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If they gunned ME down what picture would they use?

The media portrayal of African Americans has come under heavy scrutiny in the wake of the police killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.

The 18-year-old died after he was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, a suburb of St Louis, Missouri, sparking looting and riots across the city.

Now African Americans across the country have started posting contrasting images of themselves to Twitter along with the hashtag #iftheygunnedmedown, in protest to the way the media portrays black people.



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Bad pic choices

I understand that the Black community rightfully feels the effects of racism against them, but the hashtag isn't helpful when they choose a uniform vs their regular wear. Or, worse, a one-time-event pic (graduation pic) vs. one of themselves in what the viewer can only assume was their regular clothes. It gives the impression of, "yeah, they graduated from college or serve in the military, but they're punks." They really ought to use two pics of themselves in regular clothes, like the Brown pic.

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