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How to "get out of dollar denominated assets"?

I have heard Peter Schiff use the phrase "get out of dollar denominated assets" many times during his interviews. This may be a dumb question, but how does one actually do that? For example, if I use an American brokerage to buy a mutual fund that invests in foreign companies, is that getting out of the dollar? The fund still shows up in my account in dollars.

Obviously, there is gold & silver. But I'm asking specifically about how to invest in companies abroad. Does one open a foreign bank account and then buy the stocks or funds from that foreign bank account? Thanks, DP, for you help.

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just guessing, but perhaps it means assets that can be used

that are not "dollars" for example:

-- food storage
-- other items that can be sold or traded for other items of value
(ie alcohol, cigarettes, t.p., electric generators, guns, etc)
-- of course gold , silver, gemstones, btc.


Not sure if this is what it means, but if I had to guess , this would be it.

Great question I`ll be looking for someone to answer myself.


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