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Video: NBC News Crew Threatened with Arrest for Filming Empty Prison


Mulholland was on the grounds working on a story about Grant’s Cottage, the site where President Ulysses S. Grant died, for the 129th anniversary of Grant’s death. The cottage happens to be on the grounds of the now closed prison, which had already been empty for three months.


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So the state is eating its own

And yet, they will go back to their routine as if is nothing to get a fuss over for more than a few minutes.

Seriously, these people.

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If it looks like a FEMA Camp, ...

and the cops are acting like it's a FEMA Camp, it's a FEMA Camp.

For an official NON-response, send the video to Glenn Beck. Don't hold your breath while waiting.

Detention centers and

Detention centers and prisons go hand in hand with each other. Ever heard of REX84?
Search it!


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If this is how a filming news crew is treated,

I wonder how "regular citizens" are manhandled?

Agree with other comments, something insidious is going on in that "empty" prison and demands investigation.

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So WHAT is going on up there???That is what they need to investigate!!!

Oh the drama, just 2 days before corrections officers

handed over security to a private firm. Good info at the links below if you want to know more.



NBC crews are stepping up

It was a crew from them that went to the Ukraine border to reveal all those evil Russian soldiers lining up to attack BUT they were not there

What is going on up there?

Its surely not just a closed down prison. There is obviously some sort of activity there, for what reason is the question?

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I hope NBC will stay on this one!

Good on that reporter, he knew his rights.


"you're not up here for that...

... you're up here for different purposes".

Let's see if the local news crew (or local citizen journalists) have the guts and sense to look into this one a little deeper.

My guess is an illegal immigration/false flag ebola camp is under preparation.


for the light

Any New Yorkers with some insight on this?

Guards on hand for a closed prison? I dont think so.

Something else is going on there, they dont have guards employed for a closed prison. And if they did, those guards wouldnt give a damn about anyone as long as they didnt come through the fence.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Yeah, but you know something is up

if they bring in the state police, for an empty prison.

scary that this is happening to "professional" journalists

Pretty interesting story about the prison being empty, but having a private security force employed. Makes you wonder what's going on in there.

There must be some people there,

or maybe they're preparing for the economic crash.

Better KOOLAID here


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