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So what else newbies (and oldies)?

You supported Ron Paul, you're happy that the Ark is open, and accepting new passengers.

My intention with all this is that The Ark is accepting kind and gentle people. We get enough of the mean and aggressive ones on "Crossfire," CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Breitbart, etc. That whole rest of the sensationalist BS MSM mind control pits.

I'm looking for thoughtful people. Part of the disappointment of the Daily Paul for me is that sometimes it just feels like an MSM repeater. And that falls far, far short of the potential of the internet. .

* * *

The same year that I went to Egypt (1998), I went to Norway, to visit relatives. I flew there from Berlin, where I was staying with my German girlfriend, Petra.

I spent some time in Trondheim, visited my cousins there. Got a hero's welcome, really. They were kind, gentle people who wanted to welcome their exotic half Japanese, American relative to Norway. It was nice.

But after Trondheim, I made my way to an island, whose name I have by now forgot. It was small island, population 3,000 max. And it was otherwise pristine. And I mean pristine. Paved roads, and that was about it. Everything else left to nature.

Kristen picked me up at the dock. We drove, though that windswept, deserted country island. The air on that island was so pristine, that I could actually smell the different components of an automobile's while simply standing beside it. I could smell the beast!

When we arrive at her home, I get out of the car. We go inside, and I sit down on the couch, in a strange home that I'd never been to, in a foreign country I'd also never been to, that is on the other side of the world from home. It is the most random place in the world.

Kristen pulls out a photo album, opens it up an low and behold! There is a picture of me in it. Some random shot at our old, old house. I'm totally little.

It was the weirdest sensation in the world. There are no words to describe that sensation, but I still remember it. It was like a rubber band. That is the best I can say. Try to imagine what a trip that was.

That is the same kind of feeling I get when I hear people thanking me for opening up the Ark. It is a weird feeling that I don't know what to do with. It is weird.

* * *

So what else? You supported Ron Paul, you're happy that the Ark is open. What else?

* * *

Are you guys here to support Rand? I know some people are. My problem is that I'm not interested in seeing a rerun. I saw a rerun in 2012 of 2008. There was too much emotion, that clouded rationality. I'm not interested in re experiencing that. I'd like to watch, but I want interesting seats. "Rah rah Rand" is not an interesting seat for me.

Has Rand said anything about Obama bombing Iraq? I don't even have to check to know what Ron thinks of that.

* * *

What other kinds of things are you into? Gardening? Cars? Sports?

It used to didn't be in the past, but it is okay to be a whole person around here now.

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I am here because I do not

I am here because I do not watch TV -ever! I love to read and research - mostly history and politics. The DailyPaul is a great website!. Thank you Michael!

I am a female & I practice Kung Fu! it is definitely my greatest passion!!! I can't imagine life without it! ;-)
I also enjoy woodworking, gardening, hiking, camping and firearms- (can't wait to try out my new gun!!) And I read at least 3 hours a day, usually until my eyes hurt.

I have always been interested in politics and I first heard about Ron Paul in 2007 when I kept seeing a car that had window paint & said "It's a Revolution for the Constitution - Ron Paul for President!" I went home and googled "Ron Paul" and from that day on I have been hooked. (Btw... This car was in Peoria AZ - maybe it was one of you!! - the little things do make a difference in waking people up!)

I've always been different, so the DailyPaul is a good place for me! We are a bunch of fringe kooky cult like tinfoil hat wearing crazy people - living on the edge!! Glad to be a part of something so totally Awesome! !

Ha ha ha! Today my 19 yr old

Ha ha ha! Today my 19 yr old asked me why I always go on the Daily Paul. My husband half-jokingly replied, "Because your mother has joined a cult!"

Not really, though. This is a great place for un-washing brains and opening them up to reality.

You have left your mark in

You have left your mark in places all around the globe... and people you will probably never know are so happy you did. :) That is really cool about the picture!

As for me, I like making things. Manipulating silver is one of my favorites. Once upon a time, I had a website... but then other non-jewelry-related forms of life took over. You can still see my handywork here, though: http://www.jewelryartists.org/Gal706_Designs_by_Lisa_V_s_Gal... I love the process of creating... problem solving... learning new things... and having something cool to show for it afterwards. It is very rewarding. :)

Tinfoilshoes, those are

Tinfoilshoes, those are beautiful!

I started making viking silver braids, with my son (now 6 years old), last year.

Nowhere near the refinement and craftsmanship you have on display, we made simple necklaces, key hangers, anything we could imagine out of silver threads and small interlocking silver rings.

(Haha! He wanted to make a full body chain mail, 'till be realized it would take him years and years to finish.)

We had so much fun together, and like you say: its very rewarding, to have something to show afterwards, and of course, all female family members got a thing or two, from the proud little craftsman.

Highly recommended hobby for all parents and kids who "need to learn to sit still from time to time"... With love!

Dailypaulers are the alchemical GOLD, transmutating the world around them, into the universal panacea! The Daily Paul then, is the alchemical vessel.

Thank you so much JP :)

I love the look of viking knit! I plan to try it out, but I haven't gotten around to ordering fine silver or a draw plate. My 4 year old thinks it's awesome that I can make my own 'treasure'. I haven't ever made anything with the help of my kids, though. I'll have to do that... I bet he would love it!

I had to laugh about the chainmail armor. It would be cool... but, yep, it would take forever!

Michael... I am working on a perfect answer to your question

But for me, these things take time.

On here, I'm kind of a newbie/oldie, so call me a 'knowbie'.

It's coming together in my head (this is how I write original things, thoughtful), but I think you'll enjoy reading my next DP original.

It's a really special and relevant story.


One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

I am

Here because this site has the potential to be a critical hub for advancing truth and light in the very dark transitory period we are facing. To keep it simple, I know what side I'm on, so here I am. :)

As far as Rand goes, I'm still giving him the benefit of the doubt. He's playing the game, that's all. He watched his father get ridiculed his whole life for taking an unwavering principled stance, so he is going a different route, hopefully achieving the same ends. That said, I don't think it really matters, until we find a way to get back to paper ballots. I'm sure most here are aware of the documentary "Hacking Democracy". Ultimately we have to raise our own consciousness and "be the change" before any lasting changes can happen.

yep, yep, yep

"...this site has the potential to be a critical hub for advancing truth and light in the very dark transitory period we are facing. To keep it simple, I know what side I'm on, so here I am."


Excellent, Michael!

I totally relate to you.

Thanks for writing. I sense what you're feeling.

Thanks for the smiles. :)

I'm so stuck in life and trying to figure out what actions to take on personal, family, local, and national levels that I haven't taken time for much joy. I feel like the U.S. is in emergency status and we need to fix it. I've heard wonderful peaceful things about Norway and Canada. Wonder what life is like there?

I'm trying to comprehend your deep mood. You've had an insider seat for 7+ years. What are you feeling and seeing that ark thanks are weird for you? Sounds like you're past political over-load and are ready to dock the ark in a garden of eden.

Looking for 'path' suggestions in which to steer the boat? Where do you want to go?

My recent kick is

My recent kick is experimenting with sensory deprivation tanks. Highly recommend it if there is one in your area. The benefits are vast and diverse.

Definitely not sports! Praise

Definitely not sports! Praise the lord those days are behind me =)

Happy to be here at the DP this much I know, thanks again!

This newbie's just looking

This newbie's just looking for things that lead me out of the cave I was previously in.

Rand Paul? Yes. You don't often get a chance to campaign for things you believe in, in fact you may never get the chance again. It may disappoint and ultimately infuriate you, but, on the plus side, I bet the catering will be better.

Other things? Of course.

I too am entering a period of confusion, where nothing resembles itself, but I think that's called...growth?