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David Byrne - Miss America

Anyone else like me, that's never seen this? Sublime and ridiculous and taunting and tragic, yet danceable.


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That was awesome

It is a little different watching after 4:20.

It is incredible. However he did it, he made a tight connection to my heart.

Here's an obscure Dylan tune that explains it. Not quite genius, but definitely a period piece. Like going back into time, back to an era that no longer exists.


' Has Anyone Seen My Love ... '

No longer exists ?

What's Behind These 2014 Commercials? Russell Bra…: http://youtu.be/8JXWtx42-Kc

Is she in the kitsch'n ?


' ...know her wicked ways.'

Here's another version

outdoors that doesn't quite hit it. And other songs in that studio session don't hit either. Bit of magic comes in from somewhere.


Dylan looks healthy.

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Ha! I'm really enjoying this

He messed up the lyrics at 1:45. Otherwise a great performance so far.


"I miss America, and sometimes she does too,
And sometimes I think of her, when she is fucking you."

Pure genius. I should probably stop gushing about it, but thanks for that video.

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Those Japanese girls at 1:24 just kill me.

Absolutely kill me. Especially the one on the far right. Look at how happy she looks!

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Check out this version

I came back to this thread because I started thinking about this song again.

In approaches genius. It reaches genius.

"I love America, but boy can she be cruel.
And I know how tall she is, without her platform shoes."


"And I kissed America, while she was fleecing me,
And she knows I understand, that she needs to be free."

Yes baby, but I love you anyway. You still give me a hard on, America.

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Yes - I posted this as my #2 song on my playlist

Back on July 7:


It was really capturing my attention back then. It was part of the mood of that little mini season. That little microclimate. July 7.

That was our anniversary, me and Samantha. We went out to dinner. The skies that day were super dark. Everyone on the street was looking up in the sky.

It was also super muggy that day. I walked, from our house in Somerville to the restaurant in Cambridge, and I was soaked in sweat. Unpleasant. Samantha was meeting me there after coming from work.

We had seats by the window, and it POURED rain. The food was delicious, but I ate a lot of bread that night, lol.

That was the day a tornado hit Revere. It was a freak event around here. Revere is just outside of Boston. It ripped the roofs off of a couple of houses.

That was July 7th.

Libertybelle And I Use To Toss It Around ...

... on the old 'Party Thread' every time uplifting kilts was called for.

It's genius.

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Oh yeah, this is a great song

I've posted it here before. It is a work of genius - everything you've said: Sublime and ridiculous and taunting and tragic, yet danceable.

The lyrics are an absolute riot.

I love America
Her secret's safe with me
I know her wicked ways
The parts you never see

Oh Super girl
You'll be my Supermodel
Although you have a reputation
Can I afford?
Are you above my station?
I'm not the only heart you've conquered.

I love America
But boy can she be cruel
I know how tall she is
Without her platform shoes

Oh Super girl
You'll be my Supermodel
Although at time it might seem awkward
Don't run away
Oh don't you recognize me?
I'm not the only heart you've conquered.

I kissed America
When she was fleecing me
And she know I understand
That she needs to be free

I miss America
And sometimes she does too
And sometimes I think of her
When she is fucking you

I love America
Siempre Confiado en ti
I love America
Porque me trates asi?

Oh Super girl
You'll be my Supermodel
Although you pants are 'round your ankles
And when you're down
I'll be your Dirty Harry
It will be just like in the movies.

Oh Super girl
You'll be my Supermodel
Although at time it might seem awkward
Don't look away
I'll be your teenage fanclub
I'm not the only heart you've conquered.

Oh, thanks for the lyrics

Dancing is awesome, and the grunts are awesome.

Siempre Confiado en ti

Porque me trates asi?

What's the translation? You can trust me? Why do you treat me this way?