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Since Snowden's revelation I don't plug in my internet till the computer finishes booting up

and I unplug internet connection before shutting down.
Is it possible that NSA or others are flash downloading info from my computer during start up and shutdown? I don't have anything to hide, but I got private information I prefer not to be known to government and others.

I know anytime my computer is "online" that information from my computer can be downloaded. but with firewalls and other programs I can maybe see if this is happening.

There has also been several threads that states others can see and hear you if your computer has a webcam and microphone.

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Run Linux from thumb

Run Linux from thumb drives.

You can have one drive that holds private info and if desired never connect to the internet.

You can have another linux system on a drive that you use soley for internet.

I imagine a person could even mask the Mac from drive to drive.

I like Linux Mint Mate 17 it is well polished and is free. Another plus is you can just carry the thumb drive and borrow a friends computer and boot into your system.

It won't make any difference.

In terms of information "leaking out" there's nothing significant about starting up/shutting down.

If you have information you need to keep secure, keep it on a computer that is NEVER connected to the internet, nor networked to any computer connected to the internet.

no offense but you seem to be

no offense but you seem to be very uninformed on how computers work in general, I would advise you to accept there is not much you can do to protect yourself in general from entities with such capabilities as NSA etc. and just accept that reality. If you are working with some super seriously sensitive material, do it on a machine that has no ability to connect to internet, ever...

PS, obviously practice good regular-joe internet security procedures to avoid the more likely regular identity thief hacker types, like have a good current antivirus, and OS security updates, avoid questionable websites(porn, haha), and public wifi spots. Dont log into your accounts on devices that you dont own, etc.....my $.02

ONe way to muddy the waters - with regards to data tracking

Is to use different email addresses & usernames / device

At least this will make it a little moredifficult when analyzing your case file

I would have to agree

I used to do satcom for the army back in the day so i have a little insight into these things. in general if they want you they're gonna get you. obviously laws are meaningless so if they have the technically ability you're already toast.

However theres some things that can protect you from mindless data mining VPN using the tor network Using IP blockers, Malwarebytes has a good one built in that blocks data miners. Also if you wanna use Firefox u can use lightbeam to block content, Forexample now when i get a pop up on almost any website its just a blank white page, kills adds on pages too althought it fucks up facebook which just goes to show you how information stealy they are. but i dont care about Facebook neway.


what about proxy servers?

or multiple ones? (ie you seem to be logged in somewhere else, or multiple somewhere elses?)
Would'nt this cloak you? (or maybe just your location, not your activities??)

what about them? The OP

what about them? The OP stated he had information(data) he wanted to protect. If that is your worry, then a proxy server isnt going to help much.

Yes, they can act to "cloak" you true IP so you can trick basic web services into thinking you are from a certain region or country, but this is not james bond stuff...this is like, "do you want to trick people on a forum into maybe not recognizing you", or "I'm in brazil and I want to watch a tv show that is only avail in USA"....again just silly stuff, nothing to do with super-secret protection of sensitive data.


How does this actually work? (is it microsoft doing it automaticaly?) or the n-s-a?

any proof this may work?

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no link

just an opinion.

Your phone Gyroscope is another unplugable security hole

according to this article in Wired.


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Realistically, if one of the alphabet agencies wants access to your machine, they are going to get it unless you are crazy skilled. When your internet is plugged in or started up makes no difference at all, once a connection exists, any delayed/unfulfilled actions dictated by malware/a hacker will likely be executed. On the other hand, if you have wifi, unplugging your internet when you are not using it is demonstrably good for your health.

"For what avails a golden key if it cannot give access to the object which we wish to reach, and why find fault with a wooden key if it serves our purpose?" -Augustine

It sounds like

one of those ideas that get viral sharing potential just because they sound easy enough for everyone you share it with to do, but probably won't work, like overnight breakfast casserole recipes for the crockpot.

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What's the point?

I can see someone saying that they never plug in their Internet connection, but I don't see how only plugging it in after your computer boots up will save you from anything...

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I used to do that when I used to run M$ 'Doze ...

... because it prevented the loading lot's of Microsoft crap every time I shut down.

Call me paranoid, but I like to control what gets installed on my machines.

Google is government.

Sneakernet is starting to

Sneakernet is starting to look better and better. You know, keep an offline computer and shuttle files that you need to and fro using a thumbdrive and sneakers. I've been using complex proxy and firewall setups for years but I always suspected they had their hooks into Windows itself, so trying to prevent access to a computer that is connected to the internet is useless.

Your computer only needs to be plugged in

for them to get into it.


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Not Quite

If it is one of the 100,000 (per the leak) that has the transmitter in it, it only needs to be turned on. If it's off and plugged in, that won't work. No internet connection is needed, but a receiver is needed within range.

I think I'll go back to using my Epson QX-10 with CP/M. I'm pretty sure it's safe.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

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What's to stop information to

What's to stop information to flow from your computer while your using it??

Beware the cult of "government"...

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I know when I first got a computer in the early 90s and sign up for AOL, I get messages on my computer telling me to stand by while AOL updates my connections. Then I stated getting postal mailings from AOL to address formats that were only in my computer.
Not knowing a lot about computers I don't know what goes on during start up and shutdown. I figure that would be a good time for hackers aka NSA to flash download everything on your computer.

Well if they just hacked me I hope they caught the virus!


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Need a file that contains nothing but viruses

tagged like girlfriend/ wife nudes that contains a long list of viruses.