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My first post: Atherosclerosis

This is my first post. I just want to let others know that if you search this site there is a lot of great information. I learnt how to embed a video. This is a short video I really enjoyed and I hope you like it as much as I did.


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Thanks, Talis

This is amazing - I just studied this subject last night!

Thanks for posting.

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There isn't much disagreement about the problem.

The cause and the solution are the issues, and I think this video is just more vegan/vegetarian propaganda.

The assertion that animal fat or meat is the cause and a plant based diet is the solution is where I have a problem with this thread. The idea that the cause is that we eat food from animals flies in the face of all of human history and the current scientific studies. There are countless societies that have eaten diets high in meat and animal fat with excellent results, and I know of no society that lived long term on only plant based foods.

Here is an alternative, much more likely explanation as the cause of atherosclerosis:



The hypothesis is lack of vitamin K2 causes the calcification of arteries (atherosclerosis) and the lack of calcium in bones and teeth. And what does a vegan diet do to us but deprive us of great sources of K2 like pasture raised beef, lamb, chicken, and eggs.

There is correlation between low K2 and atherosclerosis:


And here is some actual science to support the hypothesis that K2 deficiency is involved in calcification of arteries:


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Alzheimerz disease = diabetes type 3

according to Dr. Perlmutter and the research he covers in his book "Grain Brain". It's the carbohydrates. Your liver can make tons of cholesterol without any help from your diet. The fat is one of the last links in the biochemical chain reaction of plaque production that starts with ingestion of mountains of carbohydrates. Can you say "Big Gulp". We have been seeing an acceleration of this epidemic since the introduction of high fructose corn syrup.

type 3 diabetes happens when insulin blocks leptin,

the hormone that tells your brain that you have enough fat thoughout the body. The only way insulin can block leptin is because of the high sugar diet.

Most don't know froctose is good, but in nature in comes incased in lots of fiber. Insulin is suppose to block leptin when you eat lots of froctose because it's your bodies response to eat lots of food available because winter is not far away. In the old days people would get fat in summer and fall, but would lose it in winter.

Most food manufactures love froctose because it has the same triggers in the brain that drugs have. It creates lots of pleasure, and makes your body produce lots of insulin which blocks the hormone leptin. So you never feel satisfied because leptin can not reach your brain, and the gremlin hormone (ghrelin) says your still hungry.


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Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

The conclusions of the Framingham MA studies

Conclusion: Higher fat and cholesterol diets produced slimmer healthier humans

Other studies identify meats toasted carbs cooked to over 300F increases the risk of cancer 400%.

Plant oils and nitrate/nitrite cured meats increases risk of clogged arteries, causes inflammation and cancers.


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Fat doesn't make you fat

Animal fat repairs the arteries caused by too much sugar. The real problem is too much sugar and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup). In the past 30 years we have decreased fat down below 30% and increased sugar. In the same 30 years heart disease has increased dramatically.

In the 1800's and early 1900's heart disease was below 5%, it increased as we increased our intake of processed sugar and refined seed oils. The modern food industry likes this type of diet, they can produce cheap food and reap high profits. Coke for instance has 3 tablespoons of sugar in every can, it's also loaded wit caffeine and salt. Caffeine gets you hooked fast but sugar is the real drug, and salt makes you more thirsty. If you have a soda with your burger and fries, you'll eat more and be hungry faster later in the day.

Today HFCS is in almost all processed foods for a reason, it's highly addictive. It affects the brain the same as if your on drugs, and the food industry knows it.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

You definitely have a point

But it seems fat does play a role. Let's use the scientific method:

*Ask a Question
*Do Background Research
*Construct a Hypothesis
*Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
*Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
*Communicate Your Results

That we found on the published science journals. So let's to http://scholar.google.com, and type "fat intake and obesity" you will find hundreds of articles pointing towards a certain conclusion, just a handful articles from the first page:
*Energy and fat intake in obese and lean children at varying risk of obesity.--Conclusion: "Dietary fat intake (percentage energy) was weakly but significantly related to body fatness"
*Dietary Fat Intake and Regulation of Energy Balance--Conclusion: "it is clear that consumption of a high fat diet increases the likelihood of obesity and that the risk of obesity is low in individuals consuming low fat diets."
*Dietary fat and obesity: evidence from epidemiology.--Conclusion: "Cross-sectional studies are generally in agreement that the concentration of fat in the diet is positively associated with relative weight."
*Dietary fat intake does affect obesity!--Conclusion: "We believe that ample research from animal and clinical studies, from controlled trials, and from epidemiologic and ecologic analyses provides strong evidence that dietary fat plays a role in the development and treatment of obesity."

Keep going on the list and you will keep seeing the same pattern...

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I suggest you use your link and

enter sugar obesity.

I know there are researchers that fudge their data to show fat is the problem, but history is on my side.

Here is Dr. Lustig on a documentary "sugar the bitter truth"

Dr. Lustig has done his research, he believes in a balanced vegetable, fruit and meat diet. My self I believe in low carb, and most days I eat less than 10-20 carbs daily and some weeks none.

I am over sixty and had a severe addiction to sugar and high fat foods. The high fat diet has completely smashed my addiction, I can now walk past the snack isles and not buy. I knew in the past year I had to change or die! I can now sleep more than 4 hr/night, my heart no longer wakes me up with heart palpatations. I had this problem for over twenty years, even went to heart specialist over it. They never seen someone that was over 300 LBS and run on their tread mill at a 6% grade for over 5 minutes and not tire. Two days later I found the reason for my heart problem was just a pinched nerve when I slept my weight put pressure on my spine. My chiropractor showed me where it was and he fixed it in minutes.

My problem was that I could never feel satisfied when I ate those high fat bugers and fries, I had to have chips later or ice cream. Those food companies know full well what their doing when they mix fat, sugar, salt, and MSG in their foods. They want you addicted, more profits!

If you think about it they have the labs for their research and lots of money. Most corporations are in business to make money for their stock holders. McDonalds was the first to come out with super sized helpings of fries, they only did it because their research showed that most wouldn't return for more even if still hungry. But when given the choice to buy a larger portion most people liked the choice. Then it wasn't long before they supersized most orders and profits went way up.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Beeman is correct

Fat is not the cause of the current obesity epidemic. Do some research on the paleo-diet, ketogenic diet, and the work of Dr. Weston A Price.

Most fats are healthy, except for grain oils which can cause soft-tissue inflammation and leads to atherosclerosis. It is a carb-rich diet (especially one high in refined sugar) paired with sedentary lifestyle that is the primary cause of obesity, metabolic-disorder, high-triglyceride levels, type-II diabetes, and heart-disease.

My personal experience is that a high-fat, low-carb diet has been more beneficial to my health than anything else I have ever tried. I'm leaner, have more energy, and require less exercise to maintain muscle-mass. More importantly, I have virtually eliminated the chest-pains and high-blood pressure I was experiencing when I was on a low-salt, low-cholesterol, low-fat diet.