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Hundreds (not dozens as MSM headlines say) of Israelites protest, defying government protest restriction. (video)


TEL AVIV Israel (Reuters) - More than 150 Israelis protested in Tel Aviv on Saturday against a Gaza war entering its second month, in defiance of a police ban on the assembly that cited military restrictions on public gatherings in cities within range of rocket fire.

The relatively small turnout was similar to the numbers that have shown up for most weekly demonstrations held since Israel launched an offensive against the Hamas Islamist militants in Gaza on July 8, underscoring the broad public support in Israel behind the war.

Slogans daubed on banners held by protesters read: "Stop the massacre," and "Free Gaza."Halleli Pinson, one of the women who attended, said she objected to "the bombing of Gaza and basically we are calling to end the cycle of violence here."

Read more (video):


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The people gathered in this

The people gathered in this square to protest what their own government was doing in their name are the TRUE Israeli patriots.

If you wonder about the Israeli polls and it makes you think

That Israelis are somehow inhuman.

Just remember how the polls looked here after 9/11.

People were ready to murder, torture, maim, shred the Constitution, give up freedom and liberty in order to exact revenge and 'punish' the enemy.

It was only through groups such as ourselves, that this tide was gradually pushed back, and it wasn't without some extreme effort.

The propaganda in Israel is even worse than ours post 9/11.

The answer IS NOT to condemn Israelis for the actions of their government.

The solution is to help Israelis QUESTION and be SKEPTICAL of their government.

Jump on Haaretz or JP and share your thoughts. Think of your audience and wonder how you could sway them to your line of thinking.

Be part of the solution. Admire an Israeli peace organization? Join them. Support them. They NEED our support.

Good. Glad to hear it.Now

Good. Glad to hear it.
Now where can we find some Americans protesting the recent bombing of Iraq?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Funny for our own MSM

It takes an Occupy-sized protest before they even blink an eye.

Somehow newsworthy in other countries, but never our own.

Personally, I Never Imagined It would Continue...

...for such an extended time period.


BUT...It has led to the light being shone on many facets of info regarding the "OCCUPATION" of Gaza by an ALIEN ENTITY....

HOW: They got there
WHERE: They really came from
WHAT: Their true agenda is.
WHY: the UN has dragged it's feet even after numerous resolutions.

I may just have to hang a sign on an overpass.
It's occurring locally also;
Hasydim are "gobbling up" neighborhoods all over my county.
The NYS Troopers call Rte 17 "The Gaza Strip".

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!