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Is Putin part of NWO?

I've heard of various theories about how Putin is part of NWO. I've watched in full the "Assassination of Russia" documentary. I'm very well familiar with the false-flag theories of Moscow & Ryazan apartment bombings leading to Second Chechnya War, itself further leading to Putin's meteoric rise to power & tightening grip over Russia. I'm also well familiar with the "Blowing up Russia" book, and assorted conspiracies regarding Litvinenko's death. Not to mention, the out in the open murder of Anna Politkovskaya by FSB.

Having said this, the counter side: Examining the Yukos & Khodorkovsky episode reveals that they were bunch of NWO agents working to sell away Russia's resources to Zionists. Khodorkovsky brought in Henry Kissinger & Rothschilds for goodness sake inside Russia, to gain control over Yukos assets. Khodorkovsky's suspicious meteoric rise during Gorbachev's waning days & Boris Yeltsin years reveals highly corrupt Zionist financial mismanagement - rivaling today's JPMorgan/Goldman Sachs. Especially, Khodorkovsky was in bed with the IMF & had related money laundering issues. Putin put a stop to all of this when he used "statist" muscle to disband Yukos & put Khodorkovsky in a dungeon. (I'm not even mentioning the rest of Zionist operatives at Yukos that ran away to Israel after Yukos was disbanded.)

Such sharply contrasting points beg the question whether Putin really belongs to NWO, or otherwise he's just a purely out-and-out FSB/KGB agent. But most of all, I saved the best for the last. Following video from Putin's speech in Munich, Germany on February 10, 2007 - in which he SLAMMED the NWO - really puts in doubt the theory that he himself is part of NWO; and merely pretending to be acting his role for opposing side. Angela Merkel, Hitlery Clinton, Senile McCain, Joe Zionist Lieberman are present in the audience for following speech BTW, and observe their reactions as Putin makes bolder & badder statements.


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Those kinds of statements are exactly the same kind of duplicitous B.S. statements that Kissenger and his cronies specialize in.

I think they tell us nothing.

They are all part of one

They are all part of one thing or another. Each with their idea of how things should be as they play a game deemed to be out of our league. He has done little to convince me that he is interested in building a world I havd an interest in being a part of. A far cry from Ron Paul.

Putin may play his role as Grand Duke leading us to the Czar...

Follow along with me a I present my published notes, The Innocents Abroad. Chapter 37 When they swagger around the stage in jeweled crowns and splendid robes, I shall feel bound to observe that all the Emperors that ever I was personally acquainted with wore the commonest sort of clothes, and did not swagger.
37. CHAPTER XXXVII. (continued) Travelling with the Cossacks, whom lead our procession across Russia to met the Czar.
The Grand Duke and his Duchess came out, and the presentation ceremonies were as simple as they had been at the Emperor's. In a few minutes, conversation was under way, as before. The Empress appeared in the verandah, and the little Grand Duchess came out into the crowd. They had beaten us there. In a few minutes, the Emperor came himself on horseback. It was very pleasant. You can appreciate it if you have ever visited royalty and felt occasionally that possibly you might be wearing out your welcome--though as a general thing, I believe, royalty is not scrupulous about discharging you when it is done with you.

The Grand Duke is the third brother of the Emperor, is about thirty-seven years old, perhaps, and is the princeliest figure in Russia. He is even taller than the Czar, as straight as an Indian, and bears himself like one of those gorgeous knights we read about in romances of the Crusades. He looks like a great-hearted fellow who would pitch an enemy into the river in a moment, and then jump in and risk his life fishing him out again. The stories they tell of him show him to be of a brave and generous nature. He must have been desirous of proving that Americans were welcome guests in the imperial palaces of Russia, because he rode all the way to Yalta and escorted our procession to the Emperor¹s himself, and kept his aids scurrying about, clearing the road and offering assistance wherever it could be needed. We were rather familiar with him then, because we did not know who he was. We recognized him now, and appreciated the friendly spirit that prompted him to do us a favor that any other Grand Duke in the world would have doubtless declined to do. He had plenty of servitors whom he could have sent, but he chose to attend to the matter himself.

The Grand Duke was dressed in the handsome and showy uniform of a Cossack officer. The Grand Duchess had on a white alpaca robe, with the seams and gores trimmed with black barb lace, and a little gray hat with a feather of the same color. She is young, rather pretty modest and unpretending, and full of winning politeness.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

If you want to

learn about the 'real' Putin, and not the Zionist anti-Putin propaganda forcefully promoted in America, read these excerpts from a book by Michael King, 'The Talented Mr Putin'. http://tomatobubble.com/id550.html

Fascinating reading!

You should make a separate post of it!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Putin does make some good points

about the unipolar world being a danger.

I do wonder if Putin would feel the same way if Russia was the unipolar power.

The speech definitely had a "lecturing" tone to it and Hitlery, McCain, Merkle and Lieberman had to be squirming in their seats.

Putin definitely is no dummy.

McCain Lieberman

I got the best kick out of that video @ 14:00 mark. Zionist duo of McCain & Lieberman are both intently waiting for English translation on headphones to finish due to translation lag. Putin gives a direct stare to both of them. Especially so at McCain, who has an instantaneous squirm reaction of looking away with classic senile smirk on his face. That short snippet could make for a great youtube meme. ;-)

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Putin may very well be playing the bad guy in all of this

so it is always good to question him. What makes me think Putin is part of the new world order is he bows to the pope like the rest of the leaders of the world do. So I would say yes, Putin is part of the new world order. All will be deceived, that means Putin too. Oh and the Pope means nothing to me, he can go pound salt with the false teachings his religious organization spews upon the earth. I would not bow to the pope in ten million lifetimes. I bow to one master, and He is not here at the moment.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Good speech

Full of digs

Putin at 4:33 and I quote

"The (unipolar) model at its basis is flawed because there is and can be no moral foundations for modern civilization."

That is a powerful comment and true to the core.

He is utterly rejecting any authoritarian style world government.

He also states the unipolar bloc has not solved any problems at all. (true, IMO) And goes one step further, stating that the actions of the unipolar bloc have made things worse.

Thanks for this!

I watched the video. Very interesting! I have watched many of Putin's speeches and interviews. He is definitely an interesting man. I basically have the same thoughts as you about him.

I think it's so strange that the MSM doesn't air the UN conferences and things like that. You'd think these things would be top priority in the media... Or at least as important as Miley, Justin or Kim Kardashian!!

I wonder how many people in America even knew who Putin was until about a week or so ago?

Just like during the Roman Empire... Bread and Circus- (food & entertainment.) As long as people have those two things they won't care about anything else..

The only time they air UN conferences is for propaganda

When the western delegations walk out on a speech, usually by Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, or any non-aligned country.

It suits the western propaganda message.

Mr. Twain

Your wit does escape me from time to time. You are obviously quite intelligent with a firm grasp of history. It would be nice if you could dumb it down a little so that us commoners could grasp the gist of your message. I'm a big fan. I'm quite often left pondering and it's frustrating because I truly do want to understand.
I'm willing to do the work to understand, but please throw us a bone every now and then with your cryptic pedantic messages.

Thank you... This may help with perspective... The Cossacks.

The Cossacks were among Russia's greatest military tribes centuries ago.

THE COSSACKS ARE A group of Russian military warriors who still exist today, but without the same military power they had in the past.

The word "Cossack" is derived from the Turkic term kazak that means "free man" or "adventurer". They consisted of semi-independent Tartar groups - a Turkic-speaking people who lived in west-central Russia - or peasants escaping serfdom in Poland and Russia. The Cossacks united in the 15th century as a self-governing warrior organization that was loyal only to the Russian Czar. They settled in six different areas: the Don, the Greben in Caucasia, the Yaik, near the Ural River, the Volga, the Dnieper and the Zaporozhian, west of the Dnieper. The Cossacks accepted anyone who was considered a worthy warrior, but the new members had to believe in Christ. It is believed that most were of Slavic descent.

Note to reader: Continue reading at the linked article published in History Magazine. History recounted from the 15th century... forward. Putin seems well aware of the Cossack history.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

He has a part in NWO, but....

He has a role of being "part of NWO". A twisted one.

Let's define, firstly, what would not be "the NWO". Not the NWO would be almost zero energy importing country like Iceland, zero energy consumption homes in Germany, 80% electricity generated by nuclear plants France (with their electric trains), gun rights in North Dakota, relative free speech in USA, communities in Scandinavia, life protecting cops (at the risk of their own life) in Lithuania, low corruption countries like Finland and Estonia, Netherland's tollerance to pot and low tax zones of Singapore.

Russia and Putin is none of the above.

He does have the typical personality traits you would find in any autocrat and dictator, no need to mention here. Putin is not NWO, but he is not exactly anti-NWO either.

Key thing to understand that he is in charge of the richest country in the world, of all times. Period.

Back to the question on how exactly to classify putin: His clearly narcissist personality enjoys popularity, driven by the oil riches, by appearing to be a defender against "western values".

The little secret is that US petrodollar is also pegged to the expensive oil, for this expensive oil is feeding Saudis, Russians, US Oil tycoons, oil wars in Africa.

He is really needed to keep the oil price high. Together with "islamic warriors", "iran threats" and other boogey men, hatever keeps the oil price high (but not too high for the governmental lever energy solutions, see above Iceland, Germany, France).

Please keep in mind that some of the Putin's money is potentially feeding "US alternative media".

Engage in Secure Exchange

Warning: The Cossacks Ride Again!

French Nightmare rides again. The Cossacks ride again. 4 minute news alert to European countries. This time the Cossacks state they ride in the spirit of friendship to Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Germany and France. This nightmare reoccurs from time to time, since 1812. Beware!

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul