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Virginia deputy shot daughter, crashed car on way to hospital

WINCHESTER, Va. (AP) -- A Virginia deputy sheriff shot his 16-year-old daughter after mistaking her for an intruder, then crashed his car as he rushed her to the hospital, authorities said.

The teenager was in stable condition at a Winchester hospital, according to media reports.

Capt. Donnie Lang of the Frederick County Sheriff's Office said a security alarm sounded at about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday at the Winchester home of Easton McDonald, a sergeant with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. He said McDonald, responding to the alarm, saw the dark shape of a person advancing through the garage door and fired.


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My house is like a big open wooden barn

I can hear everything going on inside. Once at 3 am I heard someone coming in, and could tell they were trying to be quiet, carefully tip-toeing all around downstairs. I called out my 20 year old's name 'Griffin, honey, is that you?' No answer. Louder 'Griffin?!' no answer. I busted out my pistol and was fixin to have to shoot an intruder, it was scary as hell! I heard someone slowly coming up the stairs - so once more I yelled as loud as I could "GRIFFIN!?! Is that you?!?!" Finally he said Yeah, Jesus, WTF?!

He had his dang Earphones on!

He saw me with my gun and instantly turned white as a ghost. He will never enter a house late at night with earphones on again.

Unless you live alone where no one else is supposed to have access to your house, I can't imagine just shooting at a shadow without at least calling out or saying Stop I have a gun or something.

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This is a sad story

Supposing the person in the dark was an intruder with a knife, then you all would be praising him.

The double-standard around here is sickening.

I agree

I've seen more than one person posting that they'd shoot an intruder in their home even if that intruder were unarmed; I know I would. Now these same people will rail against this cop for doing what most of us would do; defend his home.

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Interjection and deflection

The intruder DIDN'T have a knife,so that scenario didn't play out.
sounds to me,the cop treated his own daughter the same way he would treat all perps,guilty first,then maybe not guilty,But did the cop even ask who it was? Did he state he was armed?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Jump the gun much?

I hope the liberty movement is self correcting.

Everyone has an opinion right away, about everything. Did it occur to anyone that the father might have been concerned about the safety of his daughter, who was supposed to be home asleep? If an intruder came into your home in the middle of the night, the first mistake would be to turn the lights on, which would give the intruder a several second advantage. If YOU went to your garage to find out why the alarm went off, and it appeared that you were being advanced upon by someone who wasn't supposed to be there, what would you do in the few microseconds that you had to think?

I live in Winchester, and everyone around here has an opinion about it. I just look at the details and try to apply them to my own behavior. For example, I know not to break into my house, because my wife or her girlfriend might shoot me. Following hearing about this incident, I'm replacing my sidearm. I used to carry a Smith & Wesson model 66. Now I plan to carry a Taurus PT 840 and attach a flashlight to the rail, to give me the tactical advantage in case of intruders. Finally, I need to try not to drink myself to sleep, in case I need to drive someone to the ER in the middle of the night.

I generally don't like city cops, because their job description is patently different from sheriff's deputies. Nevertheless, until I hear any sort of damning evidence, I have no opinion about the wisdom of the actions of the people involved in these accidents.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

Who knows? Maybe he was mad at her.

Darkness provides plausible deniability.

Why was she sneaking back home? Happy family life?

When was the burglar alarm installed. Why didn't she know about it.

Fact is, he shot his daughter.

Why did he lose control of his car? Intoxication?

What was the officers record? Does is suggest an accident was likely?

It's the job of investigators to ask pertinent questions.

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I hate to say this

but you're an idiot.

"Why was she sneaking back home? Happy family life?"

OMGWTFBBQ! A teenager sneaking back home at night after sneaking out to be with friends? What the hell is this world coming to?!?!?!?!?

Seriously, if my parents knew half of the things I did at that age .... My parents love me. They raised me right. They taught me to think and instilled a sense of pride and integrity within me. However, at one point in my life I was still a stupid teenager and did stupid things ... VERY stupid things. Does this mean my parents did a bad job? Does this mean my family life was horrible? No, it just means I was making mistakes for myself and learning many, many valuable lessons.

Well that's lesson she won't soon forget.


Free includes debt-free!

What an idiot

Gives you an idea about how swift these idiots are. How do live in a house with your 16 old daughter and the possibility that it might be her sneaking back into house never crossed your mind. I don't feel bad for him, I feel bad for his daughter. I can't help but think this guy didn't want to wait a single moment and possibly miss his opportunity to waste the human standing in front of him. The intruder was in his house so he felt justified being the judge jury and executioner.

Evidently this winner wasn't a good driver either.

How stupid can you get?

How in the world do you shoot at an outline of someone in the dark? You don't even do that in the woods hunting, much less in your own home. How utterly moronic of this fool.

Night vision goggles?


Free includes debt-free!

Know your target

Cops are Nazis and to me this just proves it...
Nazis are "mindless" mentality people and this was completely senseless for a LEO to fire his weapon into the dark without knowing who was at the other end.
Doesn't the garage door that goes to the living quarter have a lock, and it should be locked....Go outside, call 911, give a verbal warning, make a reasonable assessment.
NOPE...Grab my GLOCK and Blast away into the darkness...
complete utter nonsense.
Do not go ape shit crazy just because an alarm goes off, it could had been an animal such as a large rodent, raccoon, etc. or even a false alarm caused by heat/dust.
Geez, this cops sounds like a complete control freak and got all antsy at the first opportunity to shoot someone.
Sad for the 16 y.o. girl, but no sympathies for this moron cop.


Normally I would be quick to bash the trigger happy cop but, after reading the full story, I was very sad for the poor man.

As a gun store owner, NRA pistol instructor and former infantry paratrooper, I can honestly say that I would probably have taken the shot at 3:00 in the morning finding someone sneaking into my house where I believe my entire family (including 16 year old daughter) to be sleeping.

Imagine the horror this father felt when he realized it was his little girl. It would be too much for me to handle...

Glad I'm not in your household..

Seems to me that "As a gun store owner, NRA pistol instructor and former infantry paratrooper", you are just as ignorant about true gun safety as this cop. Hope you don't ever end up shooting your kids because your scared of the dark, or too cowardly to take your chances at turning on the lights.


I am aware that you seem to be making it a point to attack my posts. Good luck. You are a jerk and it is obvious to most that you have limited mental capacity.

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I guess I am a jerk...

with limited mental capacity, too, because I agree with Dale.

Whatever happened to, "Who the hell is that in my garage? I have a GUN!"

If the last words this guy ever heard from his daughter were, "I'm sorry, daddy." It would be poetic justice for all the idiot cops in the country.

Am I wrong or are these moron police acting more like TSA fools every day?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Of course

Yes, of course you are a jerk. You are a jerk for agreeing with a personal attack aimed at me because I did not join in denigrating the man in the story and you would certainly be a dead jerk if you alert an armed intruder to your presence. "Hey, I have a gun" would really be "I am over here. Please shoot me" to an armed intruder at 3 am.

Some of you need to think through your positions a little better and you definitely need to learn to refrain from making personal attacks against those with whom you disagree. There is no reason to make it personal and, otherwise act like a little bitch (especially when your position and argument are so damn weak and/or just plain stupid).

Tragedy brings out the pompous

Nice comment dalein - I hope no one ever judges you when you make a tragic mistake.

If was a cop it was a tragic mistake.

If it was Dale it was assault and battery? Hmmm...

Free includes debt-free!

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One of the first rules of gun safety!

Know your target and whats behind it.

Indeed, sounds like this guy

Indeed, sounds like this guy needs to take a gun safety class.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Why take safety classes? He

Why take safety classes? He has a badge.

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He makes his own rules...


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.