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Ever wonder what ISIS looks like?

This gets really distrubing as the video goes on. This is there recruiting video.



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For those of us who may be faint of heart...

anyone care to just explain what is in the video?

I cannot believe this is real.

This is literally the most evil footage I have ever seen. I wish this was fake.

Two planes, three buildings?

Please Watch unless you already know everthing

War? We are dealt a set of circumstances whether we like it or not. How we handle that matters. Do not doubt the innocence of the youth when the teenager is led to believe his dad wants to see him and then they are both executed. They acted as the police. The boy obeyed. It is coming. You may lay your life down in peace, but don't impede your children or parents when they use their liberty to resist. I say show this to your children and tell them to think carefully about how they want to react so they get more time to come to peace (or resistance) than the boy 2/3rds into the video got.

Sick video - they have broken the natural law of Bastiat with those who have made a contract with us to protect those natural laws.

Wake up peacemongers, you have a natural right to protect your natural rights and the law of defense when someone initiates aggression.

thank you

For the warning! I think I'll heed the advise!

Please don't watch this.

Please don't watch this.

Call me stupid for asking but

Call me stupid for asking but exactly is ISIS? The new Al Qaida???


Just a bunch of murderers killing people at random. But gives some very scary perspective on what we're talking about.

I watched it in June


My honest advice: do not watch this. Pure evil.