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Primary Victory for George Brikho (9th District) Michigan

George Brikho becomes the Liberty Movement’s official 9th District Candidate.

Congratulations are in order for George Brikho on his victory in the primary race. For those of you who do not have the pleasure of knowing him, George is a hardworking man who loves being a Michigander and loves his country. He is a friendly, caring and passionate small business owner, a loving husband, and a proud father of four who is a native to Michigan. Brikho is a longtime Ron Paul supporter and often echoes the ideals of Dr. Paul. He's a firm supporter of the Constitution and recognizes the value of our beloved document. Brikho is interested in preserving what our country was based upon and refuses to be influenced by an otherwise totalitarian agenda.
Brikho supports smaller government, the protection of our civil liberties, true economic reform, the Second Amendment, protection of our environment, and a foreign policy that “makes sense”. Brikho says, “I know in my heart that I can do some good for my District and the State of Michigan”.
Perhaps more than ever, people who really care about honor, freedom, and our Constitution are looking for new leadership here in Michigan and around the Country. To volunteer, donate, or discover more about George Brikho you can visit his campaign site http://georgebrikho.com/ or contact the Committee to Elect George Brihko by calling (248) – 636 – 0600.

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I called George but no answer, figures

George has no health care policy on his website. Oakland County is hiding how much their employee health insurance costs so I went to Wayne State University instead to give him an idea of the corruption in Michigan.

Blue Cross is charging $2,401 per month for employee family coverage that they make the employee pay 1/2 or $1,200.57 a month. I kid you not look:


In the free and open market, on the exchange, a 30-year-old couple and 2 children (earning $50,000 a year) can get the security of personable and portable "Individual Health Insurance" (HSA Bronze plan) for $467 a month. Wait it gets better, after tax credits the premium drops to $127 a month.

Blue Cross is charging $2,400 a month and on the exchange it's $127 a month for Wayne State University employees!

If I was running for congress in Detroit, [[Dingle]] Country, I would point out that the tax payers are being raped to the max on health care by Blue Cross.

If George is going to be a Rand Paul Republican he better take at least 20 minutes and bone up on health insurance. I mean Obamacare is the biggest issue in the country and to have no health care policy is insane. That's just me and others might feel differently.

Just have George write: Healthcare Policy: I believe in free and open markets with competition to reduce costs in Michigan. I believe in the center-piece of Republican healthcare reform, the tax-free HSA. I would fight for the right of Michiganders to deposit higher amounts into their tax-free HSAs so they can have larger balances at retirement. We all know that money that is never taxed will last longer in retirement. I want Michigan citizens to save premium, eliminate taxes, build wealth and become EMPOWERED.

BUMP For good news!

We are winning

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul