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Schiff: The Kingdom of Moltz

Irwin Schiff's book, "The Kingdom of Moltz," is an account of the fictional King of Moltz. As his son, Peter, explains, "The book was originally a chapter in my father's book, "The Biggest Con". The story was a fable, much like "How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes", and was ultimately edited out of "The Biggest Con". Years later, my father published "The Kingdom of Moltz" as a separate book." Steven H. Propp provides the following synopsis:

This cartoon book (art by Andrew Ice) tells the story of the ("sleepy Balkan Kingdom") of Moltz, where people pay a "progressive" tax based on the height of their houses. The king was told that his money reserves were practically depleted, so---rather than cutting "wasteful and unnecessary royal spending"---he called for MORE TAXES! But rather than raise taxes (which would have been unpopular), the king elected to reduce the size of a ruler.

The king was then told about America, where the currency was based not on gold or silver, but simply on "bits of paper." This was successful because "Americans are really quite docile, and will do anything their government tells them." His advisers then tell him that in America, "the government is always making 'dollars' smaller by making more and more of them to use to pay SOME of its own bills." By this devaluation, "the populace can be fooled into believing they are growing richer even as they are being made poorer."

The king concludes that "If they can get away with that in America... MAYBE---we can get away with it too!"

Peter Schiff announced that he was ending his daily M-F radio show as was shared earlier here. Perhaps what was not well articulated was that as a commemorative gesture for fans of the show Peter was offering brand new copies of "The Kingdom of Moltz" for $25 (currently $40 new on Amazon) from his surplus promotional inventory during his Senate run and personally signing the books in his father's stead.

A Daily Paul Exclusive
For those of you that have tried to click on the url for the promotion on the Peter's radio website homepage, you may have encountered an error. It turns out the url had an extra character in the link; the correct link can be found on this page or directly here. Remember, the offer is while supplies last.

A reading of "The Kingdom of Moltz"


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The last batch of the second print run

Was just listening to Peter and he mentioned that he has the last batch of the second print run of The Kingdom of Moltz from 1999.

If you still want to grab a copy of the book, you can visit www.schiffbooks.com which will redirect you to the dedicated order form.