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Rand Paul Parties with Alec Baldwin

By Richard Johnson | NY Post

The biggest surprise among the intellectual elite at the East Hampton Library fund-raiser — co-sponsored by liberal Alec Baldwin — on Saturday afternoon was the conservative triumvirate of Rand Paul, Bill O’Reilly and George Pataki, who all showed up as guests.

While Hillary Clinton was at a fund-raiser for the Clinton Foundation in nearby Water Mill, collecting up to $50,000 per couple, Sen. Paul (R-Ky.) was schmoozing for free and getting tips on where to go in Montauk for a lobster roll.

When informed that Gosman’s Dock — recommended by O’Reilly — was avoided by the locals, who prefer Duryea’s, Paul said, “I can’t believe O’Reilly was sending me to a tourist trap.” Both men are friends of novelist Nelson DeMille, who was signing copies of “The Quest.”


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I guess Rand is getting ready to go on the Factor

Just a little pre show prep over lobster.

Rand is right

Bill O'Reilly will lie to you.



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My wife who hardly has a negative

opinion about anyone thinks all the Baldwin Brothers are creepy, lol.

schmoozing for free

We need a president that knows the value of money.

The bloated budgets of government are insane.

Ya think...

..he converted all them to Libertarians?

tasmlab's picture

Why would they want to become librarians?

It was a fund raiser, I'm sure they had libations.

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Haha... Rand and O'Rielly together

I bet that was comfortable.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy