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Rick Perry Indicted

Rick Perry has been indicted by a grand jury on two felony counts of abuse of power. Perry vetoed money for 7.5 million dollars in funds for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit last year, which he threatened to do if District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg did not resign. Perry is alleged to have been forcing Lehmberg out because she was investigating one of Perry's pet projects. Perry claims that it was because she got a DUI last year (hypocrite DA, go figure) and has lost the public's trust. Perry would appoint the replacement should she resign.

Dallas Morning News:

"The grand jury was looking at potentially three state statutes: whether the longtime Republican governor tried to bribe a public official into stepping down; if he abused his position by misusing public funding “to obtain a benefit”; or whether he tried to coerce Lehmberg into taking “a specific performance of [her] official duty.”

Perry’s office has defended his actions, saying he exercised his constitutional authority to veto appropriations.

A half dozen of Perry’s staff has appeared before the grand jury, including his budget expert, legislative liaison, deputy communications director and criminal justice adviser."