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Met a Ron Paul supporter in my neighborhood yesterday.

I was coming home from work yesterday and pulled down my street and saw a "solicitor" with a clipboard and a throw bag of pamplets knocking on my door. My first thought was, "who the heck is this and what are they selling?". He turned around as I pulled in and parked my truck. As I got out he asked if I was "Mr. Ulfilas", I asked who he was with. He said he was going door to door for "Texas Senate Candidate A" for my senate district, apparently our current guy resigned/died/quit and a special election was coming up i January 2015. He said he was out here early to get a jump on things. I took his pamphlet, didn't say much, thanked him and went inside to greet my howling dogs.

I had to run to the store before tomorrow to get Milk, because dangit I love Milk, so I got back in my truck a short time later and pulled out my street. On the next street the solicitor was there, standing next to his car getting something, and on the back I saw the characteristic dark blue "RON PAUL 2012" sticker.

I thought, OMG! He was one of us! He had more faith in my local senate district (which I loathe) that he was out block walking for this candidate. That was me back in the US Senate primary earlier this year but I said F-it after we lost.

This guy believed in something!!

I went to the store and got milk, came back, and had promised m dogs the night before to go on a walk. I leashed up my feral hell beasts and set out on our normal loop. Before I left I changed from work clothes and boots to sneakers and my old Ron Paul t-shirt from 2012.

We walked our route and came close to our street when I saw that guys beat up stick shift Honda turning around, 1 street down. I guess he was done for the day.
As he approached I waved him down. He pulled up and asked what was up, I asked why he had a Ron Paul sticker on his car and then he noticed my shirt. We exchanged stories. I went to the Texas Convention in 2012, he worked on the national campaign store in Lake Jackson. I told him I didn't have a good experience in this area in the primaries and lost hope. I had it easier up in Nacogdoches county where people were more liberty friendly. We chatted for a bit and introduced ourselves and then parted.

I didn't even give that guy the time of day in my driveway before. I couldn't tell from the exterior he was one of us. The guy he was supporting had generic conservative political statements on the trifold. But he was the real deal, worked on the campaign and everything.

Well, thats my story.

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Very good to hear.

Thanks for taking the time to post.

Great story! Tks for sharing.

I too have an interesting story to tell, but it's in mental process of development. Stayed tuned.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


Imagine living in Australia.

It's like being on a deserted island.

EVERYONE on both sites supports government and there is little concept of what Rom Paul supports.

Upvote for you!

I logged in just to upvote your message! I still have M. Nystrom's decal, I support Ron Paul, on my back bumper. He gave it to me in DC! It's fairly worn since 2008, but I still like it!

Just one sticker? Ha, I laugh!

J/K. I jest.

But wouldn't a respectable Ron Paul person be wearing a r3volution tshirt and driving something with like 2, 3 stickers and a badge from www.revolutioncarbadges.com ?

Maybe something like...
Blue Ron Paul Jeep

or this...
Silver Ron Paul Jeep

or this...
Ron Paul Red White and Blue all over

or this...
Ron Paul Truck

But one thing's for certain; that canvasser's got some real "street cred."

Hmm, that license plate is

Hmm, that license plate is actually banned in places.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Federalism and the 10th Amendment

I suppose it's good thing then that we still have the Tenth Amendment.