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Can we save the Daily Paul by using Amazon?

Whenever I buy something on Amazon.com I always use the link at the Daily Paul to get there.

Today I discovered a feature at Amazon I did not know about called Prime Pantry. You can get grocery items and many other staples at good prices. Everything that fits into a box of 4 cubic feet, up to 40 lbs, ships for 5.99. It costs me that much in gas to drive to Walmart and back. When you think about not standing in line, and for many, not paying tax, it might be something that is convenient and saves money for everyone.

If many of the 70,000 readers of the site start making regular purchases through the amazon link, it could add up to a significant amount of money.I encourage everyone to go to Amazon and check things out to see if you can save money and save the Daily Paul both at the same time.

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Where is the Amazon link? I

Where is the Amazon link? I tried logging out and I still can't see it. Do I need to disable something in order to see the link? Thanks.

YES! This happened to me too!!!

You probably have an a plugin on your browser. (Firefox?) You need to disable your adblocker.

What I did:
I downloaded another browser that doesn't have any plugins for this particular purpose. Actually I didn't dl another browser; I just ended up using IE for the first time. lol.

I use google chrome and it is

I use google chrome and it is always there at the top in blue

It doesn't matter what

It doesn't matter what browser you use. It's the plug-ins that you decide to activate. I use a adblocker plugin which does not allow the Amazon link to show. Instead of inactivating the plugin, I just use a different browser I don't normally use, which obviously won't have all the plugins activated in it.

thanks, technology is not one

thanks, technology is not one of my strengths

that makes the two of us :

that makes the two of us : P
I'm always trying to learn this stuff... it's frustrating.

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I give it a try. Thanks a lot

I give it a try. Thanks a lot for the information, purplefetus.

What % goes to the DP?

This is what I've been asking and trying to find out. I've easily spent over $1000 at Amazon.com via the DP link over the past year.

Since the link goes to Amazon and not to any specific products I don't think the commission will be any more than 1%. But I don't really know.

Anyone know for sure? What % of our purchases goes to the DP? If it makes a serious dent, I would really get an organized effort to get all my friends and family to use that link. I know they all spend way more than I do at Amazon.

It would interesting to see how much comes in via the Amazon link if there was a way to put up a meter showing that.

4-8 %

It says right here:



Excellent find! I must have totally missed that posting. Thanks!

4-8% is a huge percentage!!! That's great news.

It's more than 1%. I think Michael said it between 2 to 8 %

or something like that. I think it's definitely worth using

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I do not know what the % is

I do not know what the % is but it is a great idea to get friends and family to use the link too.If enough people use it, even a small per cent would make a big difference.

I've mentioned on an older

I've mentioned on an older thread that people here should move to a sub-reddit like /r/libertarianism or make one up if the Daily Paul cease to exist.

The Daily Paul is an Asset

He is not shutting it down.

Hopefully he doesnt sell to the wrong person. i could see a leftinst buying it to subvert the more weak minded.

No! The commissions are too small

By all means buy all your stuff from the DP amazon links
It helps
But direct donations go further

Please subscribe to smaulgld.com


I routinely use the bullnotbull DP affiliate link to buy stuff on amazon. I estimate maybe $50/month in kickbacks go back to DP from my purchases. Just 100 people like me, and that's $60,000/year! More than enough to run the site.

Toilet paper delivery by drone!

I can't wait. :)


Can that baby fly to Denmark?


For thinking out-of-the-box.

Has anyone been using the

Has anyone been using the prime pantry feature?