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Congratulations to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke!

Clarke 26954 53.14% Moews 23771 46.86% with 227 precincts reporting

Some Milwaukee Republicans are attempting Tuesday to vote in their party's primary races while also writing in the name of Democratic Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., elections officials said.

"There are cases where it's happened," Milwaukee Election Commission director Neil Albrecht said.

Under Wisconsin law, a voter can choose to participate in either the Democratic or Republican primaries, but can't do both on the same ballot.

Clarke, a conservative Democrat, is running in that party's sheriff primary against challenger and Milwaukee Police Lt. Chris Moews, who holds views more typically associated with Democrats and liberals. Clarke is running for sheriff for the fourth time.

There is no GOP candidate for sheriff in Milwaukee County.




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Yes, this is good.

Sheriff Clarke did win his primary and here's the followup story. Winner of primary gets the job, no other challengers.

"I hope the sheriff will set politics aside, reconsider his go-it-alone approach and work collaboratively and respectfully with law enforcement and municipal leaders to truly make our community safer and stronger."

But Clarke scoffed at Moews' statement.

"That's not a concession speech," Clarke said. "This election was a referendum on his approach vs. mine and a majority of those who voted said they liked my style and they can expect more of it."


The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Is this good?

I sure hope so...I couldn't stand another asshat towing the line for that prick Obombya....

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Yes, it's good - read some of the other threads

on here regarding Sheriff Clarke. Anti-gun nuts like Bloomberg threw a lot of money at his challenger but he was still able to pull out a win.

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