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Robin Williams chose suicide.

Matt Walsh writes a brilliant article bringing the reality of suicide back on track. Please take the time to read the entire article before posting your disagreement or agreement.

If you are thinking about suicide, don’t keep it inside. Tell someone.

Never give up the fight.

There is always hope.


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Blood sacrifice. Granted a charmed life in movies and TV, his card was played he paid his debt.I don't like it anymore than you do. An awful lot like David Caradine's suicide. Absolute power among a few people with the same agenda , corrupts absolutely. It's not Kansas anymore , It may not have ever been. TPTB needed a localized distraction, My guess to set up a trial of the police state (Ferguson). Might be totally off base

Black man in black town lies face down

In a pool of blood 1.5- 2 hrs before the police dispatch is even aware of it. They are only then informed by the media. Nothing to see here folks,,, move along!

Sometimes suicide is a

Sometimes suicide is a legitimate alternative to a life of prolonged agony. I don't support an absolutist anti-suicide position.


Throughout Catholic Church history, suicide was considered a mortal sin. It was the sin of despair, the sin of Judas. Catholics who did commit suicide were often denied a Requiem Mass and burial in a Catholic cemetery. The rate of suicides among Catholics was extremely rare in comparison to the population at large. Then the Church loosened up on its teaching about the grave sinfulness of suicide and started burying those who did commit suicide. Mental illness became the reason for suicide, and the suicide "victim" was eulogized and said to be in "God's care." Compassion trumped Church teaching.

Today the suicide rate among Catholics is the same as the rate of the general population.

Is this good?

Minnesota Mary

Robin Williams and us

Random thoughts:

1. How does someone cope with streams of consciousness at machine gun rate for 63 years?

2. Sometimes our behaviors disguise how we really feel.

3. Robin Williams may have blown us away with his final choice, yet he also chose a lifetime of comedy and love, despite his inner demons. May we all choose wisely.

4. May those of us who struggle with depression every day be mindful to create lives worth living--regardless of what happens in this crazy, screwed-up world.


‘Each individual is separated from others by a "taboo of personal isolation"...this "narcissism of minor differences"'
--Sigmund Freud

For anyone thinking of committing suicide..

The only time a person should regret something is if he or she didn't learn the lesson available to be learned.

It is natural to reflect on your life. We've all done wrong from time to time. All choices have a non-zero probability of being wrong. We all make wrong decisions here and there.

What separates the men from the boys - the women from the girls - is the willingness to admit wrongs and firmly stand for what is right, despite the desire to blindly defend preconceptions.

If you stand up for what you believe to be right, you will feel better about yourself.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary situation.

Robin was suicided . . .

he knew better than to do something so hopeless and ineffectual


I flat-out disbelieve MSM disinfo : liars don't waste your time

Robin Williams was either murdered outright or murdered-by-pharmaceuticals,,20123966,00....

political assassinations deserve new independent investigåtions

EDIT: suicide ends your soul participation in Terra Sol. I reckon' kårma really is a byitch! Are all humanity sinners? Yes. Pray forgiveness to your creåtor ... jus' sayin'

. . . thanks for playin'

It is about the "Pain"

Many many people have been in that place of thinking about commiting suicide,including myself. A psychologist once told me, most people have thought about suicide at some point in their life, primarily for one reason...."To End the Pain". Fortunately he said, most people don't go beyond that point of just thinking about it as a way to end their pain, instead they work through the pain by whatever works.

Those unable to work through their pain, be it emotional, physical, realationship related, work related, money related, whatever it is causing the pain, that Pain soon becomes "Torment", Now you are in real trouble, often people turn to drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, anything to escape the torment of the pain.

The torment soon becomes a demon in your mind, the manifest of your pain. The demon is now what you are desperately trying to escape from. You have reached a point that without help, the mind has lost any cognisant means of further coping with the pain, the torment, and the demon of it all. It won't go away, it is unbearable, there is no longer any point to anything except to escape the torment of the pain and the demon.

Death presents itself as the only means of escape and relief, and as one stands at this final edge, it is easy to see and feel the relief from one's pain and torment and to dispel the demon in one final act.

I was able to save myself by focusing on my belief that "Suicide is Spiritual Treason", and as horrible as my life was during that time, I didn't want to enter the next realm having to deal with what I had done to myself.

Very accurate description.

Very accurate description.!/profile.php?id=100003035859289&sk=info

Suicide is painless

That was a long running theme song for MASH. Roughly 20 military serving and retired vets kill themselves everyday. Some people do it quick. Some go with the slow kill. Aspartame sodas, sugars ,processed foods. cigarettes. Staying lazy, alcohol Over eating. Eating pesticide veggies and fruits. These are so called normal people that want the slow kill method. The ones with maniac depression live under a very dark cloud. They struggle everyday. They get drug highs without drugs. When they come down. I have seen it first hand. From a ex wife. There withdrawal low periods are terrible. I can only explain as a dark cloud hanging over them and not leaving. Eventually you get caught in that dark cloud helping them you get depressed along with them.Those psychotropic drugs they prescribe plus consulting just help some times. But that internal brain high calls them back. They need that life high again . When maniac depressive people are on that high. They act and feel super human. They can do amazing things with that energy like Robin Williams had. You know when someone you once love tells you when there in the dark dark place. What will help you. Then they say when there dead. I believe medical help and prayers gives some help . But does not cure them.

Money talks and dogs bark

Just read the side effects of Prosac. Chilling.

Plus, there's the evil family guy episode of guest star Robin Williams committing suicide at the same time the real Robin Williams died. Synchronicity indeed!

When did common sense become a super power?

So tragic...especially if you watch his movie...

What Dreams May Come

It was an amazing movie (one of my favs) about suicide and how your soul ends up in a place of deep despair. I really loved that movie and philosophical ideas they present regarding love, afterlife, death, and suicide.

That may not be the best advice anymore

If you tell someone they are liable to report you to the authorities and at best you might have rights stripped, and at worst you might be filled full of holes from some costumed 'saviors' bent on bringing you in.

Yes tell someone. But don't tell anyone stupid enough to call the cops or other government workers, or you may get 'serviced' but good.

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Weird Coincidence....

Robin Williams Family Guy ‘Suicide’ Episode Airs Before News of Actor’s Death

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

McFarland has long had themes

McFarland has long had themes of murder and suicide in his shows.

crazy right?

I just posted that before seeing yours. Same thing with the Boston Bombing. Just bizarre.

When did common sense become a super power?

Yes, and..

Robin Williams is done being a slave to audiences and ex-wives.

My testimony

This is my story, my personal experience, a very condensed version of a little over a year of hell.

Almost twenty-six years ago, I almost committed suicide. I don't think you can get much lower in life than wanting to take your own life. I was in a very dark place because I couldn't escape the severe pain I was in due to a ruptured disc in my back.

To make a very long story as short as I can, during the delivery of my last child, which was a scheduled c-section, I went into seizures and cardiac arrest in the delivery room and then again in ICU. Most likely I ruptured the disc during one of the few times they used the paddles to shock my heart. My heart was stopped was 22 mins. in the delivery room. Five of the code blue team came into my room to visit on the 5th and last day I was in the hospital and told me that someone above was watching over me because people who go through what I just did either didn't live to tell about it or came out of it brain damaged.

My OBGYN told me I was a "medical mystery" as to why I went into seizures and cardiac arrest, when in truth I was toxic from eclampsia that he didn't pick it up even though all the signs and symptoms were there two weeks prior to the c-section. My memory of it all is gone for 3 days. I remember going up in elevator to the birthing rooms, I remember my OBGYN having a hard time removing my son and his partner taking over, but then my memory doesn't pick up again until 3 days later when they were attempting a spinal tap.

It wasn't until about 5 weeks after the delivery that I found out I had a ruptured disc in my lower back and it was decompressing two nerves which made the pain run down my leg. The orthopedic surgeon met with me, told me I needed surgery to relieve the pain and he went on to set it all up. Two days before my pre-surgical testing I received a call from his office saying that he had met with the neurosurgeon and my neurologist and they decided to cancel the surgery because they thought I had a reaction to the anesthesia and that I should go to Boston to have the surgery. I talked to my neurologist and asked him what was up and he had a totally different reason for them cancelling saying that I should probably try an exercise program first. Then I talked to the neurosurgeon and told him what my neurologist said and he said no, don't do an exercise program you could make it worse. He said he would talk to orthopedic surgeon and see what was going on. It was obvious that they never had that meeting together and in the months that followed they just kept giving me the run around. My husband ended up getting real upset with my orthopedic surgeon because they weren't helping me and he told the office that maybe he should call a lawyer. Well, that was it, I received a certified letter the next day from the doctor saying he could no longer handle my case because doctor/patient relationship had been broken even though I, the patient, never said anything to him.

So, we went to one of the most "prestigious" law firms in Boston, Lubin and Myer and they said yes you were eclamptic, yes it was a malpractice case, but at that point they didn't know what the damages would be and for their law firm to take on a case there has to be a six figure settlement or it wasn't worth it for them to pursue because of all it takes to prove a malpractice case. He told us the orthopedic surgeon most likely had the letter all ready to go and was just waiting for an incidence to happen that he could use to get off my case because of fear that I was going to sue my OBGYN because he knew it was malpractice. I wasn't even there for the money, I just wanted someone to help me get rid of the pain and how these so called doctors just strung me along, knowing I was in pain was wrong.

That was the lowest point and I had lost all hope and that's when I decided to just kill myself. I didn't just have a baby mind you; I also had two other kids ages 4 and 8, but I was in such a dark place from living in constant severe pain that I thought they would be better off without me. I made a list of ways to take my life and decided to shoot myself in the head on a hill up by the airport overlooking the city. It was then that I had hubby teach me how to load and shoot a gun under the guise of wanting to know how to "protect" myself because I didn't know how.

Then two things happened. First, I had a dream one night, or sorta like a dream. It was a picture from my wedding that was taken of my Mom, Dad and two brothers that had come to life only they weren't smiling like in the picture I had, but they were sobbing and it wasn't my wedding, but funeral. The deep pain on their faces was evident.

The second thing that happened that day was when I was flipping through the channels on TV I had stopped at the Sally Jesse Raphael show. She had on kids whose parents had committed suicide and listening to their heartbreaking stories along with the dream reached something within me and I knew then, no matter how much pain I was in, I couldn't inflict that pain on my family. So I got down on my knees, almost in a closet away from my kids, sobbing in a fetal position and cried out to God for help and prayed that if I wasn't to take my life I needed help getting rid of the pain.

Things started changing direction at that point. I went for counseling, only to be told that I probably wasn't getting across to my doctors how much pain I was in. That couldn't have been further from the truth and actually made me angry, which is part of the healing process. It WAS very good to talk about it all and strengthened my resolve to get better, but my insurance only covered 6 visits a yr, so I used all those up.

I had an appointment with my rheumatologist and was able to talk to him about all that was going on and he's the one who got the ball rolling in a different direction. He told me to get another neurologist for a second opinion and recommended one that he had talked to about me. I called my neurologist for a referral because the new neurologist required it. My neurologist told me that if I went to this doctor he would no longer be my doctor. I told the new neurologist what he had said and he said he'd take me without the referral. He was awesome and weaned me off the dilantin they had put me on because of the seizures I had. He said I didn't need it because the seizures were due to eclampsia. He also put me in touch with another neurosurgeon he had talked to, who gladly said he would do the surgery and I was on my way to a better quality of life.

It was my new neurologist who later went after my old neurologist behind the scenes and pretty much ran him out of town and he ended up moving his practice to the Cape.

My husband, who does service work in hospitals was working one day in the birthing rooms at the hospital were the incident happened. He was talking to the nurses about me and they remembered my case. They told him that my OBGYN, who I first credited saving my life, instead of thanking God, had a drinking problem which kind of explains why one week before my c-section he told me to go in a dark, cool room and tie one of hubby's long athletic socks around my head because I was experiencing really bad headaches, spots before my eyes and fluid retention....all signs of pre-eclampsia that he ignored. The other OBGYN, who delivered my son and partner of my OBGYN left the practice.

Tdd4ron and Dailypauler, in MY experience, got it right.

One of the most important lessons I learned from my experience is this: the truth of God's love is not that he allows bad things to happen, but it's his promise that when they do, he'll be with us to bring us through. We just have to call upon his name.

The righteous cry , and the LORD heareth , and delivereth them out of all their troubles. Psalm 34:17 KJV

That's exactly what happened to me. Thank you Lord. :)!/profile.php?id=100003035859289&sk=info

That was hard for me to read,

imagining what you were going through - between the kinds of physicians and attorneys you had to deal with... on top of your recuperating from such trauma that occurred during the delivery... on top of the pain you were in from the ruptured disc... as a new mom... with two other children no less. It can kinda make you lose your faith in mankind. I'm glad your angels painted you a dream that made an impression, along with whispering into your ear to turn to that tv station. That was no coincidence. I have something to thank God for, too, something of a turning point. I find it all rather amazing. I forget who it was who said this, but someone noted how people say, "All that was left to do was to pray," that is, what we might use as a "last resort" - when maybe that's what we should be doing first. :) Like the psalm says, "deliverth them out of "all" their troubles." I hope the surgery you eventually had was helpful in relieving that pain that was at the crux of such misery. I hope you and your family are happy and healthy.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I'm doing OK physically and

I'm doing OK physically and great mentally and my family is great, thank you for asking.

It took five back surgeries in five years, the last being a double rhizotomy where they went in and cut the two nerves that were damaged from the ruptured disc pieces compressing them for over a year. Now part of my leg is numb. I'm in control of the pain now, it doesn't control me and that makes a big difference. It's not the severe pain I was in though before I had the surgeries.

It did shatter my faith in the medical and legal professions. I used to think doctors were some kind of god and could do no wrong. Though it was an awful time and things haven't been so rosey since, I'm thankful for it in a way because it has made me a stronger, wiser person. I'm not afraid to question everything and to research things for myself, especially when it comes to medical issues. You are your best medical advocate, so take the time to educate yourself.!/profile.php?id=100003035859289&sk=info


Seriously , how many surgeries? IF you have never been to one, your whole life is missing (until you go to one) Network chiropractors are probably best for you.

I'm sorry for the hell you

I'm sorry for the hell you went through. I hope things are better for you today. I don't look down on suicide as much as some people do. Often, we're more upset about how their suicide affects US rather than the hell they were going through when they did it.

Now maybe some of Robin William's ex-wives will have to get a job?

Yes things are much better,

Yes things are much better, thank you.

I agree with you. I think that's what our so called leaders should be doing when it comes to all the military suicides happening. They should be asking why they are suffering from PTSD, instead of just drugging them.

My heart goes out to those men and women who are suffering.!/profile.php?id=100003035859289&sk=info

Over simplification

I don't know Matt Walsh's background in clinical psychology, but I think to say 'Robin Williams chose suicide' over simplifies what is extremely complex. Then to further declare that joy defeats depression only infantilizes the subject. As if it were that simple!

We will never know what Mr. Williams's perception of reality was. Human beings on the whole are rational beings, and suicide is not rational. So the question we ought to ask is what happens in someones mind where the most rational thing to do is to commit suicide?

The truth is that we don't know. Researchers, doctors and scientists do not know that much about the brain and how it works. We know there are chemicals- dopamine,seritonin, adrenline, oxytocin. We know there are neural pathways that are reinforced by learning and environment. We know their are emotions, epiphanies, brilliance and beliefs. But we still don't know how they fit together. At least not enough to simply say you choose something as irrational as suicide.

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Cells commit apoptosis under certain circumstances

I wonder if humans have a similar trigger?

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. - Fully Informed Jury Association - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

So you say NO free will

There is free will .. we are not controlled by chemicals racing around our heads .. WE control the chemicals, so yes it is that simple

I disagree...

We control the chemicals about like controlling the heart and lungs. The majority of the time it is an involuntary contraction. Sure we can influence the release of chemicals with drugs, lifestyles, food, etc. But you can't tell your brain to quite releasing a certain chemical or re-wire itself like lifting a finger. Even if you could, lifting a finger is an extremely complex tax that we take for granted.

That being said, I do think suicide is a choice. However, just as our mind can influence our body, our body can influence our mind as well. Yes he made a choice, but there was obviously a lot of influence on the decision.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.

The man was 63 year olds and

The man was 63 year olds and suffering from a disorder that only gets worse overtime. His youngest "child" was born 23 years ago. He has been suffering most his life and finally had the STRENGTH to free himself and everyone wants to throw a pity party now? What did you do to make his life better? Did you ever write him a letter, an email, anything? Probably not. He did more for the world through his comedy then ANY of you will ever do and yet you wanted him to keep suffering so you could get your precious Mrs.Doubtfire part 2? I love how you all sit around and talk about how "I didn't realize a celebrity death could make me so sad, this is just terrible!". Sometimes you people make me sick. Good for you Robin, leave this selfish world behind. I salute you.

There was no remedy or

There was no remedy or medication or amount of drugs and alcohol that could've solved his problems. They were psychological in nature. He admitted that he suffered his entire life from feelings of abandonment. It was a permanent part of his fears.

Contributions to the World?

Want to know my contribution to the world?

I have logged over 17 years as a nationally certified level 2 volunteer firefighter, some of that time was actually logging service in two separate departments, in two different states. I've worked on forestry duty putting out forest fires, saving thousands their homes. I've spent many of nights searching in freezing cold for people lost in the wilderness. I've spent many of sleepless nights fighting structure fires saving family homes, some caused by the refining of illegal drugs (mostly meth).

I've cut live and dead people from various vehicles at all hours of the day and night. I have set up landing zones for helicopter transports of many accident victims. I've seen shootings, stabbings, domestics, beer brawls, millionaires and simple people trash all that you can imagine. They all had one thing in common... They WANTED to live!

But there were those who were suicide calls, and they left nothing behind but tragedy and loved ones asking the simple question... Why?

I've had encounters for almost two decades where I see people around the area who greet me with hugs in front of my wife and children, and say "Thank you, for being there. You saved my life."

Choose life, ALWAYS. Death will come all to soon for it is the single curse guaranteed to each and every one of us.