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Make Daily Paul Like Gawker.com

I love this site, and have been reading it for about 4 years. But I have to say, as a website owner myself (won't plug it now) and general internet ... er, I find the look and navigation of the website to be more like Craigslist than a contemporary website.

I find myself going on Gawker (and its sister sites like Deadspin and even Jezebel) even though I obviously disagree with 90% of the opinions and fully notice the spin. But it(they) really is a slick site. If we could just move forward with the DailyPaul (as one of the answers back to the Liberal media [like Gawker/Salon etc.]) with a new site design I believe we could team up and be a bigger player in the coming election cycle and beyond.

Btw, I fully understand that this is a grassroots site, and consider myself part of that family. I'm not asking for any compromises in the way of content or substance, just form.

Your thoughts?

P.S. Just donated what I could ($10 USD, living in China on ESL Teacher salary) and it felt good. Because whatever this site decides on ... I want it to stay around. Will donate more in the future.

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Just moved

That's awesome! Just moved to Shanghai, actually. What VPN do you use?

But I guess I'm a sucker for modern site layout. Plus I find the comments very we'll written - although usually full of shit.


So many DPers in China.

Props sir.

I'm in SH.

Good suggestion btw - but honestly, I like the layout the way it is. I'm sure newcomers would be more attracted by something more modern though. RIght now I think it's fast-running, and I would hate to lose that, especially with the internet the way it is in China - my VPN already slows things down considerably...


I like this site because of

I like this site because of the layout. I think its perfect. Just my thoughts...

No thanks.

Gawker completely ruined their layout and comment system a few years ago.

I don't play, I commission the league.