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Help I Think I Have Transvaginal Mesh

Anyone seen this ad on teevee about Transvaginal mesh lawsuits for medical complications? R u kidding me?

Colour me unsensitive, but I think that one's right to sue ends the moment they sign up for something called a 'vaginal mesh'.

Seriously if someone offered me a product called the Penis Stretch 'N Widener I would pay in cash then take my licks (or lack of them) and not sue the second the thing overheated and ruined my Saturday night.

This isn't the America I remember.

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We watch Antennae TV at night when we watch tv..

it shows all the old programs like Sanford and Son, Green Acres, Mr. Ed, All in the Family, and many others. Seems like every commercial is some lawyer group wanting to sue over some medical procedure or pharmaceutical that had side effects. Sure it's the same side effects that you were told about, sure it was the same side effects that were listed on the papers you were responsible for reading, but in this sue happy country personal responsibility doesn't exist.

Anyway, we were watching All in the Family and ole Archie Bunker was talking about running commercials for a business and his buddy said he could use the commercials..Archie says for what? You don't have a product to advertise..and his buddy says "I'll advertise my attorney's office", and Archie got upset and says "That ain't allowed, it may not be illegal, but it's unethical to advertise for attorneys on television." Funny how times have changed, and you can look back at Archie Bunker to get some common sense.

That man did a wonderful job at getting people to realize just how ignorant true racism and prejudice can be.

It certainly is a

meshy situation. ;-p

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy


On the same wavelength...

How about the one with the young boys developing breasts? gynecomastia or something..., due to taking Risperdal or something?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

You're right, this country is so meshed up. Sorry

about the lisp, Mr. Manwomanmeshski. Seriously, the barristers, attorneys, lawyers, and ambulance-chasers have designed it this way.

Most doctors I have talked to

do not recommend these any more. They can cause huge problems like penetrating into other areas (practically ripping other organs apart). You do have other choices besides drastic surgery for prolapse, there is a 45% chance the surgery will not hold and have to be redone.

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probably put it in the wrong hole...take two colonics and call me in the morning...#FOS...#Buttpluggedski...;) Those things are for women btw..Next time read the instructions. "For compactions lasting longer than 4 weeks, seek medical (not internet) attention immediately."

By the time someone gets a mesh

a lot has already gone wrong. Then there's more that could go wrong once they get the mesh.

If there is something wrong with a mesh that need not have been and it adds a problem to these peoples' plates, then suing is the way our society handles that.

If it's just that meshes and implants are the newest lawyer scam, then that's screwed up and someone needs to figure out how to shut the lawyers up before these devices get more expensive.

Defend Liberty!

Lol! I knew this was you when I read the title.

This is still one of my faves. She's nervous about calling strangers, but airs her personal business for millions to see.


Hey ralph, I know that woman,

Her name is Cath-y.


Yeah, I know her now too, after seeing her 5,000 times on the TV!

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sometimes... http://youtu.be/xyEBXuSHAj8


Sometimes I think there may be judges out there who would throw things like this out of court. You know, because some things are common sense. What gets me even more than this is if I am being burglarized and the burglar trips over a rug and breaks his arm, he can sue me and win. What sense does that make? I think I may just jump straight into a toilet head first at a Walmart. $$Cash money's$$

In my house

Breaking in, tripping over a rug, and breaking your arm is usally a fatal occurance.

Why meshes go wrong.

1- Bimetalism: Mercury fillings and titanium staples in the body's electrolyte creates a battery. The pain is not stopped by any know procedure or chemical. Except remove one of the metals.

Meshes are only needed for traumas. A fully nourished body has the copper it needs to build strong connective tissue.

Signs of a copper deficiency: Graying hair, wrinkles, sagging skin, varicose veins, aneurysms, ataxia, hernias, ruptured disk.

Free includes debt-free!

How did I know

that this thread would have your name all over it?!! LMAO Chris Brokenvagmeshski.

Women need this

when their organs prolapse from child-birth.

The male equivalent is for inguinal (inner groin) hernia. It is very prevalent in those in their 60s and 70s because males are formed with weaknesses/holes there. They, too, have lawsuits.

The mesh is the culprit for both, but it saves lives and allows normal living. It would be comparable to one suing for faulty pharmaceuticals or vaccines, etc.

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And it can be caused by things other than childbirth...

I had a friend who had problems that this was being recommended for at the time.

The point is, that this is not an elective surgery based on vanity but was a treatment for legitimate medical problems.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

That america died in the '80's

when an elderly woman clamped her legs around hot coffee in a foam cup.

Just open the box and see

If you are referring to the

If you are referring to the mcdonald's coffee incident with the old lady, there is a lot more to that lawsuit than gets around.

There is apparently now a documentary about it. http://www.hotcoffeethemovie.com

"The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service." - Albert Einstein



I'm certainly not defending corporate america, or suggesting that all lawsuits are frivolous.

I hadn't seen that movie before, and yes, I was aware that there was more to it than the media spin, I was even on her side at the time. ;)

I still believe that was when the era of individual responsibility ended and the "me" generation began; america got the message that their own carelessness could spell a huge payday.

I do feel for the woman, and her injuries were severe, but the movie trailer didn't really suggest different facts than I already understood.

Just open the box and see