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Journalists Face Tear Gas, Police Threats While Covering Protests Against Killing Of Michael Brown

Journalists encountered a threatening response from police as they tried to cover the protests in Ferguson, the Missouri town that has been upended by the police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager.

While there was a spate of looting on Sunday night, Monday's demonstrations were peaceful. Protestors faced tear gas and rubber bullets from officers trying to break their ranks up. At the same time, police told local media to get out of the area.


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Any businessman worth his

Any businessman worth his salt has insurance to cover the damage; journalists, however, in a free society, are the insurance against tyranny--short of revolution.

Police are saying that shots

Police are saying that shots were being fired Monday night, people were busting into cars and breaking windshields, and throwing large rocks. They say they backed the journalists of for their own safety and to avoid hitting the news crews with tear gas.

Selfserving drivel. Most

Selfserving drivel. Most journalists I know salivate for a chance to cover something like this, and they're not concerned with personal safety in the least.

As far as the tear gas canisters, that's a problrm with crowd control tactics--they are indiscriminate. They attack people acting unlawfully; they attack people acting lawfully; they even attack journalists. They are incompatible with a free society.