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Rand Paul Can Run, But He Can’t Hide From Latino Voters in 2016

Interesting that the DREAMers also happen to write for Politico:

"Last Sunday in Iowa, the two of us had the opportunity to meet Rep. Steve King of Iowa and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. After we identified ourselves as “DREAMers”— undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children — what we intended to be a civil, serious discussion turned into a tense confrontation with King.

That tense confrontation became a viral Internet sensation when Paul fled the scene in the middle of eating a hamburger. Here’s the whole story....

What happened next is what went viral: Paul leaned down to take a hungry bite of his burger, and, upon hearing Erika say she was a DREAMer, either choked or froze for a moment as the reality of what was unfolding struck him.

“Time to go,” Paul’s aide seemed to signal, and the senator was off. He grabbed his beer, got up quickly and did not even say goodbye to King. The burger? Abandoned, half-eaten. I guess Paul was worried about being seen with two undocumented immigrants—afraid to be seen acknowledging our humanity, perhaps."


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I hope the democraps keep

harping on this issue. It is a death blow to them in 2014 and 2016.

The illegals cannot vote in the elections...technically. And over 70% of Americans...and that must include lots of democraps and independents, are opposed to illegal immigration and the current influx of Central American "refugees".

And most Latinos that immigrated legally oppose it as well. This is a loser for the Dems. What fools.

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Not a Rand fan...

But this was an inexcusable hit piece. They ambushed him, and then proceeded to put words in everyone's mouths based on their own biases about the situation.

I am for open borders, and so from a high level view, it may seem like I should support these folks... But in reality, their tactics were no better than We Are Change.

Rand did the right thing in leaving. If they managed to twist his mere facial expressions and his aides behavior into "lengthy diatribes" that they assume he wanted to say, just imagine what they would have actually done to his words.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I've heard from a friend who

I've heard from a friend who was there, and he was setup by a member of the news media that was there.

When my family came to this

When my family came to this land it was Mexico . It is New Mexico USA Now i am american I would die for my fellow Americans in an invasion. When the shit hits the fan these border crossers will flee back to Mexico even if they were raised here from a young age . Just like in Iraq they ran back to Syria and took Iraqi weapons with them . If you ain't born here you won't be loyal to your fellow Americans in a time of need they . They only lookout for Mexicans . My 19 century family were mexican . I'm am not Hispanic nor Latino I am American . Go screw yourself Nixon for dividing the Americans for political gain

When anyone Preaches disunity Tries to pit one of us against the other Through class warfare race hatred or religious intolerance You know that person seeks to rob us of our freedom And destroy our very lives.

Bundy Ranch and the Dreamers

Imagine someone goes onto land illegally, and then starts to improve the land and themselves. They work hard for many years, then all of a sudden someone says, hey this is illegal, get off my land.

There are two possible reactions - the first is, the law is the law, so get off the land. The second is the recognition of the squatters rights, and consider that an easement has be created because of the work done over previous years.

Either you believe in Bundy's right to stay on land that was not really his, and in the foreign nationals right to stay in the country after taking part in society for a long time, or you don't think that past practices matter.

Children who were brought here by their parents and went from a young age to adulthood in the US should be given citizenship - using the homesteading principle. They shouldn't get any special rights of course. Bundy should have been able to continue to use the land he improved even though he did not own it, and did not pay the lease, using the same squatters rights principles.

Squatters rights are

different than grazing rights. I think the Bundy claim is based directly on specific Federal land policy. He argues that he was there before the rule change, not that he improved land as a homesteader.

They are hammering Rand. They remember him calling Bill a sexual predator a few months ago. Now he's in a he-said-she-said fight. Does that sound like the Clintons?

And I agree

And I agree


Do squatters' rights apply to

Do squatters' rights apply to illegal aliens?

why not ?

entitlements are related to your nationality, human rights are not dependent on that. I view squatters rights as a human right. If you go somewhere, add to the land or community, for a significant time, you have a right to that land or a place in that community.

Do your human rights

Do your human rights supercede the human rights of others ie Israel had the same notion about Gaza...and Palestinians are legal aliens!

No you don't...

You have no right to land that is not yours.

Using your logic, you would have to police your own land every day in order to ensure someone didn't start to mow the grass (hyperbole) in a particular area or they might claim they have a "right" to it.

So I can trespass as long as I think I'm "adding to the land or community, for a significant time?"

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

That is current law

If someone else uses the land, and you don't defend your property right, you lose access to it. For instance, if your neighbor builds a water trough on your property, uses it for 7 years without you complaining, he can keep you from tearing it down, he now has an easement on your property. So yes, you do have to assert your property rights. If you abandon a house, car, etc. you lose your property rights.

Of course if the land is public, it creates a whole different set of guidelines.

My first post

down-voted into oblivion. Is this how all newbies are welcomed? What did I do wrong? I didn't write the story!!!

Ron Paul Is My President

Don't sweat it

Everyone mostly ignores my posts entirely hah. They probably just didn't like the title topic, as I don't, but I am thankful for to know the depths that Politico is going with their shameful hit pieces on non-socialistas.

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In cases where an article is posted, generally the downvotes represent attitude about the article and not the poster.

If you write something original then it is possible what people feel about you personally.

Keep posting, don't take these things too personally... And glad to have new blood around... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

it hurts

being down voted into the rabbit hole...it happened to me last week with one of my first posts. guess us newbies have to be careful how we express our opinions and learn from the elders.

Be careful with your header

People tend to interpret the header of your post as your words and not a clip from the article. Don't take it personally. Welcome by the way.

there is a substantial

kill the messenger faction here, sorry to say. don't worry about. if you stick around you'll learn to ignore it.


We was called to the interview he was waiting on , he walks right to it , you can see him in the background of the king video by the bar with a circle of people and a camera being interviewed

How do i upload pictures from my phone and into a post ?

BTW where is that interview?

i'm willing to give him the benefit, but you'd think it would have surfaced by now with the half eaten hamburger clip going viral and all.

Debunked !

You can see Rand finishing up the other interview he'd agreed to do at the 3:38 mark:


Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

yes i've seen that

but the damage was done, and it just looks funny. i would finish my lunch before a quickie interview. i'm sure the handlers have had meetings, and i'm sure they'll be more vigilant from here on out.

Really davyc??? Do you really

Really davyc??? Do you really think it would have surfaced? The bigger story is how he walked away from an illegal. The media controls the narrative.

I guess

it would depend on who did it. For some reason I figured it was a local thing. But, for instance had i done it, it would be plastered all over the internet.

Its allready over is why the

Its allready over is why the podunk small town interview hasnt surfaced , liberals were up in arms the first day , then the second they were scoffing that he lied about an interview , by the third day they realized they wished the video had stopped at 30 seconds cause you can see rand doing the interview

I havent seen a liberal troll bring it up for days , only a special kind of troll is still talking about it . i urge anyone to read up on rands 3 day iowa binge , he wasnt just chillin at a bbq all day

Yeah that's the ticket

Yeah that's the ticket call people names. Unfortunately, as I've written elsewhere, the damage is already done. The viewers & readers of the viral condemnation have no clue, and never will that there was a second interview. Unfair as it is this will not help with the Hispanic vote, which was another of Romney's blunders. Dirty politics? You bet, but hey, it's all in how you play the game.