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Progression OR Regression?

Is the Daily Paul promoting progression or regression? The new blood here has provided a new atmosphere and while change should always be welcome in order for our sentience and ideas to flourish, let us not forget that change can and most certainly will deter “the progressive conversation” if such conversation entertains regressiveness due to such change. This is an obstacle for many and I’ve noticed the bickering here has become more prevalent as of late? If not, please feel free to dispute what it is I am sensing.

Are we to maintain a progressive Daily Paul or are we to harvest a regressive one?

Peace and Love always.

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It's a renewal

I didn't join the DP in the recent registration because it was "progressive" or "regressive." (Was the Renaissance regression or progression?) I joined because I enjoy many of the topics discussed and the news disseminated through it and because of it. I enjoy the bits of humor. As somebody implied in some other post someplace, this site has the capability of being a lighthouse on a rocky shore in a storm. I do not agree with all posters or topics, but I'm glad most of them are there, for the sake of variety and contrast. The DP is evolving, and things need to shake out and settle down on the next plateau before making judgment, methinks. Yes, I have my peeves, like people who think libertarian and libertine are the same thing, but that's just me. If the place goes too far adrift from founding principles, if you want to put it that way, I can leave.

I wouldn't necessarily...

call it a renewal. The renewal comes with every contributive thread shared and as you I didn't join for a progressive view or regressive view. I joined in order to build upon a collaborative and healthy conversational outlet that just might rise above the pettiness of bashing information in order to achieve the loftiness and betterment that a community of tolerance and maturity brings about. What I'm trying to say is I hear you, friend. Do not leave. I never meant for my words to be construed this way. Stay! Empower others! Leave the bickering where it belongs...in Washington.

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