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‘Kill Switch’ Smart Phone Bill Passes In California

‘Kill Switch’ Smart Phone Bill Passes In California

All phones sold in the State will be mandated to integrate controversial technology


Legislation introduced to the Californian Senate earlier this year mandating ‘kill switches’ on all smart phones has been passed and sent to the Governor’s desk for approval.

Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign bill CA SB 962 in the coming weeks, meaning that it will be against the law for any supplier or carrier in the State to sell a mobile phone that is not fitted with the technology.

Manufacturers will have until July 1, 2015 to ensure that all their phones are equipped with the means to “render the essential features of the smartphone inoperable when not in the possession of the authorized user.”

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/kill-switch-smart-phone-bill-passes-...

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I hate phones

I hate phones. It has to do with my old call center job. After talking on the phone all day with dumb people I decided I did not like phones. Plus the girl friend would talk on the thing all the time and text. I'm like just tell them to come over and talk.

Anyways I hate phones.

the people over at

www.xda-developers.com will more than likely find a way around this.

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I am sure that people will

I am sure that people will find a way around it.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Our phones

are becoming more and more essential to our everyday way of life. How many check their phone the first thing in the morning, maybe even on the way to the coffee pot. How many check their bank balances, credit card statements or order prescriptions via the phone. I admit it, I do all those things and if I lose my phone, I want to be able to deny access to whoever has it. Just my personal view.

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But can't phones already be

But can't phones already be made inoperable if lost or stolen? Why do we need another law/ regulation?

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Already passed in MN

With one state passing the mandate it doesn't matter how many more pass it. The phone companies won't be making specialized phones for certain state.

Still don't like the fact that it is passing in general.