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A Plea to New Ark Passengers

Welcome to the Ark. I'm glad you're all here. Why did you come? Why did you register now? Do you want to be here for more than 5 months?

For whatever reasons you signed up, I plead with you to channel those same reasons and consider chipping in to keep this place going. Michael has put his heart and soul into this site, and I can honestly say I probably would not have my own site, do my own writing, have my own podcast,etc without the inspiration I got from all the time spent here, much of it lurking for a few years as I imagine many of you did.


The site may still shut down, it may not. Maybe it goes away, maybe it morphs, maybe it becomes something greater?

The future is ours, if we seize it.

Carpe that diem, boys (and gals!)

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Give whatcha can

So, I'll put it this way. Yep, Ima Newpie, and the top I've got on is over twenty years old, the fake moccs on my feet came from a thrift store, what isn't actually falling apart at and in the place where I live is being held together by spiderwebs (that "correction" back in '08 really cleaned my clock), my PC is so old it's one step up from being powered by hamsters and gerbils taking turns, and even I came up with a money order to help keep the Ark afloat a bit longer. Somebody no worse off than me can surely afford to do the same.

Join the Movement and change the world

We all know that the 2016 Presidential Election will be the biggest media event in the last 50 years. If all of you old timers just calm down a bit, and think, the Ark won't sink. Trust me.

We are all giving to the DP to be the spark in the REVOLUTION.

The DP is the bright - white - light - before the Shock-Wave of REFORM.

I carped the diem as soon as

I carped the diem as soon as I woke up this morning. :-) No better cause, in my opinion, than to keep this whole DP thing going!

I've been reading for

many years now. I've enjoyed posts by some of the old guard (fishy, smudge, and even granger), and I've liked alot of the posters that climbed aboard before the ark was closed last time.

I told Michael that I was happy to pay for a year membership, even if the DP isn't around longer than that, because of all the wonderful content people have brought together here over the years.

The only thing I would hope is that the content could still be accessible somehow. I mean, it will take me longer than 5 months to go back through and remember all the posts I liked over the years!

I really do miss

Fishy Culture.

Female doctor that talked about alternative therapies and perma-culture.

A well of knowledge, she was.

Give StillWater's post a good read.

Matter of fact, I need to back up his other posts before this baby shuts down.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.