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(Update) Scott Horton needs our help!

Update: Tom Woods just committed to donating $100 a month to keep Scott on the air.

So I was listening to the Scott Horton show just now and I heard him soliciting for donations. At first it sounded like your typical self promotion, but the more I listened the more I realized that he is in a world of hurt.

The fact is that Scott Horton provides a wealth of information with interviews with the most important anti-war insiders in the world, from every side of the spectrum from code-pink to Michael Scheuer. He gives the most accurate picture of the foreign policy nightmare of anyone in the alternative media. He has his issues with Rand Paul and has positions on 9/11 that not alot of libertarians care for, but he is by far the smartest person in radio on current events in foreign policy

If you have any doubt about that, listen to one of his over 3000 interviews with anyone from Ron and Rand Paul to Ray McGovern. He is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to who is doing what in what country and he provides us all this information on the daily.

No other show on the air provides as complete and accurate analysis of what is going on in the world in terms of us foreign policy, and we have to support.

He is looking for advertisers! If you have a business and you need to advertise, please send him a tweet or email, etc... Otherwise if you would like to make an individual contribution then:

Please help in giving him a hand and keeping him on the air. If you want to support but can't financially, please upvote, bump, or share on your other media, etc...

I want to be clear, I am posting this because I think its important. I am a DP regular and am acting on pure self interest to keep one of my favorite shows on the air. We just lost Peter Schiff If you want to do something for the liberty movement but don't know where to start, here is a place!

His speech starts around the 40min mark.

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When I look at the YouTube community

and see how all these top viewed channels are able to give a leg up to nobody's and suddenly they are getting 10's of thousands of hits if not more, it makes me wonder about the often compartmentalized approach of the liberty community in general.

Is there not a better way to keep all these voices in the mix without thinking that they all need their own independent offerings?

What do you all think about some healthy collaboration or some media blitz campaigns to expand the audience to more people?

Liberty needs a marketing team.

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. - Young Americans for Liberty - Stop Deploying Traumatized Troops

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It needs some kind of structure.

The DP is kind of a free for all. Whatever shows up here is what shows up. It is kind of random.

That all takes time and energy, and money seems to be in short supply all around. It seems like every time libertarians try working together, everything blows up (and not in a good way). Egos take over and dominate.

How could Liberty organize a marketing team?

Internet sales tax has been crushing small websites

In 2011 APMEX discontinued it's affiliate program (precisely the kind of program that would do well on a Libertarian site). Probably all other online PM companies have done the same. This is because states (with encouragement from the Obama administration) started using a new angle to demand internet sales taxes. They were claiming that having affiliates in a state (who get paid by the lead) meant that the business has a presence and must collect and pay sales taxes to that state.

The states went after the affiliate angle to get more tax revenue, but they actually got no money from it!
The only effect it had was to put mom and pop websites out of business. Once you cut the affiliate programs, what follows is a trickle down effect that hurts ad click revenue and display add prices until there is little to no profit left to run the site.

Two of my flavorite Horton podcasts...

His last interview for Antiwar Radio...

"Live by the sword, die by the sword"...

Made my donation

Scott is really good. Give him a helping hand!



I just made my contribution from Canada! :)
I totally agree with the poster, Scott is great & I listen to his show almost daily.


If you dare to question the government's official narrative of 9/11, and if you even suspect Israeli involvement, then Scott Horton would like you to "suck on the barrel of a gun until it explodes in your mouth". Sorry, but that's a direct quote.

Scott Horton doesnt believe a word of the 9/11 commision

He just doesn't believe it was a government conspiracy. He says the government account was all lies, and the same about Oklahoma city. He just doesn't come up with elaborate theories. His point of contention are the truthers that give the liberty movement a bad name by claiming government and Israeli involvement as an absolute or say that planes never hit the towers or that the highjackers weren't real.

I don't have the same opinion as him of alot of the 9/11 stuff, but the bottom line is he knows alot more than either of us about bin laden, the highjackers, al queda, etc...

Either wat the man still deserves help. If you don't listen to him, dont worry about it...


Scott Horton believes...

that Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheik Mohammed and 19 Muslims were responsible for 9/11. I don't happen to believe that. I believe the evidence points elsewhere, and I don't think my opinion should be punishable by death. He also believes that Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan a few years ago by American forces. I find it preposterous that someone with as much knowledge as you attribute to him could actually believe this. He is also an extremely profane young man, which is a major turn-off. Other than that, I agree with about 75% of what he says.

Not to excuse his profanity

But he is a huge fan and close friends with Eric Margolis, who is a chief 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

He gets excited, but believe it or nit, alot of time he just says shit.




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There are some people in the movement who are living treasures

Scott Horton is one of them.

And it is not just Scott who is feeling the pinch financially.

The whole online Liberty media community is in relative decline. There was a huge boost, a huge influx of interest and energy because of Ron Paul's campaign, and that is dissipating. Peter Schiff going off the air was a loss, but I think that was more of a lifestyle choice on his part. He said he had about 3,000 subscribers, which at $10 per month works out to $360,000 per year. That would mean a world of difference to any grassroots activist that I know, trying to scratch out a living doing what they love. But Peter's in a whole different world financially.

For those of us in the grassroots, it is hard in the world of ubiquitous media, where everything is free. The message of liberty, at least the way it is presented, isn't snazzy or sexy or popular with the masses of the mainstream.

Facebook and Google monetize content with economies of scale that just aren't possible in this niche.

The bottom line is that we have to support our own.

Scott is the best

Scott is irreplaceable. I emphatically agree that he needs and deserves our support. Tom Woods will confirm it for you if you've ever heard Scott as a guest on the Tom Woods show. He needs money and donations badly.

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I also would recommend Scott

I also would recommend Scott Horton to anyone. Scott has a mind of a steel trap, his memory on events leading up to conflicts is amazing. He often interviews reporters in the regions he is discussing and ex-cia as well. I listen to his interviews once a week while working. Donate if you can but he needs listeners too, that will generate more money in advertising. Give him a try.

Side Note: I still refer to it as antiwar radio at work because inevitably someone will come in and ask what i am listening to. Then when i say "antiwar radio" i always get a stink face from the person to which i reply "what do you listen to war radio". To which they have no possible response. Love doing that.

Scott is AWESOME!

Scott Horton and are the first places I go to get the REAL story on foreign policy. Scott is a BAWSE when it comes to dismantling propaganda. If you have not listened to his takedown of the Dennis Prager nonsense about Israel that is making the social media rounds,then you should.

He has brass balls almost as big as Justin Raimundo's.

BTW, reading Scott or Justin's twitter feed is always rewarding, especially when they take down Government apologists.

Scott is an important voice.

I respect his work, It is knowledgeable and timely.

"Give Death a melvin", support Scott!

Free includes debt-free!

A Great Advocate for Peace

I have listened to Horton since his days at Raimundo's radio. It saddens me that his position as an independent broadcaster has been rather more precarious. One way or another, I would like him to continue his work, and I ask everyone here to check out the quality of his work, and consider the advertising opportunities, and let friends know about the show.

Horton is an advocate of an American foreign policy of peace, and he supported Ron Paul.