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The REAL Reason for New U.S. and French Military Involvement In Iraq

The REAL Reason for New U.S. and French Military Involvement In Iraq
Why We’re Bombing to Protect Erbil

Why are the U.S. and France deploying military force in Iraq now?

Well, ISIS captured some key oil fields in the Kurdish region of Iraq on August 3rd.

Mere days later, the U.S. started bombing ISIS.

And the strikes were targeted in protecting oil resources.


The Islamic State has been trying to consolidate its gains, setting its sights on strategic towns near oil fields, as well as border crossings with Syria, so that it can move easily back and forth and transport supplies.


And notice that the airstrikes were very targeted on protecting Erbil … the regional capital of Kurdistan.

The U.S. and France have never lifted a finger to protect the Kurds. Indeed, the U.S. has actively betrayed the Kurds and let them be slaughtered. For example, during the Gulf War, the U.S. called on the Kurds to rise up against Saddam (implying that he would protect them), but then let Saddam slaughter the Kurds en masse.

So why are the U.S. and France moving now to protect Erbil?

Because Erbil has now become a major oil center. The Kurdish government estimates that the region is the world’s 9th largest oil producer.


Yup … with Chevron, Exxon, Marathon, Hess and Total operating major facilities in Erbil, the latest Iraq war is also about oil.

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Absolutely right on

It will be a wonderful day when Rossi's and Black light power's energy products overturn this glut of desire for oil, and great for the environment too, as well as ending lots of killing people for profit.