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What's Happening? Some Answers

It sure seems like the whole World is in total chaos now. We're left to ponder questions like: What's happening to the Economy? Why does the U.S. want to pick a fight with Russia? Why are we re-invading Iraq?, When will this global War madness stop?, What's happening to the U.S. Dollar?, etc.

I found a good summary of current events over at GoldSeek.com (article by Michael Noonan: http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1407679620.php ).


The (de facto) corporate federal government remains undiscovered by the vast majority of US citizens. Thanks goes to the Rothschilds for setting everything up. When one utilizes the axiom, “Follow the money,” all roads lead to the Rothschilds and their formula of gaining control of a nation’s money supply, and then making all the rules.

In the process of gaining control of a nation’s money supply, each country’s gold holdings were ransacked, and in the case of the US, the then world’s largest silver holdings were also stolen.

By following the money in the US, one sees the trail of US Treasury Notes that were specie backed by silver and gold. The nation prospered, and inflation was a non-issue. After the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, the privately owned bank, called the Federal Reserve, began circulating Federal Reserve Notes that were also specie-backed, to circulate alongside US -issued Treasury Notes.

This went on for a few decades, until the 1930s, when Franklin Roosevelt declared a “bank holiday.” Why? The US was forced into bankruptcy by the Rothschild elites, and when the banks were closed for a few days, they reopened under direct control of the Federal Reserve central bank. What was little noticed was that the specie-backing of gold and silver for the Federal Reserve Noted were gradually withdrawn, without any word to the public. At the same time, specie backed US Treasury Notes were withdrawn from circulation and destroyed!

The Rothschilds will not accept any competition. The US Treasury Notes were allowed to circulate alongside the Federal Reserve Notes so that the public would accept both and see no difference between the two, so that by the time the US Notes were purposefully taken out of circulation, the remaining Federal Reserve Notes, also labeled as and called “dollars” were readily received as the nation’s currency. The first stage of the world’s largest Ponzi scheme succeeded. Next was the removal and eventual suppression of the price of gold, an ongoing activity by central banks, with the collusion of the bought-and-paid-for de facto government from that time and up to this day, and for the foreseeable future.

Since the United States has been bled dry of all its gold and silver, and the fiat Federal Reserve Note has just about run its course as the world’s reserve “petrodollar” currency, the next grand prize is Russia, the world’s richest natural resource country, by far. The attack on Russia and/or confrontation has been going on for decades, also using NATO to encircle that country militarily. The most recent provocation is Ukraine, in a so far politically botched attempt to weaken Russia and paint Putin as negatively as possible.

Why go after Russia? Its leadership role in providing liquid natural gas and other energy supplies to Europe has been posing a threat to the supremacy of the fiat Federal Reserve pertrodollar. China also plays a role, perhaps an even larger one in the “de-dollarization” in world trade that will ultimately plunge the US deep into Third-world living status, and an irreversible change that will shock unprepared US citizens when “dollar” devaluations kick in.

The stranglehold of the Western world’s financial banking system by the elites is not about to be easily wrested from them. The willingness to see Ukraine destroyed as a nation, as well as so many innocent lives, is an example of how the elite-led US warmonger will do whatever it takes to try to weaken and demonize Russia and Putin.

The fact that Obama stated that the downing of Malaysian flight 17 was Putin’s doing, immediately after the event, and parading fawning US generals on national television to also echo that Russia was to blame prove to be totally false. It has since been proven that the US-directed Kiev air military purposefully shot down the commercial airliner, killing all innocent people on board as an act to blame Russia. This is how the elites operate, not caring who or how many people are killed in their pursuit of maintaining monetary control.

Obama has been doing everything possible to start another war in order to keep the fiat Federal Reserve Note “dollar” propped up. Going after Russia exposes the US as nothing more than war-driven inept, but dangerous fools. Now, Obama is starting to drop bombs in Iraq to counter the ISIS terrorists taking over that bombed-out, broken country. Who are the ISIS terrorists? The same group armed and trained by the CIA to fight in Syria. Well-trained and well-armed, these extremists have gone rogue, a consequence of the supposedly hidden agenda of defending the fiat “dollar,” people be damned in the process.

The sanctions Obama keeps on imposing on Russia are now backfiring even more. Putin is striking back, banning food imports from the EU. This is just what the insolvent EU nations need, more weakening of their economies. It is costly for EU nations to be the lap-dog for Obama. Soon, reality self-survival will surface, and EU nations will learn to just say No! Austria already has. France has. Bulgaria is on the fence, depending on how quickly the IMF can put pressure on Bulgarian banks.

The fact that the West is fading fast, choking on trillions in worthless derivatives that are propping up the all but failed Western financial system, and can keep countries like Germany in the fold is a testament to how fierce the elites will exert whatever control they can over each country, mostly by financial threat of destroying the country’s banking viability.

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This is such Bulls..t!

The Jewish Rothschild global Banking Conspiracy CRAP is hurting this movement.....especially since Ron Paul DOES NOT condone or endorse this crap. If this person knew anything about money and the history of money and banking ( or if you people did ) you would see how laughable this crap really is. All you are doing is distracting from the real problem and that an ever growing and increasing State.

I would say the person that wrote this article has never done any real reach on the Rothschild's......all he is doing is regurgitating the same old nonsense. Do you people know where that crap comes from.....the Populist Movement of the late 1890's. Do you know what the agenda was....they were inflationist. Do you know the Populist Movement morph into the Progressive Movement.....that gave us the Federal Reserve.......GEZZZ people....the information is out there .....do your own homework.

Do you know the history of inflation in the country.....If not maybe you should read Rothbard's "Conceived in Liberty".

Do you what to know the Rothschild thought on the inflationist banks in the United States.....Maybe you should read Neill Ferguson 2 books on the Rothschild's. I would say he is the foremost expert on the Rothschild's and he says that this stuff you people are spewing is garbage.

Or maybe you should read Carroll Quigley "Tragedy and Hope" as he defines EXACTLY the business the Rothschild's were in and then you might have a hope of understanding the difference between Investment Banking and Commercial Banking. Do you know that until the 1980's investment banks were all private and ONLY used THEIR own money in business.......do you think they are going to be careless with their own money. Then you might have a hope of understanding that what you are saying makes you look like the biggest bunch of mindless sheep to even come on to this site.

Or better yet you could read Rothbard's "History of Banking and Money" and ......glory be .....you might understand that the National Banking Acts passed during the Civil War is the TRUE origin of the and beginning of the Federal Reserve and the act in 1913 was just the finishing touch that created the cartel that socialized the losses while allowing the profits to remain private......at least until the 1940's when the congress couldn't resist getting their grubby little fingers on it.

Or maybe better yet you could read Gary North's depiction of the Greenbacker's movement that produces all those video y'all are so fond of on the website......how they want the USG to issue the currency directly.....just like Lincoln did during the Civil War ( his second failure in finance), Just like the Continental Congress did during the Revolutionary War. Then you MIGHT understand that "direct issue" is nothing but a "Direct Tax" of instant inflation....because that currency losses it's value just about as fast as it comes off the printing presses.

God I wish you people would grow up and stop spreading this BULLSHIT. There are young Libertarians that come here to gain knowledge and understanding....unfortunately they are not getting it with this kind of crap.

I Didn't See the "J-Word" Being Used

..as you so loudly proclaim.

And knock it off with the "you people" generalizations.

THAT is really ignorant.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

You're Just Ignorant

This is about the Banking System, not religion.

What Really Happened to this Country.
(and I why I never celebrate the 4th of July...no "Independence" was ever won).

Yeah...I'm the ignorant one

So Murray Rothbard, Neill Ferguson, Carroll Quigley and Ron Paul.....yes Ron Paul are all ignorant....really. Who produced the video you just linked.....do you even know, yeah that's what I thought. Mindless sheep ....but hey I bet you are popular.

Stop getting you education from YouTube and pick up a book once in awhile.

And Einstein....when a country directly issue a currency to pay for crap....mostly war crap......it might be issued debt free( really the correct thought is "interest free") but debt free only to the GOVERNMENT......what do you think it's debt free to the people when it depreciates 50% in a year or two......who's paying the debt then.....really.....do you think or just post videos?


Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard clearly oppose this global Banking system (Rothchilds Central Bank control), and have spoken in opposition to it throughout their lives. Carroll Quigley was an insider who acknowledged the Global Banksters, and their (documented) agenda of global financial (and economic) control.

I never called them ignorant.
I call you ignorant (as your defense of the Rothschilds crooked Central Banks clearly is).

Well now you are just lying

Murray Rothbard and Ron Paul are opposed to the government cartel of the global banking system, they have never expressed any matter of the Rothchilds and the Jewish banking conspiracy.

Carroll Quigley has addressed the Rothschild in his book but in a factual context of who they were and their position in the world.

The Rothschild were investment bankers and other then commenting on how they hated doing business with the banks in the United States because they were unreliable and could not be counted on to honor their commitments of paying species on demand ( which is what the banks always do that over issue currency....with government approval) they hated central banks. They were sound money hard commodity gold standard types that hated the inflation that central banks brought on.

Do you even know anything about "Sound money".....if you did you wouldn't be holding on to this nonsense.

What you are trying to espouse (((((DOES NOT EXIST))))) at least in the Rothschild NAME......It does exist in the sense that the USG developed the financial system after WW2.

I am NOT a defender of the Rothschild......What I am is a defender of the TRUTH.......and you aren't even close to it.

And now I return.

OH Baby!......I am so glad you decided to share you little video.
You see.....when you post that crap as a rebuttal....I am the guy people hate because I do my own research.....and here's what I found.

The video you posted "Criminal Rothschild" is produced by the same people that produced "Money Masters" .

Read Gertrude Coogans Bluff


These people are straight up Greenbackers. If you don't know about the Greenbackers, check out Gary North site and how he dismantles Ellen Brown...the producer of "Web Of Debt" video.....I am sure you have see it.....it mandatory for all conspiracy kooks.


But in one part of your video "Criminal Rothschild"....the narrator spells out EXACTLY what I am saying.....defending and praising "pure fiat government issued paper money with no backing of anything"

Around the 7:40 mark and goes to 8:35.... "America had discovered the secret of money"......and pigs can fly!

Let me say this S-L-O-W-L-Y so you get it......there is no secret to money....((((IT DOES NOT EXIST)))).

Here is a link to Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty" .....Here is the TRUTH of American and PAPER MONEY. The chapter starts on page 621......now go educate yourself......it's free!




The cartel of the global bankers is a private cartel - a private monopoly. Who the hell do you think are the owners of this cartel?

The main repository for the wealth of the global oligarchy that owns these bank holding companies is US Trust Corporation – founded in 1853 and now owned by Bank of America. A recent US Trust Corporate Director and Honorary Trustee was Walter Rothschild. Other directors included Daniel Davison of JP Morgan Chase, Richard Tucker of Exxon Mobil, Daniel Roberts of Citigroup and Marshall Schwartz of Morgan Stanley. [2]

J. W. McCallister, an oil industry insider with House of Saud connections, wrote in 'The Grim Reaper' that information he acquired from Saudi bankers cited 80% ownership of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (by far the most powerful Fed branch) - by just eight families, four of which reside in the US. They are the Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London; the Warburgs of Hamburg; the Lazards of Paris; and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome.

The leading eight families behind this cartel structure: The cartel's eight families

Here's a good history primer:


The Rothschilds created "The Bank of England" crooked, debt-driven, for-profit central bank scheme. Our founding fathers wanted to escape this system. This is the same model that all the world's (debt based) central banks are now modeled after, and they are all owned by this same global banking cartel.

And now you have to ask yourself

Are you an inflationist or an advocate for Sound Money?

Free silver was a Central United States policy issue in the late 19th century. Its advocates were in favor of an inflationary monetary policy using the "free coinage of silver" as opposed to the less inflationary gold standard; its supporters were called "Silverites". The Silverites promoted bimetallism, the use of
both silver and gold as currency at the ratio of 16 to 1 (16 ounces of silver would be worth 1 ounce of gold). Because the actual ratio was about 32 to 1 at the time, most economists warned that the cheaper silver would drive the more expensive gold out of circulation. Everyone agreed that free silver would raise prices; the question was whether or not this inflationary measure would be beneficial. The issue peaked from 1893 to 1896, when the economy was in a severe depression—called the Panic of 1893—characterized by falling prices (deflation), high unemployment in industrial areas, and severe distress for farmers.

The debate pitted the pro-gold financial establishment of the Northeast, along with railroads, factories and businessmen, who were creditors who would benefit from disinflation (resulting from demand pressures on the relatively fixed gold money supply against a backdrop of unprecedented economic expansion), against poor farmers who would benefit from higher prices for their crops (resulting from the prospective expansion of the money supply by allowing silver to also circulate as money). Free silver was especially popular among farmers in the wheat belt (the western Midwest) and the cotton belts (the Deep South), as well as silver miners in the West. It had little support among farmers in the Northeast and the Corn Belt (the eastern Midwest). Free silver was the central issue for Democrats in the presidential election of 1896 and that of 1900, under the leadership of William Jennings Bryan. The Populists also endorsed Bryan and free silver in 1896, which marked the effective end of their independence. In major elections free silver was consistently defeated, and after 1896 the nation moved to the gold standard.

Under the gold specie standard, anyone in possession of gold bullion could deposit it at a mint where it would be processed into gold coins. Less a nominal seigniorage to cover processing costs, the coins would then be paid to the depositor; this was free coinage of gold by definition. The objective of the free silver movement was that the mints should accept and process silver bullion according to the same principle, notwithstanding the fact that the market value of the silver in circulating coins of the United States was substantially less than face value.

As a result, the monetary value of silver coins was based on government fiat rather than on the commodity value of their contents, and this became especially true following the huge silver strikes in the West, which further depressed the silver price. From that time until the early 1960s the silver in United States dimes, quarters, halves, and silver dollars was worth only a fraction of their face values. Free coinage of silver would have amounted to an increase in the money supply, with inflation as the result.

The Populist Party had a strong free-silver element. Its subsequent combination with the Democratic Party moved the latter from the support of the gold standard which had been the hallmark of the Cleveland administration to the free-silver position epitomized by 1896 presidential nominee William Jennings Bryan in his Cross of Gold speech. Bryan's 1896 candidacy was supported by Populists and "silver Republicans" as well as by Democrats.

The issue was over what would back the US currency. The two options were: gold (wanted by the Goldbugs and William McKinley) and silver (wanted by the Silverites and Bryan). Unbacked paper (wanted by the Greenbacks) represented a third option.

The city voters—especially German Americans—overwhelmingly rejected the free-silver cause out of conviction that it would lead to economic disaster, unemployment, and higher prices. The diversified farmers of the Midwest and East opposed it as well, but the cotton farmers in the South and the wheat farmers in the West were enthusiastic for free silver. Bryan tried again in 1900 to raise the issue but lost by larger margins, and when he dropped the issue it fell out of circulation.

Free silver became increasingly associated with Populism, unions, and the fight of ordinary Americans against the bankers, railroad monopolists, and the robber barons of the laissez-faire capitalism era and was referred to as the "People's Money" (as opposed to the gold-based currency, which was portrayed by the Populists as the money of "exploitation" and "oppression"). Around the time of the Panic of 1893, William H. Harvey's popular pamphlet Coin's Financial School illustrated the "restorative" properties of silver; through devaluation of the currency, closed factories would reopen, darkened furnaces would be relit, and the like. But Henry Demarest Lloyd was much harsher, writing:

"The free silver movement is a fake. Free silver is the cow-bird of the reform movement. It waited until the nest had been built by the sacrifices and labor of others, and then it lay its own eggs in it, pushing out the others which lie smashed on the ground.

Look LibertyBaby......let me help you out.

The link you provided to the article on Global Research by Dean Henderson is suspect at best. How do I know. Well lets just look at one of the claims. That 8 families own the Federal Reserve. I don't have time to untangle his reserch.....so lets look at some I have untangled. Karen Hudes....do you know this whack job? Well she made the claim that a Swiss Report stated this same fact and that they were controlling the world. So I looked up the White Paper she referenced and that's not what it said at all. It said there is a large consolidation of stock held by a small number of companies and most were financial companies, but it also said that there was NOTHING nefarious about this arrangement.

Another case in point, but not from the article, is this link right here.


The reason I choose to show you this is because it's from Eustace Mullins wed site.

This is bogus also. I read the GAO report and what it say is that if you "annualized" the loans.....,and they were loans and not handouts as the headlines would suggest, then it would come to 16 trillion. The real loan figure was about 1 trillion .....total. These were "Repurchase Agreements" where the Fed takes assets off the banks balance sheet for a short period of time, could be a day, week or month and then the bank repays the loans and the asset is returned to the bank. Of course there were fees for this and the Fed collected them and those profit were return to the Treasury minus the 6% dividend the "owners" of the Fed receives.

Here is a good article that describes "Who owns and controls the Fed"


So I know you hate me about right now......but trust me I am here to help.

So why does bullshit exist and were does it come from.

Here is a link to something that was written during the late 1890's around the time frame when the demonization of silver was occurring. When reading this you will discover that the hatred for the Rothschilds and the so called banking conspirators is more of a political agenda then truth. Once you start seeing it for what it is .....then you will start asking yourself, "What is their agenda" for such hatred. I can tell you it's certainly not Liberty. The Greenbacker ( which it what they were to become known as) thinks the government is not big enough...they want more government control...especially over money. Money is not just some object that can be wished into existence. Money represents a store of value of someone's work and labor. Money facilitates the indirect exchange so
that we all aren't bartering for an existence. Money allows us to use our God given talents to specialize in one thing while purchasing something else from someone else that is better at their thing. Money allows all those that are good at one thing to compete so that the lowest cost, and therefore price to the consumer can be discovered.


So what is their agenda......they are inflationist. Inflation is the scourge of the earth. Inflation breaks down EVERYTHING that is good in this world. Work is one of the most worthy endeavors on this earth......inflation destroys that. Who loves inflation....debtors, why because, they get to repay their loans with cheaper money ( money they have earned with less effort then those before them). Who is the largest debtor in the world....the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. The conspiracy kooks ( unbeknown to themselves) what to give the USG the ability to "print" so called debt free money. Let me ask you a question...is the first 95 years of the FED's exist the Fed issued 800 billion of currency and the USG created 13 trillion of debt......who is the real culprit?

Do you know why the USG allows fractional reserve banking to exist. Because during the Civil War Lincoln needed funds to fight a war.....to make the South submit to his Liberty. But he tried to borrow the money from overseas.....one group he approached was the Rothschild. They wouldn't loan him the money.....at least not cheaply. Why should they. Earlier they had loaned money to banks in the US...to State Banks. They lost their ass's. The State Banks suspended species payments and would only pay off their loans in their own State Bank issued currency.......So they borrowed Gold and paid off in paper....wow what a great deal for Rothschilds.....yeah right...worthless paper ( sounds like today and the dollar.)The Rothschild hated the bankers in the US.

So Lincoln couldn't borrow money to fight a war.....So what did he do...he printed it himself. First 150 million of greenbacks....then another 150 million.......then another 150 million....So by the end of the war....the USG had received 450 million of goods and services from the producers of this country and when all was said and done it deprecated by 50%......the results....gold fled and prices sored in greenback terms. Well there were a certain people that were rewarded handsomely for this...those that received the greenbeeks first and the debtors.....usually large land owners. Now they could sell off smaller portions of their land....payoff the debt and the rest was
free and clear. The people that got hurt.....the lower class who were not in real assets before the inflation.

But back to the banking ....So the banking acts during the Civil War ( which by the way is where the real seeds of the Federal Reserve were planted). There was a trade off to the USG. The banks could now hold USG debt as a reserve along with gold and silver to expand their balance sheet. Why would the USG do this? Because it created a market for the US Treasury debt. Now the USG could sell it's debt to the banks and get gold to pay for the war machine to "Save the Union". We know the USG debt wasn't very tempting because the banking interest in Europe wouldn't lend them their money ( and by the way.....when I say their money....I mean it was their money, the Rothschild along with every other investment bank DID not have depositors......it was THEIR MONEY). But when the USG sold their debt to the banks this drained the gold out of the economy and into the coffers of the treasury. This created a squeeze in the money market and interest rates would rise. The banks and the Treasury didn't what this and since they unformed the currency, with National Bank Notes, the banks could not just print more currency and THIS IS WHERE FRACTIONAL RESERVE LENDING CAME INTO EXISTING IN THIS COUNTRY. This USG allowed banks to create checkable deposits.....have you ever wondered how checking came into existence.....well there you have it. These checkable deposit re-liquefied the money markets so interest rates wouldn't spike and the system stayed in balance at least until the USG starting spending the money it raised and then you had too many dollars chasing too few goods.

So who is the culprit of the inflation? I would say the USG.....not some conspiracy of banking elites that have been trying to control the world since the time of Jesus.....I mean C'mon......they would have to be the worst conspirators in the history of the world......the real problem is the State and their ever increasing need for power and growth. Now do I think that bankers enjoy their privilege at the expense of others in society....oh hell yeah, but they are business men and I expect that from them. We do not have a contract with them for them to look after the good of the public.....we would hope they would but they all have Machiavelli tendencies.

The definition of corruption is: the interference in the free market through government regulation.....Milton Friedman

The government on the other hand is sold to us as our protectors and the laws are written equally for all and justice is blind.....yeah right. The Constitution was written to install a Mercantilist State in this country just as the ones we just defeated....now if you want to know the real conspiracy just ask any Anti-Federalist.

Thats all bullshit

The Federal Reserve is controlled by the USG.....the Treasury gets the lion share of the profits and the "owners" are the member bank within each district.

Reciting what you hear in these videos doesn't make it true....just means you don't have a clue as to what you are talking about.

The Rothchild's DID NOT create the BOE.....LOL hahahah

The Bank of England foundation in 1694 arose out the difficulties of the Government of the day in securing subscriptions to State loans. Its primary purpose was to raise and lend money to the State and in consideration of this service it received under its Charter and various Act of Parliament, certain privileges of issuing bank notes. The corporation commenced, with an assured life of twelve years after which the Government had the right to annul its Charter on giving one year's notice. 'Subsequent extensions of this period coincided generally with the grant of additional loans to the State'

From Wikipedia

The family's ascent to international prominence began in 1744, with the birth of Mayer Amschel Rothschild in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He was the son of Amschel Moses Rothschild, (born circa 1710.)

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (23 February 1744 – 19 September 1812) was a German banker and the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, which is believed to have become the wealthiest family in human history. Referred to as the "founding father of international finance," Rothschild was ranked seventh on the Forbes magazine list of "The Twenty Most Influential Businessmen of All Time" in 2005.

Nathan Mayer Rothschild,
He operated first as a textile merchant in Manchester, then from 1804 he began to deal on the London stock exchange in financial instruments such as foreign bills and government securities.

So the Rothchilds weren't even alive when the BOE was started..................Gezzzzzzzz...............Aren't you embarrassed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making more friends I see.

Making more friends I see. What a class act you are.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

No question...

dollar hegemony is withering on the vine and with it, the American empire, which is the enforcer for Zionist global control.

I believe there is nothing that these psychopaths will not do to hold on to their power...including taking the whole world down with them in a blaze of thermo-nuclear glory.

Seems strange to be pulling for Putin, bit he may be the only man that can organize a real challenge to the end game. And once we get there, hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

Good Video

Good Video...but I am unsure that the price rigging will ever stop, or that we will ever see any big rise in metals in just 3 months.

Instead when the dollars implodes, I think some other currency scheme (a global one) will be designed and eventually replace the dollar, and it will be under the same control as these Banksters.

And they will then play the same games and gimmicks using the new currency scheme.