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Glenn Greenwald addresses the Young Americans for Liberty 2014 convention

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made Eric Schmidt uncomfortable by collecting the personal information available on him using Google. There's something poetic in that.


Thanks for posting!

I have always enjoyed

I have always enjoyed listening to him speak.

White House Press Secretary

It would be interesting to see Greenwald in that position. I bet he would do a great job.


I love his discussion of the breakdown of the false left-right paradigm that exists today. He is so spot on with his analysis of how the dynamics of politics is changing to become less about D's and R's and a whole lot more about insiders vs. outsiders, or status quo vs. anti-status quo. The discussion starts at about the 7:00 mark for those who can watch.

I also think it is wonderful that a left journalist like Greenwald is speaking to a group of libertarians.

Young Americans for Liberty is a Great Liberty Organization

Started during the first Ron Paul Presidential race...Like 90 campus chapters then has grown to over 525 college chapters and like 130,000 young activists
...when Ron speaks of the young kids carrying the message its these kids....this is the only organization I give my money to...Convention speakers have included all the Liberty rock stars including Ron, Rand, Glen Greenwald, Justin Amash, Mike Lee...the convention is totally free to the participants including everything for four days, food, lodging, and some of the best training money could buy...all free for 300 students from across the country..all they have to pay for is travel....the materials that they distribute to the campus chapters is first rate and free , its a small organization as far as employees go considering the number of chapters..and these chapters are active in everything from free speech , drug war , NSA spying
Guns rights....here is a link to this great organization http://www.yaliberty.org/

Perhaps Glenn is considering a position

with the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity?


This guy is very well spoken, and gets the point right across. A MUST listen and share.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I agree

This is a great video to share,especially to unite people behind principles rather than political parties.