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Who here has done the Landmark Forum?

Just curious, a show of hands.

For the record, I've done it twice. First in Seattle, when I was still a little scared that they were trying to brainwash me, and again in Boston, when I just let go and enjoyed it.

Same for the Advanced Course. First in Seattle, then again in Boston.

As for the SELP - (Self Expression and Leadership) - I was never able to get through it. Started twice, quit twice.

But I'm thinking now would be a good time to try it again. It is about communities, either creating them or transforming them. This community needs to be transformed.

Starts October 25th in Seattle. Perfect.

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not a grad...

attended several events and classes
my take?
they eventually emphasize 'transparency' as key..
you basically spill your guts out in front of 'others'.
This 'catharsis' is supposed to be life changing
as most of us 'hide' our selves, etc, etc.
To be honest... it's new packaging for the old
"confession is good for the soul".
I believe it is..
but you can do better things with your money (imho)

Michael Nystrom's picture

No other Landmark graduates here


He's the man.

Been to a couple of their introduction seminars

Never was convinced it would be worth the time and money to go further.

I have some close friends that have gone as far as the SELP courses. While the Landmark program probably gave them some benefit in terms of maturing and becoming more functional people, I couldn't say I've seen lasting significant positive alteration of the person.

My opinion, if someone wants to evolve as a human being, sit down with the four gospels of the New Testament and resolve to devote yourself to try to follow Jesus. You will find that a lot more difficult than SELP, but infinitely more worthwhile.