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NPR's Bush/Obama Quiz: What's The Difference?

NPR.org: Perhaps this is the sound of history repeating itself.

In the early days of his first term, President Obama was painted as "the anti-Bush" and many of his ideas — for instance his foreign policy and his approach to global terrorism — were considered non-Bushesque initiatives.

Of course, Obama has distanced himself — and his actions and his advisers — from President George W. Bush in many, many ways.

But over the years it has become a little difficult at times to distinguish between the two presidents, especially in certain arenas. Where people once drew bold distinctions between the two men, they now occasionally draw blurry parallels.

After all, says Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, "presidents are never fully independent actors; they are hemmed in by Congress, partisanship, federalism, specific circumstances, resources, economic realities, domestic and world opinion, and many other factors. Not surprisingly, over time, presidents end up agreeing more than disagreeing, or at least understanding why other presidents did what they did on a wide range of controversial matters."

To that point, here is the Which President Quiz. See if you can determine the differences between Obama and Bush by figuring out which factoid belongs to which man. (The answers are at the bottom of the story.)


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NPR, No less


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Doesn't begin to scratch the surface

The parallels are endless

Love this post!

and hope you enjoy this: Clinton will be no better than those two.


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