, vibrators, along with explicit drawings and diagrams.


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This is wrong, and I'll tell you why.

Sexual topics like this are highly sensitive and personal. Sexual topics have a moral dimension that is never integrated into the curriculum, and so are best encountered gradually and in the context of interpersonal relationships, with parental guidance and support.

It is never appropriate for schools to teach groups of teens everything there is to know about sex in a graphic, explicit way. This is disrespectful and shows no concern for the true needs of teens to develop as moral individuals. Schools can only teach sex-ed in an impersonal, values-neutral, non-judgemental way that does not consider the emotional and spiritual needs of young teens. Adolescents should be allowed the dignity and freedom to encounter these subjects on their own terms and timeline as their experience and maturity level grows, not forcibly and prematurely exposed to possibly disturbing concepts and images depicting the full range of human sexual behavior without any moral context provided.

Ann in Florida

What's in it? Words?

Damn words!

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I actually think it's

I actually think it's extremely important to educate young teens about bondage. You can cover it up and pretend it doesn't exist, but the fact is that a lot of people are turned on by it. Better they learn how to channel their urges in a respectful and safe manner, rather than let the Internet reveal it for them.

I believe it and SIGN ME UP!

I believe it and sign me up! ;)

but to a more serious point.. People ought to be left to discover their own sexuality. No sense in taxing others' morals to pay for ones they don't believe in. Hell we already got all the rated R movies and condom and erectile dysfunction pill ads on television the last thing we need to do is put a book in kids hands to teach them how to tie each other up.

Quit that!

Sounds like a good book to me...

maybe if I had that book going through puberty I wouldn't have crashed so many computers. Bazinga.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

new headline "1,000 parents are sheltering numbskulls"

I don't know where you grew up but if at 15 you don't know about vibrators and orgasms then that puts you in a special group.

15 year olds have smoked weed, stolen from grocery stores, snuck out of the house to party with much older people, some had had sex, and all of them have made fun of bondage.

If a parent wants to opt-out then that's fine but just know they are doing so at their own ignorance.


I guess I don't know where you grew up. I grew up in San Diego. My high school had the highest pregnancy rate in the county and held that title for 3 years straight. Of course we all heard of that stuff.

But I just think it's creepy for the government to threaten you with truancy if you do not go to school and then be the ones dispersing information such as this. Flat out wrong, whether it's "normal" to some or not.

In the past, a parent would say "well, I am putting my child in a different school." Not so, common core took care of that.


Was it an unintentional juxtaposition, or you do you really mean to suggest that 15 year olds who don't smoke weed and steal from grocery stores are numbskulls?

Most of the folks I know who spent their childhood smoking weed, do not currently view that as some kind of stroke of genius or indication of enlightenment.

it's written ambiguously

the parents are the numbskulls
but they aren't just any old numbskull
they are sheltering numbskulls
I should have written it with the oxford comma
or emphasized it differently as "sheltering, ignorant, numbskulls"

I am giving credit to the 15 year olds who are mature enough to deal with information, and discrediting immature parents whom partake in book-banning.

Hmm "sheltering numskulls"

For being parents? When did it become bad parenting when you have kids who make it to fifteen without smoking weed, having sex, thieving from stores, etc..

So no "book banning"? I suppose you would just turn your children loose with any book they choose, and at any age they choose? Just a no limits type world you live in huh? Good luck with that. Just squeeze them out and let them raise themselves, all will be well.

What are you talking about?

Of course I would "turn them loose" with any book of their choosing at 15 years old. Particularly one that dealt with important topics. Furthermore, and the point I was making, is they already seen pictures of what people look like who are into bondage. You aren't accomplishing anything by trying to skirt the truth from your kid, except wrongfully teaching them that sex is a sin. That's all you people are really doing.



It's hilarious how people

It's hilarious how people like you find innocence so threatening. Your statement is just acceptance of jumping off a bridge because someone else has. 15 years old people have no business having sex. They're punks that have no idea about life and have no business bringing more idiots into the world. It should be the job of the parents to talk about sex. Not some prevert in school.

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innocence or censorship?

you can't hide the existence of dildos from your kids. do you believe that introducing information about sex will cause kids to become tainted and perverted?

the real prevents in society are the ones who think they are automatically guilty for even talking about sex, much less, actually having sex.

you parents who imagine "my little girl would never know about that topic," are absolutely oblivious.

go ahead and ban your books and un-enroll your kids. I have no problem if you talk to your kids about sex. It IS THE PARENTS JOB to talk to their kids about everything. But that doesn't mean censorship works. For people to complain about that just shows how disconnected they are. Kids are a hell of a lot smarter than you give them credit for.

Innocence is a value worth protecting.

I have a 15-year-old daughter. 15-year-olds are still pretty innocent and child-like, unless they have been abused or corrupted in some way. In my opinion, high school kids still living at home have NO business having sex. So is really going to hurt a 15-year-old to maybe *NOT* discover things like bondage, dildos, vibrators, etc. until they are 20?

Ann in Florida

Sure you can. You can make

Sure you can. You can make sure your children don't hang around deviants. Taking them out of schools is a good start. Knowing the parents of their neighborhood friends is a good way to screen those friends.

People who talk to kids about sex and aren't their parent are preverts. Sex toys are for preverts. Being deviated preverts is for people that base relationships on how good the sex is, because the sex is selfish and all about their pleasure.

Nope, kids are stupid. I don't care what math problems they can do or if they can read. They cannot critically think and are little punks that have no idea how the world works. They may be intelligent, but that doesn't make them smart, or wise. Kids having kids is a major reason why the world is getting more stupid and chaotic.

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The brain of an adolescent is not fully developed until age 21.

The prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for "executive functions" like planning for unforeseen consequences, is not fully developed until the early 20s.

Which explains a LOT.

Ann in Florida

the mind of a sheltering lunatic.

"sex toys are for perverts"
"kids are stupid little punks"

thank you.

you have proven my point exactly, that it is people like you who need help. this is exactly the what goes on in the mind of parents who believe in sheltering their kids by book-banning.

they imagine they can keep secret, sex, because they actually think sex is evil and that kids are evil.

your feelings of guilt were probably passed on from your parents who tried to do the same to you. the cycle never ends.

Kids shouldn't be exposed to

Kids shouldn't be exposed to sex. Period. The more detail a child receives on a subject, the more likely they are to think they have a clue about it and start doing it. Suicide, drugs, sex. All of that crap needs to be kept almost silent. They can be told of their existence, but kids don't need to know about positions, bondage, dildos, and other weird, gross, deviated prevert shit. WTF does that accomplish? Answer! Kids don't need drugs passed around the class to see what they look like. They don't need to hear stories from some former junkies. Kids are retarded. They hear these stories and think they are invincible and that nothing like that can happen to them.

WTF are you talking about with this feelings of guilt shit? I have no STDs. I have no baggage. I barely make any money, so it's good I have not committed the action that brings a child into the world, and thus make his or her life of poor quality. I'm guilt-free. Thanks.

What cycle never ends is idiots having kids. They tell their kids that they can do anything they put their minds to. This kind of crap creates all of the horrible indie music, non-sports sports, and non-art art we have today. Idiots that suck at shit, but no one had the heart to tell them they suck, and that all that matters is that they love what they're doing. Idiots that never have to deal with competition. Idiots that are actually stupid and can't do shit ,but screw over people who are actually smart, but moral, and the idiots get ahead because they have been brainwashed into being psychopaths by the "educational" systems or simply because they're from a city, they can't speak good English, and their skin color is a little dark.

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I can think of no better way to

I can think of no better way to encourage kids to have sex and do drugs but to ban discussion of the topics in school.

Common sense dictates the

Common sense dictates the opposite is true. Sex was just skimmed over in the past...hardly any teen pregnancies. Now they talk about positions, toys, and sick shit like bondage...teen pregnancies are at an all-time high, people are proud of it, and STDs just keep growing. They never talked about suicide before. Then they started...now kids are offing themselves at record levels. Details about drugs are now bring discussed, now you have idiots trying to get their hands on all of this synthetic crap. Adults aren't really trying it. Just kids.

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Hard drug use is down, and teen pregenancies are not at an all time high. What is your source for either one of those claims?

Maybe teens having babies is

Maybe teens having babies is down, but there's no way teens getting pregnant is down. People are now proud of their abortions.

Heroin use is at levels never seen before. Prescription drugs, the same. Do you expect me to believe that the use in adults has risen, but it's somehow decreased in minors?

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"[Sex] needs to be kept almost silent"

More genius ideas from the peanut gallery. Sure - don't even talk about sex at all. That's a great way to raise em.

Did you even read what I

Did you even read what I said? Obviously not.

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The truth is

many people have serious issues that they have never resolved. many parents think sex is a sin, or sex is bad, or sex is evil. Like people should be guilty about having sex. And they should be ashamed and so should their kids. It's "disgraceful." They can't even say the word "sex."

The hearts and souls of children

Does anybody here know ANYBODY who thinks sex itself is a SIN or evil?? Personally, I can't think of a single person in today's day and age who feels that way.

However, there are many people do have perfectly good opinions about what constitutes appropriate and moral sexual behavior. Sex has a moral dimension that cannot (and should not) be fully comprehended until adulthood. This well-reasoned view places sex in a larger context and should not be dismissed or ignored by cynical people who seem to care nothing about protecting the gentle hearts and souls of children.

Ann in Florida



The people I see with issues

The people I see with issues are the ones who are way too open about their sex lives. People who have all of these partners throughout their lives are generally miserable and are the people who are in therapy.

You pompously assume because someone keeps a subject private that they're repressing something because of some religious guilt. You really have no clue WTF you're talking about. If you want to teach your kids about all of this deviated preverted nonsense, go ahead. That's your right. It shouldn't be done in a public institution by some pedophile gay or lesbian gym teacher.

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Censorship does not mean "privacy"

Keeping a child from information is not called "Privacy."

What you understand the word "privacy" to mean, does not mean what you think it means.

Also - people who talk openly about sex are not automatically permiscuous.