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Taxes: How I went from 104% to zero. Or, how a doctor thousands of miles away cured my headache and lowered my blood pressure

50% income taxes, 25% national sales taxes, 29% capital gain taxes and a headache, is where I will begin this third story.

So as you may have noticed, we have a welfare state. A gigantic welfare state. They do have me covered, no matter what (almost), but the price is high.

If you would like to try to climb the ladder to rise above the rat race, go ahead, but know that the 50% income tax, was only the beginning… as you make more money, you will pay higher taxes. We can start off with the 15% increase (Top Taxes), and if you still make it, and prosper further, we have another tax for you: millionaire taxes (this one has been on off a few times, and is currently: off).

Still have money in your pocket? Try shopping: Enjoy the 25% Value Added Tax.

Still have a few pennies left? Try investment! Go ahead, but If you succeed, we will rip you off with a whopping 29% capital gain tax. Enjoy the fruits of your investment.


  • 50% income tax, that’s a world record!
  • 25% VAT, that’s a world record again!
  • 29% capital gain tax, that’s a world record to!

And the winner is: Denmark! By any measure, the richest country on earth in resources and land per capita. (I gently include Greenland and our oil resources in the North Sea (maersk).

Of course it doesn't stop here: taxes on my house, taxes on my car, there is no mercy: they are everywhere. And the thing is… They always need more money.

Back to the story, here I was, with my headache and my high blood pressure, and my taxes, when I heard this exchange:

Q: If you were president, would you work to phase out the IRS?

A: Immediately. And you can only do this if you change the role about what government ought to be. If you think the government should take care of us from cradle to grave and you think our government should be the policeman of the world, you can’t get rid of the IRS, but if you want to lower taxes, and you want the government to quit printing the money to come up with the shortfall and cause all the inflation, you have to change policies

My headache disappeared over night, and my blood pressure has been better ever since. There is still hope in this godforsaken world. You guys could elect this guy and we could start doing a lot better together as a human kind.

It was a slim hope, and as it turned out, we got past the critical mass in 2008, and we got stolen of a speech at the convention in 2012. To have a chance to speak to the combined delegates of the entire GOP 2012 election cycle, and maybe win them over, and up at night watching the stream, and well you all know the end to this story.

And this could have been the beginning of a new headache, (4 years of waiting from 2008 to 2012, and then 4 more years waiting for Rand), But you guys have made it interesting to follow for so many years, and never quite loosing “contact”. At the same time I feel educated a lot by you and by other friends of liberty, not registred to this site.

And … In my humble opinion, we have come a long way since 2007:

National poles review:

  • 5% for RP 2008? (Election lost)
  • 10% for RP 2012? (Election stolen)
  • 15% for RP 2016? (Projected winner)
  • 20% for RP 2020? (Projected winner)

I won't spell out the Rands and the Rons, because I sympathize with the member who said: “Ron Paul 2016, get over it!” But that’s another story, for another day.

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Only 104%???

You must've forgot about all the debt interest. Your children and grandchildren's income has also been sold to pay for all this socialism.

We need a new catch phrase. Use their tactic "Do it for the children!" to "End the Fed for the Children"

at least that one is the truth.

Yearh, but i didn't want to

Yearh, but i didn't want to sound too pessimistic :-D

+ Nord See will be empty for oil, so our children can really enjoy trying to sort out the mess!

The language is key!

(in all fairness, oh well, maybe not, but anyways: debt is tax deductible!)

Thank you for your thoughtful posts

If I could make a suggestion here.

I like how you included the links to your previous posts; perhaps you could edit those posts and have them include links to one another? You never know when someone might do a google search and happenstance onto your earlier posts. What a shame it would be for them not to see how these issues of liberty are interrelated.

Jeppe, your voice is a much welcomed voice attesting to Americans from across the pond.

Thank you Joseph

... And implemented :-)

All feedback is much appreciated. As are suggestions, questions and comments!

I'm an imperfect perfectionist, so like minded (perfectionists): please shout out rather than "ignore the hurt in your eyes" when i forget to spellcheck, (damn eagerness) or kill the meaning of a sentence due to linguistic inabilities.

With love.

This is a great thread!

Ironically (or maybe not too ironically), I had to deal with the IRS because they want a chunk of some of my inheritance that they cannot have! And I was thinking about how ridiculous the whole system is as I googled how they could possibly think they should get anything (gave me a major headache as I just finished figuring out how to respond last night to prove exemption -- I hope). You even get taxed when you or a relative dies for crying out loud!
So in my search, I decided to see if there is a way out of the system and so much is tied to having a SSN which I was not given an option to choose whether or not to get one since I've had it since before I could read or care. Now that I can and do care, it's not as simple as burning the card :( and I thought about posting a thread asking if anyone has gotten rid of their number successfully and if they had any issues with banks and things that use a SSN. If one can get rid of the "mark of the beast" then a lot of headaches would probably clear!
Dealing with that the past several days has really worn me out or I'd search the internet deeper :(

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

I too feel for your loss. The

I too feel for your loss.

The answer, as I have found it, is a matter of nationality. The [U]nited States is a federation of states, a union of countries. The Constitutional hierarchy of power here works like this:

The people form states and exercise their collective sovereignty over all people and things in their territory through some form of government. See the definition of "state" in Black's Law Dictionary. Now, according to Artical 4 of the Constitution each state is guaranteed a republican form of government. Rebulicanism can only exist in a condition where common law exists, and limits to the collective sovereignty of the the people are defined by the natural rights of the people. You will find that every state constitution defines the rights of the people, it's usually the first artical. It is important to remember that, from the beginning, the states of the American Union hold the status as the states of the the European Union. They are countries, or nations with nationality.

The American states then fomed a union and with it a government for that union (poorly) named the United States, hence the origin of all (intentional?) misunderstandings about its nature.

So the logic, as I understand it, works like this:

1. Each state is a nation.
2. The peoples of the stats hold the nationality of their state.
3. The states (peoples thereof, the natural bodies politic) formed a union, and a government for that union.
4. The government of the Union is an international organization like the EU Parlement. When it was formed, it had no native body politic because it was not a country, by international law - The Law of Nations. The people remained peoples of the states with state nationality until the 14 Amendment was adopted. Then, in 1868, all people born or naturalized in the United states became US citizens. Never before before had there been such a designation in law.
5. The peoples of the states were slowly decieved into altering their native nationality, a Virginian, for example, like Washington or Jefferson, abdicated the rightful nationality of his state for federal nationality.
6. All people born in any of the states are now naturalized US citizens with Federal nationality.
7. The peoples of the states became disenfranchised. Only US citizens are alowed to vote.
8. Now that there exist no State Nationals, but a growing few, the sovereign states no longer exist but in name only and have become mere political subdivisions of the Federal Government.
9. As US citizens, with allegiance to the Federal rather than a National (State) government, we have abdicated position (status) as members of the sovereign bodies politic which are the pinical of the lawful hierarchy of the Union, and become the subjects of a government which not a member of the Union (DC is not a state and for this reason never will be) and therefore given up our status as free Men and Women with natural rights, in exchange for privilages and benefits.
10. Artical 4 states that no two states can occupy the the same territory, therefore the United States is NOT in Virginia. So US citizens are but mere residents of the states just as an Englishman may be a resident of France but retain his English nationality.

Conclusion (of a kind): Our natural unalienable rights come from our creator and are protected by the constitutional system as it was organically constructed under common law. Stepping out of that natural political hierarchy the way that we have strips us of the lawful protection of our rights amd makes us subjects to a government that was ment only to administer the international relationships between and among the states of the Union and the states of the wider world.

For a full and more comprehensive understanding of the subject and how there is a way to actually "get out" without leaving home, read The Red Amendment ( http://pacaliance.us/redamendment ).

The trap is Federal nationality. The remedy is State Nationality.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/

My thoughts goes out to you.

My thought goes out to you. It’s never easy to lose a beloved one, but having to fend off the remains while the vultures (banks, irs) are circulating is just sick and unjust. (Does it feel any better If I tell you that we have the same here in Denmark, just in all likelihood much higher, of course not, but maybe I made you smile!)

I would love to have an "opt-out-button" as well. Just leave me alone (irs, banks, beurocrats of any sorts). Just leave me alone!

Good luck with it all, hope the exemption works out! Surely there could be no better place to ask for creative ideas than here at liberty-finest (DP)!?

(Maybe a hint, Maybe hot air. Michael Tellinger, forbidden archeology, Ubuntu voluntarism in South America. He seems like a good guy; with hmm... it’s another rabbit hole that could sustain its own thread. (Not me, I’m here with a different agenda altogether))

He had a lot of infighting with the banks over property right. He made his own IOU and gave it to the bank in the end. The bank accepted receipt, and thus accepted the transaction. More research is needed. (At least till I will try the same on my house).

Good luck, and lots of love!

Thank you, and return love from the US to Denmark!

I guess I should be glad that it could be worse if I were in Denmark, but I feel sorry for you folks instead! It is horrible enough when someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly and of course going through papers from then is a sad reminder of what happened :( What was left from the estate was TAXED TO DEATH LITERALLY, and this is essentially peanuts on what they were able to tax (but for me personally, a nice little chunk), and now they want to get their grubby hands on that! I hope my response will satisfy them (pray that it does!) and that that will be the end of it. If not, I know exactly where to come for advice! :)
And yes, that is interesting about the IOU note, I think I vaguely recall a thread around here with a story to that effect...wish that something like that could help me here but that's a whole other can of worms as they say and unfortunately I'm not fighting a bank :/
Where's the off button around here anyway?? lol

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Cash Grap explained...

(From a parallel thread)

It gets a bit technical, but bear with me:

179 members of parliament. Split over a lot of different parties (today 12 parties) 2 members are from Greenland, 2 are from the Faroe Islands.

After the general election, who can muster a majority of the 179 members will be the parties in power for the next 4 years. (in reverse actually, as long as you don't have the majority against you!)

Then the queen (this one) approves it, and we good to go for 4 years.

Agreements can be made for the next 4 years, by any party that choose to enter into the agreement, and it does not have to be from the parties in power.

One of the biggies every year, is the finance agreement for the upcoming year. So a majority every year has to agree how to spend the money for next year.

All parties wants to show they took something from the negotiations to show they earned their vote in the elections.

So when they need some extra millions to make the compromise for the upcoming year, it can be handy to ... say... quadruple the amount of unmanned police photo-cars,thus having money from all the extra "State income", out of nowhere is a lot of extra money to spread around for all to feel they (we, the people they represent) got a piece of the cake. (real example from 2012).

And they (our representatives)call it "Traffic safety!"

Enjoy the ride!


The role of government is so important. And you're right; with a welfare system, they ALWAYS need more money.

Here's hoping more hearts can be turned and minds educated.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


Above reply was to you. regarding the constant need for more money!