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You be the Webmaster! DP Challenge #1

So you decide to open up registrations at your website for 8 hours. You're trying to control the influx a little - trying to watch the door, and then this blows in.

Naturally you assume that everyone who signs up is an angel... But check out that username?


Really? Shasta shimp qin if t'be?

Still. You try to give the post a chance. But after a few words, you start to think, "WTF is this?"

Google Seeks To Dismiss U.S. Antitrust Lawsuit More than Android
Submitted by shastashimpqjniftbe on Fri, 08/08/2014 - 17:22
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Google Docs as most men and women know is an exceptional document tool which can be used to produce and share with a variety of men and women over the Net. Google Docs comes with a range %google% - %http://www.google.com% of packages providing the user possibilities to produce and share different Workplace documents like Word, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentations on the web.

blogspot.com - http://googlecustomsearch.blogspot.com/ Previously, when searchers used to place a geographical location in their searches, Google would at times spot a map along with the neighborhood organization outcomes. Regional company listings were previously utilized separately and the listings have been reproduced in Google Maps. In late 2010, Google launched a new platform referred to as the Google Areas which incorporated each web search and internet maps to make a search procedure that modifications the way your web site is ranked in Google search benefits.

Google Scholar is utilizing the functions of other bibliographic softwares like EndNote and BibiTex for importing the data. It searches several of the information bases to generate the results. The functions are quite comparable to the Windows Reside Academic Search that was created by the Microsoft in order to search the scholarly databases. Google is now arranging to expand the project of the Google Scholar by developing contracts and partnerships with other publishers to create its own collection of newly published papers. This work like the other solutions of the Google like the Google books will be a huge asset to the public.

Intraday Data provided by SIX Financial Information and topic to terms of use Historical and existing end-of-day data offered by SIX Financial Details. Intraday information delayed per exchange needs. S&P/Dow Jones Indices (SM) from Dow Jones & Organization, Inc. All quotes are in local exchange time. Genuine time last sale information offered by NASDAQ. A lot more details on NASDAQ traded symbols and their present economic status. Intraday information delayed 15 minutes for Nasdaq, and 20 minutes for other exchanges. S&P/Dow Jones Indices (SM) from Dow Jones & Business, Inc. SEHK intraday information is supplied by SIX Financial Data and is at least 60-minutes delayed. All quotes are in local exchange time.

Here's more information regarding search engine - https://www.google.com/ stop by our web-page.

Now, you be the webmaster!

It is some kind of an ad? Spam? Spam doesn't just show up in your inbox. It shows up on the Daily Paul.

What do you do with this post? With that brand new user,shastashimpqjniftbe. (Who didn't even bother to leave us an introduction. Bad manners, but then again, bots don't read instructions.)


Here is the original:


I just wanted to share that, because deciding on issues like these is work for me and the mods.

Life or death work.

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Looks like a bot

or someone who writes like one. It's like random paragraphs from different press releases strewn together. Not coherent at all. Poor English, probably from Asia. The entire post, from the content generation to the act of uploading, may have been fully automated.

Only way to keep bots out is to include some CAPTCHA-like image recognition test. Don't waste your time manually filtering this nonsense.

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You have got to have skin in the game.

How much skin (money) is the question? The time involved with dealing with this stuff IS money. How much your time is worth will set the cost, imo.
Be very direct and as upfront as possible.
Submitted by SteveMT on Mon, 07/07/2014 - 08:19. Permalink

Questions to ask each new member and every current member.

1. Do you believe in Liberty and the Constitution?
2. Are you a troll with another agenda?

If either answer is found to be untrue as determined by the website owner, you will be banned from this website without any recourse. All decisions are final, and all fees paid will be forfeited.


Interestingly, there's no external links, no ads, no sales pitch. The only thing it links to is 'share on facebook and twitter'. If you search 'google custom search blog', it's the first result. The page itself actually is real. Google's real blogs are on blogspot. They own it. The purpose of posting this? Completely unsure.

However, it's annoying and there's nothing good about it. Delete.

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Now that's funny, I read that just before this

A habit I developed while visiting Brazil years ago and was on dial-up, is to open a new tab for each article I'm interested in, as once I've gotten to the bottom of the main page and opened several tabs, the first one should be done loading.

That post was in the "Most Viewed" which was at the top of the home page, and I had middle-clicked it. This post was a bit further down, and I had actually opened two in between but when I read that gobbledegook and saw the same user name, I figured this post was about that one.

I agree with most who already commented here, it looks like spam.

And I think a third voting option would be awesome, so we could help reduce the workload for you. Thanks for all you do, Michael!

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Deepest satire? Brilliant!

Make for I undergo great savings buy now!

9-11 was a panda job.

Kill it before it multiplies!

If it were up to me (and, thankfully, it isn't), the time for noobs to post would be lengthened to 3 months. During that 3 month time, I would expect to see at least a few comments from newbies (on whatever topic in whatever post), which might give an idea of the caliber of person in question. If no comments were made during that time, no posting privileges would be granted. If nothing but very badly received comments were made during that time, then no posting privileges and possible banning, if it's that bad, or suspension for a period of time. Anyone denied posting privileges for not commenting could stay on and maybe (maybe not) get to post down the road.

Besides, if anyone had something that important to share with the community, it could simply be posted in a comment to another thread on the same topic.

By their comments ye shall know them.

Don't like the idea of charging new people. However, I wholeheartedly support the idea of a fundraiser once or twice a year. If anyone (newbie or old timer on a free ride) who is commenting and/or posting on this site on a fairly regular basis doesn't cough up something, even if only $10 or $20 once a year during the fundraiser, then off with their heads! Err... suspend their posting privileges. I am as guilty as anyone and would be relieved to have a day (or week) to chip in with others to raise some serious money for this site. (Look what Billy Graham did with people sending in 10 cents!)

I think most people here would be happy to help sort the wheat from the chaff in the comments; and I think most will be happy to chip in whatever they could afford to once or twice a year. Just sayin'.

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I'm with takeaction - Pay to Play

I say $100 and people can enroll at anytime.

But, their account can be terminated at anytime with no refunds.

In 2016 you will get 100 new suckers a week when the traffic goes wild.

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A really good idea.

We are a target demo for republicans whether they admit it or not. A part of the "Reagan Coalition".

Campaigns will still shill here like they always do, but $100 will come out of their pocket for every account they open up... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

You guys are taking me too seriously

My comment was sarcastic, not an endorsement of "pay to play." You guys think the college grads have the dough to bake, much less the high school kids? The 'ark' concept with periodic enrollments coinciding with peak energy of the moderators at high tide and voluntary donations jives remarkably well with the business model of a successful entrepreneur of another era, Cornelius Vanderbilt.

...Vanderbilt decided to compete against the Hudson River Steamboat Association, whose ten ships probably made it the largest steamboat line in America in 1830. It tried to informally fix prices to guarantee regular profits. Vanderbilt challenged it with two boats (which he called the "People's Line") and cut the standard New York to Albany fare from three dollars to one dollar, then to ten cents, and finally to nothing (emphasis added). He figured it cost him $200 per day to operate his boats; if he could fill them with 100 passengers, he could take them free if they would each eat and drink two dollars worth of food (Vanderbilt later helped to invent the potato chip).

It seems to me all Mr. Nystrom needs to do is invent the next potato chip; maybe do something akin to those prescreened credit line offers that the banks send out to those with creditworthiness. Maybe have volunteers act as credit rating agents and read through spam in their personal email account (like designated P.O. boxes but emails addresses specifically for vetting new membership requests). If a request seems legit then forward to the mods for an official invitation. Of course this wouldn't be bot-proof but could eliminate some obvious spamming with several sets of human captcha eyes. All of this seems too tedious to me so count me out as a volunteer. But hey, if wikipedia can get a bunch of people willing to chipin their editing prowess for free, why not DP? (with the caveat that DP is private property of course).

Junk Linking

Yeah this is a poor form of Link Building Google kicked out of relevance about 2 years ago. Anytime a large and aged site like the DP has an opening it's prime for punks to jump in and try to funnel some of your traffic over and gain more links back to their site which is a blogger that looks like a google page. It's an odd way to go about things but I would simply delete the user. We see this type of stuff all the time on the sites we manage when we allow guest blogging/commenting. Mainly on word press sites too. Simply Delete and expect more...

P.S. What issues are you having integrating your paypal? Looks like something on the return side when the user pays and comes back from Paypal?

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Just Need A Community Spam Filter

Create a "Spam" vote option.

And those that get marked as spam multiple times are hidden till review.

Could also try to track who marks what as spam so as to make sure it's not being abused.

This particular post did not look like spam really. All the links went to Google.

Wow. who knew?

It,s a brave new world. I have little understanding of this type of crap, but it seems like a very unenviable job you've created for yourself. Why don't you just invite all of us over for a night of poker and we can hash it all out, or maybe we could all convene in Patagonia for a summit. Wow, Patagonia, who knew? Hope you have good help dealing with this kind of problem, and again thanks.

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I really agree with an admission fee...

Even if it is $1.00 this puts up a HUGE "Barrier to Entry". No bot, or spammer is ever going to give you the financial info from Paypal or anything else. And just making it $1.00 will eliminate all of this bullshit. I remember the days I use to go out to clubs...and I used to work as a bouncer at a very popular club...we would ALWAYS charge a $2 to $8 cover...Why?...It eliminates the losers real quick. I remember being in line at a nice dance club, and the guy in front of me was informed there was a $3 cover....He had a deer in the headlight look after waiting 15 minutes in line and said in an obnoxious loud voice.."$3 cover...Are you kidding me...I will never pay that.."
There you have it....The cover charge worked exactly as it was intended too. It weeds out the people you don't want in your club.
If somebody will not step up for $1.00 (Just for triple verification sake) then you probably don't want he/she on here....

I would squeeze the trigger...


English was not their first language.

Maybe google wants to get stats from the Daily Paul.


I hate all web browsers I know of and gagme even more, I say exterminate with extreme prejudice. It is most definitely advertising.

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

Kill it with fire!

Was that the answer you were looking for? :)

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Admission fee....

All new members must donate $5 (or pick a number), or must become paying members right off the bat.

You may not get a huge influx of new people (as you would with free membership) but the ones who do sign up will likely be positive and motivated and not spammers.

DP gets some coin for operational costs and spam is reduced. Win / win.

Michael, would you rather open the Ark door for a day, get a flood of 500 which is a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and then spend significant hours playing Mr. Administrator pulling mop up duty?

Versus opening the Ark door for new paying members, get 25-50 new people willing to step up and put some skin in the game, who you likely won't need to watch like a hawk?

And if you use FRNs as a spam shield, you can just go ahead and leave the Ark doors open.

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Inner Capitalist....

On another thread discussing photographs you wrote
You're worth more than that. Way more. Where is your inner capitalist?

You are exactly right. Time to follow your own advice.

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™


1. Delete post.
2. Go back to 'comment posting only' for newbies for at least a week.
3. Intros needed before monday or deactivated.
4. No good intro or user name, deactivate.
5. Solicit DPers to help report poor comments during probation week.
6. Only dock the ark for new newbies once every 3-6 months.
7. Have a DP money bomb 1-2x per year. More if needed.

Sorry to hear DP is broke. How much is needed/wanted? Maybe that $50,000 was way back longer than recalled? Time flies...

Thank you to you and mods. Please put up donation ticker now through monday?

[sounded like spam to me. google owes you at least $100,000! what nerve! spook-y google.]

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My two cents...

Spam/bots should be killed on site of course. And there really isn't a good way to detect spam. If we had a spam button for a post to let the community self-regulate, I suspect it would be abused in the faction wars... :)

The people I personally hope we keep this time are the shills or people with bad opinions, such as: http://www.dailypaul.com/323881/hamas-lovers-this-ones-for-y...

Nothing keeps a group together like being focused on something that they all disagree with. Keeps true infighting to a minimum and gives us a chance to blow apart the arguments when we are feeling cantankerous and rowdy.

Back to the spam. Maybe open up a limited mod function (less than a real mod like bigmike). Maybe give specially selected folks (that you trust) a spam button and if three or more of them click the spam button, it unpublishes automatically? I know that is dev work, but just an idea.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Wow! Their "web-page" is https://google.com ???

I just might stop by there and see what google.com is all about.

Cui bono? Follow the link and

Cui bono? Follow the link and you'll [find out] what it's redirecting traffic for.

Wait, I find this post

Wait, I find this post confusing. it's clearly written like spam, but it's selling...Google?? I didn't think Google spammed? Yet, I can't imagine what a non-Google person would gain from spamming Google.

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Ad funnel.

It is funneling traffic to the ads on the blogspot page which has no affiliation with google of course. But they do a good job of hiding that bit.

In addition to being an ad funnel, having the link back from DP (a fairly aged website) will raise page rank significantly.

Some websites, in the past, would go through, get the link backs to relatively benign information, before eventually gutting it with a full on replacement with garbage. I am not sure if this is still successful tactic, since google tweaks pagerank algorithms from time to time.

In other words, yes, there is motivation for the spam.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

That was my first thought, but

Actually, both of those links are straight to official Google sites. The blogger address is the official developer blog for Google's Custom Search Engine.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

It's a bot!

Good grief, the language is a dead give-away.

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Thats what I was thinking.

Man it is hard to read.

My thoughts as well

It might have an unhealthy fascination with google too.

Just open the box and see