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You Be the Webmaster! DP Challenge #2: "You people need to stop!"

Spotted in a comment with seventeen downvotes and counting!

Submitted by WillinMiami on Mon, 08/11/2014 - 20:40. Permalink
Stop mourning the loss of this communist! He was NOT a friend of liberty! These damn crocodile tears are pitiful!!

It is on the Robin Williams RIP thread that Séamusín posted.

Here is another quote, same thread:

Who are YOU to tell me enough? I am sorry but you will have to help me understand why I should bother myself to care that you think I should not speak my mind as much as these other little girls that are crying over a drug addict liberal coward that took his own life after spending thousands of dollars over the years helping to oppress me and take my freedom.

What do you do with this guy, Daily Paul?

Holy crap
Submitted by WillinMiami on Mon, 08/11/2014 - 21:18. Permalink
Have I somehow gotten lost and ended up in little bitch land?!?! You people need to recognize the enemies of freedom and act like men! What is all of this crying and moaning?!?! Robin Williams actively worked against liberty and for big government!!!!!

Is he wrong? He asks:

If I am so wrong for so long like he was, I expect condemnation! I will be damned if I mourn those that work to oppress me! His money helped get people elected that took away my freedoms and unjustly taxed me. He was a willing accomplish in taking my money and my freedom! He was the enemy!!!!!

Is he entitled to his opinion?

Is he entitled to his opinion at the Daily Paul?

Do you guys want to keep him around?

He is an oldtimer. I give him credit for that.

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Well, it is your Ark. So you get to do whatever you like

And I sense how you prefer a soft touch, and others don't (like me)

However, this "Ark" was built around the ideas of Ron Paul and Freedom and Liberty, which casts a wide net. So I'll leave you with these...

"Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen".
-Warren Earl Burger

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all".
-Noam Chomsky

"The great and invigorating influences in American life have been the unorthodox: the people who challenge an existing institution or way of life, or say things that make people think."
-William O. Douglas

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

It's a point of view

It may violate some sense of decorum but if it were my site, I wouldn't ban him.

I am tolerant of most things other than personal attacks on other members of the community.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the web owner gets to decide if he wants that opinion expressed on his web site.

There has been the point made that celebrities get special treatment and mourning when they die, while many people tragically kill themselves every day without an after thought.

I like thought provoking comments even if I might find them offensive. Of course I have my limits too.

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Sometimes the discussions are not what I like,
so I go and read something else that I like.

Liberty Peace and Prosperity Amen

Try to divide what it ought to be and unify what it is. -Perma

True Worldliness hinges on this principle.

I mourn the loss of Robin Williams and I agree with WillinMiami, but not because I mourn a commie. Rain Wilson is a child of a satanic cult but I like his humor too. I like them because they are comedians. The whole idea of Ron Paul is not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The only way for liberty to win is to find points of equality (not differences) between the libertarian and the confused.

Robin Williams suicide exhibits a specialized residue of constitutional America that is begging for clarity.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I think all of us here

Believe in our natural rights and one of them is defined as our fist amendment. The same should apply here on the DP. The first amendment was not for those who agree but rather the opposite. Nobody has the right NOT to be offended. Keep him. I loved the things Robin Williams did in his career but if he was a tool of the duopoly then we should point out what he really was politically. His comedy was great and his acting was also very good. I think the most selfish thing a person can do is kill themselves though. Anyhow, let the old man stand. This is no place for censorship. The DP market can take care of herself.

"To ski powder is to waste it" - Jake Burton

Thank you

I want to say thank you to everyone that is applying rational thought to this discussion.

For those that have shown me support, especially for those of you that completely disagree with and, in some cases, were offended by what I wrote, I want you to know that it means a lot to me because I want to be surrounded with rational thinkers that can disagree without taking up arms (or the ban button in this case).

Absolutely - keep him around.

Absolutely - keep him around. We cannot fear words or ideas...

When we attempt to silence voices and their ideas we begin a very destructive process.

For the sickest and most twisted ideas-the more sunshine the better. Then we see them for what they are and people are then aware of the ideas, why they are bad.

Attempting to silence these types of ideas only give the ideas credibility that sunshine would never offer them.

This guys post is understandable, to me. Communism murdered more of its own people than any other political idea. Stalin killed more of his own people than did Hitler. Let that sink in for a minute. So did Mao, so did the African communists.

When someone wears a stalin, lenin or marx T-shirt - they should get the same reaction as someone walking around with a hiel hitler shirt.

If what he said about Robin Williams is true - then I understand his frustration.


Liberty = Responsibility

Keep Him

He makes a valid point. I like Robin Williams, he was a funny man, but that doesn't mean I endorse his politics. We are all allowed to make mistakes and be wrong in life. While I do believe Robin Williams is wrong I won't condemn him for it. If there is anything Ron Paul has taught me is that you need to show compassion to people. You won't change any minds telling people their stupid. Educate don't insult.

I'd Keep Him - He at least attempts an explanation

Some people just hurl insults & ad-hom without regard. This guy is at least explaining why he's so angry, even if i think he's incredibly off-base here.

I saw his comment on the Robin Williams link and it DID stick out to me making me pause: "Whoa, this guy is so wrong - maybe i need to respond." Not necessarily to change HIS mind, but to present the other view about Williams even if he DID make his living in The Den of Hollywood.

I'm new, so take it with a grain -- but i enjoy reading different perspectives, as long as they aren't pure, bigoted hatred without reason, which i would NOT classify this poster as engaging in.

About Robin Williams:
Maybe he DID work for 'the man' - but as a kid, all i got from him was humor, heartfelt emotion, and respect -- no negative influence on me. I'm awake. I'm of sound mind - and I wish Robin were still here making us all laugh our asses off.

I know he's still conscious - and I hope he's having just a SHIT TON OF FUN.
It's the reason for Life.

"If you always lean on your master, you will never be able to proceed without him." - Jefferson to his daughter Martha. March 1787

scawarren's picture

I'd vote to keep him but I do

I'd vote to keep him but I do hope he turns down the negativity a bit because it gets you no where with your argument.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

I would say,,,

I would say,,,
The person should have the chance to express their thoughts.
The person “must” have the sense to be respectful of the site and it’s reputation.
The person must respect other people’s opinions even if they don’t agree with it.
Multiple postings of insults by the person should merit a time out period.
Antagonistic/ crude behavior by the person draws negative attention to the site.
And that’s not good.


Dancing on graves is in bad taste,

but being funny doesn't absolve someone of all sin.

Would the reaction be the same if the same message were posted to a "RIP Ted Kennedy" thread?

Let's at least be morally consistent and not condemn/protect people based on the quality of someone's standup routine.

Politics is, after all, a matter of life and death. If you didn't find "Patch Adams" or "Mrs Doubtfire" entertaining, you'd be justified in regarding Williams as a net negative.

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Also author of Stick it to the Man!


Was not dancing

I was not "dancing on his grave". I was merely trying to point out that we should not rejoice in his life. There IS a difference.

That's part of the problem..

"We"? Is there a mouse in your pocket?

Very weak...

When I wrote "we" in that post, I was speaking about the people that congregate here and the word was used in a proper context imploring those gathered at this place (myself included) to recognize a position.

Please work a little harder if you're going to try to attack my choice of words. It really helps make trite expressions funny when they are used in the proper context...

The right to be wrong cannot be abridged. ~octobox

I am surprised when someone disagrees with me.

I find the argument that Hollywood steers politics with money a bit far-fetched.

Is he entitled to his opinion? Yes

Is he entitled to his opinion at the Daily Paul? Not my job.

Do you guys want to keep him around? Sure, he added another facet to the discussion.

Free includes debt-free!

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Wait until you see #3


He's the man.


This is great stuff. Love it.

"To ski powder is to waste it" - Jake Burton

I can't take the suspense!

I can't take the suspense!

Meh. I've seen worse. I once

Meh. I've seen worse.

I once wrote a post asking for insight from people who have served in the military because my son was considering this move when he graduates. The response I got from a few were horrific! I was called a whore and I don't deserve children and I failed as a parent and I should kill my son before he gets the chance to murder others.

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I remember that. How is he

I remember that. How is he btw?

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Awesome! He just got back

Awesome! He just got back from a 28 day wrestling camp a couple weeks ago. Toughest camp in around. It changed him a little. He now appreciates what hard work is...we've taught him hard work but now he "gets it". It was a real life lesson. Can't wait to see his improvements for school and wrestling this year.

There is Liberty....

Or there is not. Grievance's can be taken up with the reply and down vote functions. However, I will say that many people would see that and be disgusted, as I was. Robin Williams was a great man, who effected my life through his art. His views on governance were different than mine, but so are my mothers. I hope he found what he was looking for.

Adn yet...

I know I have a skewed

I know I have a skewed opinion on the suicide subject because my dad killed himself when I was a teenager, but who is this commentor to judge someone for taking their own life? Saying that he took the cowards way out is lacking understanding of what people with deep depression go through and the pain that they feel. Adding in the chicken-s*** part does not add to the discussion or advance the thought process, and goes against one of the primary tenants of this site, love.

I know we get pretty heated in our discussions on this site, but sometimes we forget that our exchanges need to be based in love. And with love comes compassion. This comment and others here do not exemplify this tenant and should be examined as we are doing.

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I see that

didn't before,thank you
At least you had convictions and reasoning behind your comments,the other,not too much

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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Seeing anothers perspective

whether we agree or not,helps us all grow.I have learned there is more
than one side to any story.If we only see the one side,and not the other
just stagnates us,then we die.
I say,let the man be,let him have his opinion,and let this place grow

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I don't think a man's "free speech" should hinge on us

Or moderators. I respect the mod's rights to design the site, and kick users.

But I DON'T AGREE with banning for the most part. Unless it is A HUGE ISSUE where the user is just non-stop trolling left and right; then a user can poison the well.

But sometimes HONEST and FACTUAL opinions can come out. And they "appear offensive."

BUT I think WillinMiami's posts are well outlined. He has explained ALL OF HIS REASONS, you must respect that. And I appreciate honesty and factuality, especially here with my chosen group, the DP. I want honest people that will speak their mind to be around me. I want "the other side of the story" known by intelligent people TO BE SHARED with me, here on the DP.


On the question of "should he be kicked?" I vote a big: HELL NO, let him stay.

It's somewhat trolling for a mourning

thread, but I think I wouldn't answer with my mod hat on. He may not be capable of recognizing the purpose of the thread or the humanity of Williams outside his political views. Low empathy individuals bolster the numbers of liberty-fighters and it's better to learn to operate alongside them instead of just booting them.

Defend Liberty!