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Bees are libertarians; hornets are socialists

This theory is somewhat tongue and cheek, so please don't think I'm crazy. If you think I have too much time on my hands, you're probably right.

My dog got stung real bad in my backyard by a hornet this week, so that's how I started thinking about this. I've been stung a few times in my life when I was a kid and during my drunken early 20s years. Every sting I've received has always been by hornets who wouldn't leave me alone. While walking my dog today, I noticed several bees hard at work pollinating flowers and thought to myself: "I've never been stung by a bee!"

Even when I was a kid, bees always had this mind your own business attitude. As long as I didn't interfere with their work, they wouldn't use their permit to carry stinger on me. Hornets, on the other hand, live to interfere.

My dog was minding his own business in my backyard before he got stung by a hornet, which was what I was doing the last time I got stung several years ago. It was at a barbecue after I got my plate of food. A group of hornets thought the food was rightfully theirs and began to swarm. I had a few drinks and without thinking, slapped one and got stung. I've come to the conclusion that bees are the libertarians of the insect world and hornets are socialists who often behave like the state. They don't know how to mind their own business.

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Honeybees like libertarians are the most endanged creatures

on this planet. If bayer and Monsatan had their way there would be no more honeybees. Monsatan thinks they can produce a GMO bee, they want the bees all dead!

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed

Back in the '80s

when the world and I were young, my neighbor and I 'found' a backyard with tons of discarded furniture laying around in it. It had obviously been there for a long time so we felt free to pick through it and gather fort-building materials.

One of the items was a chest of drawers. It was heavy, so we decided to pull the drawers out and just take the frame. The first drawer we tried was stuck, so we both grabbed the handle and started pulling as hard as we could. You can probably see where this is going.

RIIIIP the drawer opened and the world was filled with honeybees. So many in the air it was noticeably darker. Crawling all over us; in our hair, under our clothes, everywhere. We ran home screaming and swatting at them trying to get them off of us.

Neither one of us was stung even once.

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I was stung by a bee once and

I was stung by a bee once and I'll admit I did violate the non aggression principle by trying to eat him but, in my defense, he was violating my property rights by being on my piece of fruit :)

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excellent insight

I always thought the honeybee should be the libertarian symbol. Think about what they do. They collect nectar and pollen, two things that are given freely by plants, without getting damaged, in exchange for the service of pollination. It's a voluntary exchange. Bees are one of the few creatures that do not hurt anyone to make their living, and they make the world a better place by doing so.

Not only that, but think about how a beehive operates. Contrary to common presumptions, the queen does not control the hive. The queen is just an egg-laying machine. If the queen does not perform, the workers will replace her. Rather, the decisions in the beehive are made through a decentralized, democratic process. There is no ruler.

“Although it was the middle of winter, I finally realized that, within me, summer was inextinguishable.” — Albert Camus

I read about bee decision making

and how they reach consensus. Did you know it involved dance offs and mosh pits?


You should add the DP original tag to this

This is a very interesting insight. Edit the post and add the DP original tag for more views.

Here's a great video to go along with your post

A similar video

A Fox News pollster gets overwhelmed by Ron Paul supporters...

Well actually, I think it

Well actually, I think it depends on the type of bee. Bees live in colonies, but they also live alone. Bumble bees dont sting, they bite. Etc etc.
That said, hornets and wasps are just assholes.

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That said...

You just made me spray ice tea out my nose.

Gotta love them little birdies

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