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Unsolicited spam chat invites


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well I like to think that inviting someone to chat is a welcoming gesture.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." - Anonymous

Considering that you did it to me AFTER seeing this...

...it's clear you're not trying to welcome anyone. You're harassing them. Real classy.

Really? Is it really such a

Really? Is it really such a problem? Are you really that sensitive? I usually ignore the invites, sometimes by clicking ignore and most times by really just ignoring it, it's hardly noticeable. But every once in a while I accept. And when you get invited, you would now have someone that would be interested in conversing with you. Just a sort of person to person thing, they're not going to jump out of the screen and attack you in any way. Anyway, as you know, it can be turned off...
BTW, I am not the one who down voted you, fact I will click the + button now, welcome to the site...

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

By the way, thanks for the downvotes

Way to make a new guy feel welcomed:

1. Send him creepy chat invites.
2. When he points out his opinion that they're creepy,
a. argue with him
b. downvote him

What is this about? A lot of

What is this about? A lot of us do chat invites, and as invites, they are by definition unsolicited.

If you don't like the chat feature, go to your user profile, click edit. Uncheck the "Chat" and click save.

I appreciate the tip...

...and I'll do that, but why are you sending out unsolicited invites to strangers? Someone goes to DailyPaul to check the news and *bing* there's some person they've never heard of trying to get them to chat via a pop-up. Not really appropriate.

Chat actually has some pretty

Chat actually has some pretty good stuff sometimes. People come in there from Holland, France, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong... I don't see anything creepy about it. I ask them about local politics, religion and other things. We just talk about things, from serious to trivial. It is a water cooler type place. Sometimes we have 30 people in there. I have learned all sorts of things from others through chat. I am sorry if it bothers you.

Water cooler?

Thanks for the non-apology apology.

The arguable joys of the chat feature as a "water cooler" aside, you don't walk up to strangers on the street, tap them on the shoulder or ask them to roll down their window, and say "hey, come hang out by our water cooler."

I've never even seen the user name that invited me. It's not a coworker or a friend or even a casual acquaintance.


Aren't we all casual acquaintances solely by association on DP? How else are we supposed to get to know each other? When I want to find something out about someone, I walk up and strike up a conversation. This invite is like inviting you to join an on going conversation and to let us get to know you.

If that's creepy, then I'm creepy.

See What the government is Spending?

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Chat can be kind of a cesspool

If you go to your account, and edit:


Scroll down the page... towards the bottom. There are a bunch of check boxes for various features on the site.

Chat is the second one down. Uncheck it, and the chat function will disappear. No more chat invites.

He's the man.

Thank you for the tip

That's helpful.

Still, you'd think people wouldn't send these unsolicited invites to total strangers. It's creepy and a bit annoying.