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GAZA - UNOSATellite Image Before and After August 1

It appears (Israel Defense Forces) IDF distributed GAZA destruction satellite photos to motivate reservists. It's a shameful sight.

These images were converted to PDF files. The resolution of the raw satellite data is 50cm. So you can imagine they can zoom in pretty close. It would be easy enough to run an algorithm on the before and after satellite images to determine the changes in landscape and amount of structures destroyed.

Part way down the page at 'Product Links' you can download the PDF. If you have a Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping software you can download the shape file and more impressively you can download the Remote Sensing Image Processing file (ESRI) if you want to interact with the data.

This issue can't be put to rest. The truth needs to come out because "the future of Palestine is the future of the world".

Stop The Genocide.

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